Dawa Cocktail

Slice lime into wedges and place in strong tumbler. Apply pressure to the wedges with a pestle to release lime juice without pulping.
Add the honey and then cover with crushed ice. Pour vodka over ice and stir to mix the lime juice, honey and spirit.

Serves: 1
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By: Steve Wilson
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Had this at the carnivor in Kenya, Then i had it everywhere. the best cocktail ever!
by lorin

No one makes this like James in the Weavers Bar, Turtle Bay Beach Club Kenya. The best I have ever tasted.
by Claire

i also fell in love with it in kenya, diani beach peace!!!
by pete

tried this for the first time in Kenya and fell in love with it - fantastic!
by Hammersbaws

A most excellent tipple - I tried it with Giant Hornet Honey for an extra energy kick.