Neon Dream Cocktail

This should be red, white then blue at the top.
Fill glass with ice.
Pour in Midori, sweet and sour & Grenadine.
Top with Lemonade
Add Vodka then Blue curacao float.

Works as an "England" cocktail for World Cup!

Serves: 1
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By: Mark Butterfield
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Tried this last night - very nice! Though it was more green in the middle than white, caused by the midori, I guess.
by Rach

Drunk this drink many of times in leeds, especially in squares. very nice and sweet cocktail, especially nice if you replace the sweet and sour with glacier cherries at the bottom. definate 5 outa 5 thoguh!! yum
by Millsy

This drinki is a real favorite in the city centre bar i work in. Making it is a true cocktail art and the end result is a very pretty drink. Cocktails are as they should be, dazzling and drinkable and this cocktail drunk properly [ while sucking the straw pull through all 3 layers to get each layer taste in a mouthful] tastes fantastic. Very moreish and i find people keep asking and asking for more and more. !!!
by Kirsty Anderson