Gatsby Cocktail

Pour 2 parts Southern Comfort and 1 part lime into a tall glass. Top up with ginger ale. Add ice, stir and serve

Serves: 1
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By: karen adams
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I am quite sure the late, great Quentin Crisp would have throughly revelled in the downing of a Gatsby, in fact i think we had a Gatsby once in The Ritz in 1952. . .
by tarquin

In the words of Ralf milliband this drink symbolises that "political equality is a myth of the epoch"! An excellent beverage!
by Adam Blampied

When Fitzgerald began The Great Gatsby I'm sure he never thought that his tragic central character would lend his decadent name to this delicious embodiment of the roaring 1920s!
by Will from Jersey

blooming lovely
by robert

This drink lives up to the name of F Scott fitzgerald's anti-hero Jay Gatsby. Well done!!
by Will from Jersey