Flaming Sambuca Cocktail

First pour the sambuca, then add the curacao. Place beer mat over glass and allow fumes to gather, before lighting the sambuca. Down it, flame and all!

Serves: 1
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By: Rhydian Jenkins
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when lighting it in your mouth, instead of getting a friend to light it, rub your finger around the edge of the glass then light it, then your mouth!
by gracie

Alternatively, light it in ur mouth! Make sure u have a TRUSTED friend do it & be VERY careful. Shoot the sambuca but don't swallow it; swirl it around ur mouth to coat everything. Using a match stick, ur friend should lightly touch the flame to the liquid. Hold for a few seconds, then swallow.
by A

Add some coffee beans before lighting and the coffee flavour adds a nice twang
by Kenny Budd