Lying Mentira Cocktail

1.Muddle Lemon and Sugar syrup in Long Glass.
2.Stir Espresso with ice cubes in shaker to cool.
3.Add Vodka and Khalua to glass
4.Strain Espresso into glass.
5.Fill glass with crushed ice and mix ingredients with bar spoon.
6.Top up with Lemonade.
7.Dip lemon wedge in ground coffee on one side and sugar on the other. Garnish

You can use any vodka but i prefer Belvedere citrus/lemon

Serves: 1
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By: Mose Keleher
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Based on a Mentireta from Alicante in Spain. Normally made with Cerol coffee liquor, but we can't get it in the uk. . .
by Mani