La Polka Cocktail

1.pour in the shooter glass, the part of Vodka then
2.On the slice of lemon make on hole then pour three drops tabasco sauce, put onthe top of the shooter glass
3.Put the part of drambuie in microwave for a while then burn it, pour it into the shooter glass with the vodka,
4.let's have the lemon slice.
5.and drink the shooter
6.put your two fingers from your hand like and breath in like if you want to whistle as long as you can enjoy and ready for another dance, shall we...

Serves: 1
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By: ludovic armano
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first ou will love the taste quite sweet but then when you put finger in your mouth and you breath in it makes your brain in Fire !!! try it Also (see o samba and El flamenco)
by Ludo from tam tam Cafe