Hot chocolate to die for Cocktail

Melt the chocolate, butter and vanilla in a double boiler. When just smooth stir in the cream. Makes ONE serving. :-) Serve in the smallest mugs you can find to all your friends. Top with freshly whipped cream, made from left over cream, and a mini-marshmellow. WARNING: This stuff can kill you if you drink it too often. The Surgeon General recommends at most once a month for safe for consumtion. :D

Serves: 1
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What type of chocolate should be used? Milk, dark or what?
by Helen

Quite Litteraly to DIE for - (Read his description) - Cant get enough of this stuff - But Yeah, after 2 It does make you feel a little sick . . .
by Tommo

this is definitely chocolate to die for. it was brill. i am only 13 and i made it for my mates when they came for a sleepover. by the way excuse the terrible name,i dont know what my mum was thinking.
by Emma Sucker