Ferrari Jack Cocktail

Pour Amaretto and JD onto plenty of ice cubes, add fresh lime slice and lime juice, then top up with Coke or Pepsi.

Serves: 1
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By: Martin Beaton
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Personally I think the recipe is:2 double shots JD2 double shots Amaretto4 shots Coca-Cola2 large lemon slices4 ice cubes. Do not stir. This is an excellent, smooth and well-rounded cocktail despite it's unimpressive look. Easy to get trashed in a short space of time if that's your thing, a refreshing tonic if not.
by Gary

Forever drinking this stuff in uni. Fantastic stuff, especially nice if you're generous with your spirits. Also masks the aftertaste of Sainsbury's own Kentucky Burbon. . .
by Huw

Had this tipple for the first time in Newquay, love JD but this gives it a fresh summer twist and makes it that little bit sweeter and crisper. Making these at home this Christmas!
by Natalie