Frisky Bison Cocktail

2 parts zubrowka vodka (poland) into a tall glass, fill to top with cold apple juice. Add crushed ice and drink.

Tastes like youre drinking liquid apple danish, and it gets to your head quick, amazing.

Serves: 1
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By: Chris Pyemont
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since when they hav bison in russia ( cocktail nerd)?? zubrowka is one and only genuine spirit of poland. try it with apple juice, chilled camomille tea and a wedge of lime! top stuff!
by polski

Yum Yum, tried this yesterday and it was soo good, quite refreshing because of the amount of apple juice in it very nice!
by Selina

This drink is called a tatanka in Poland. Can only be made with zubrowka (bison grass vodka from Poland), as this gives it an unique taste. Drink and enjoy. Na zdrowie!!!
by Welsh Gooner

This dink is very popular in Poland. Try it & You will loved it. Add a slice of lemon
by BartQ

a frisky bison should be made using "bison grass vodka", a special type from russia i think. hence the "frisky BISON". it also tastes much better with this original vodka rather than standard vodka!
by Cocktail Nerd

ii lad sounds canny gud like mite av one afta futty wen am 18 kk
by Saf

fukin well gd maet
by Peter Lar