Godfather Cocktail

Fill glass with ice. Add ingredients and stir.

Serves: 1
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I first had this poured for me by the legendary Californian Cocktail waiter Salvatori Ali, whilst he was in the UK (winning UK cocktail waiter of the year!), and we've been together ever since (me & the drink, not Sal!!!!).
by Andy M

This is one of many very simple drinks that is simply excellent and relies on the strength of the two ingredients used. You can easily vary the ratio of Whiskey and Amaretto to suit your taste anywhere from 1:1 to 1:4 if you like the sweetness of the amaretto more. I actually make mine with Bourbon to compliment the sweetness of the amaretto. Tradtionally it is made with scotch. It can be serverd on the rocks or 'up'.
by MixMaster

i thought my tastebuds were playing tricks with my mind the first time i had this, but after frequent trips to the bar for a top up it became clear (even if my mind was a wee bit hazey)this is one utterly amazing drink!oh and if you add coke it lasts longer. . .
by Jesska

absolutly darling divine and makes the heat rise that drink made me meet my one true love so thank you!

this is just coctail no 1
by nelson