French Thong Cocktail

Begin with the pineapple juice and add the Cointreau. Next add the Stoli's Strawberry or Raspberry Vodka. Then add 5 squirts of lime juice. Lastly add the Rose Champagne and garnish with a plump, juicy split strawberry. Sit back and sip away the smoothness.

Serves: 1
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By: Alisa Johnson
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This is an original created by none other than myself - THE DISCRIMINATE CONNOISSEUR of all things good! This drink was created on Saturday afternoon in St. Lucia. My lover and I were on the beach where the bartender entertained us by letting us be mixologists. Needless to say, that night, the French Thong was created and perfected. I also lost the balck velvet thong I had purchased in France that evening.
by Alisa Johnson