Dennis The Menace Cocktail

put in peach schnapps and malibu, top up with pineapple juice an add few drops of grenadine down the inside of glass, it is yellow at top an red at bottom, eh Voila, Yum !!

Serves: 1
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By: Ann Kennedy
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what can one say about this cocktail absolutely fabulous everyone who loves cocktails should try one enjoy x
by york cocktail girls

its propa georgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on denis
by emma c

try adding half pineapple and half cranberry. fab drink
by dennis

Deeeeeeelicious! Adding vodka would spoil this drink.
by Rhona

Prob best cocktail around! So so easy to get drunk on, enjoy!!
by Kev Potter

couldn't agree more with penny, great drink, add vodka at your own risk lol!
by dani

Love it, definately does not need vodka!
by Penny

Tastes like fruit juice. . . Very easy to get drunk on. . . Needs vodka
by John

A nice refreshing drink, slightly creamy due to the pineapple and malibu, but really nice.
by Huw