John Collins #1 Cocktail

Mix the Gin, lemon jouice, sugar syrup and the ice(shaved), and shake it for 15-20 sec.
Pour into a long-ball glass with 1-2 ice cubes.
fill the rest of the glass with Ginger ale.

Serves: 1
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By: Amir Aharon
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Yum yum I just love spanking a few of these beauties before getting down to business with the missus, makes me feel like a porn star every time!!!
by Dirty Harry

omg tryin 2 drink a pint ov vodka in 1 go is wel ard it starts 2 burn ya throat it wud b so beta wi sum uva flavours!
by alcohol luver

Fantstic idea - just tried it and I'm on top of the world!
by I P Freely

Have you no sense. . . . ????
by Tracey

health hazard. . .
by plasto

the most irresponsable idea i have heard in years
by manny152

yeah why would you do that??
by supermummy

stupid. . .
by angry