Mad Dog Cocktail

Pour dash of Raspberry syrup in bottom of glass, layer vodka on top of syrup. Add 3 drops of Tobasco to the top and shoot!

Serves: 1
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By: Paul Lannon
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Cherry liqueur works better than raspberry syrup, for me anyway. Cheers.
by gosia

Simon is right. It mixes when you use juice instead of the syrup. When you drink this, first your throat gets burnt by Tobasco, then burnt by vodka and at the end is that soothing syrup. Perfect shooter :-D
by Zenek

The directions are correct. You put the raspberry syrup in first, float the vodka on top and then add tabasco sauce. This drink is popular in Poland where they drink syrup in many different drinks. In fact, if you have a Polish shop nearby they should have syrups there which will be great for this drink.
by Simon Rees

Exactly ! Raspberry goes on top. Cheers !
by Jan

Directions are wrong Vodka first and then Rasberry Syrup other wise it mixes.
by Thomas More