Kahlua with Milk Cocktail

Mix kahlua and milk in a glass. Add ice.

Serves: 1
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By: Kharla Hernández
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I made mine with vanilla almond milk, awesome!!!!
by Smilia

I haven't tried much, but this is my alltime favorite so far.
by Brendan

I love this! So simple but so refreshing. . Not one id drink all night by itself, but along with the good old 'Liquid Cocaines', i love tanning these bad boys aswell. Dunno how potent they are as i've not drank just these by themself. . . Also is nice with a splash of vodka to give it more of a hit! & plenty ice!! Brilliant stuff but a tad expensive at £13 a bottle from Tesco. .
by Peter...

This is favourite drink of all time. If you havn't tried it yet then you really should!!It's so NICE!!!
by layla

Try it with chocolate milk too. . . that's really good--even better when blended
by Melissa