Pina colada perfecto Cocktail

Mix over ice. Makes 1 serving.

Serves: 1
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Hummm. . . . . i love it cos it helps me 2 relax.
by Temi

its rank. needs vodka in it bruv
by emma neaves

come si fa matrix 1/3 vodka 1/3 succo di limone 1/10 blue curacao
by flavio [email protected]

i'mso lonely anyway cos no1 will have me, although me and my brother r thinking of goin public nxt week in our relationship and this cocktail definatly calms me down
by Lauren daley

it made me me me SO HORNY
by emma jane jones

ohhhhh it was fantastic i had a slight second of an orgasm over it n it got me really really horny oh oh oh i cnt believe it it jus tasted sooooo good it's the best sex i've had in months! i recomend it to anyone horny enough to take the xcitment and pleasure!
by Bambo