Flaming lambourgini Cocktail

Pour one ounce shot of Buca into Martini glass. Using four single jiggers, put two on each side of Martini glass. Pour other ingredients in these jiggers. Ignite the Sambucca and sprinkle some CINNAMON on top of the flame. Pour the Blue Curacao and Galiano in at the same time, and have the consumer begin with a long straw. Pour the milk and Kaluha in as the glass gets half empty. Great birthday shooter! submitted by Joshua McLean

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by Anda

For great effects its cood to place a bottle opener across the martini glass, put a champagne glass upside down on the bottle opener, and a shot glass upside down on top of that. Light the sambuca, pour it down the shot glass and watch the flames fly out (watch the drinker doesnt singe their hair though. )
by Chewy

surely the milk should be Baileys Irish cream
by ket boy