Jelleybaby Cocktail

*dash of grenedine into a collins
*fill with ice
*5 pineapple
*straws in
*mix spirits and layer
*jellybaby to garnish

Serves: 1
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By: ben jelley
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Not a bad conconction Mr. Jelley! Check out the Mandarini! ;-)
by Jordan

if you don't fill with ice the drink won't be cold or layer as its supposed to. If you fill with ice the drink will be cooler. The ice won't melt. Drink it quicker!
by aknowitall

Filling a glass with ice weakens it (& ruins it). I can't abide Malibu so I tried this without it and in a smaller glass without the ice (I mixed the spirits with ice to cool it then strained). Try it this way and it is very good; like a jelly.
by Irene