Caipirinha (traditional) Cocktail

Cut up the lime and put into a glass. Add the sugar. Smash the lime until the juice and sugar develops a rich froth. Add the Cachaca and shake vigorously. You may vary the amounts of lime and sugar to suit your taste.

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There is actually a new Guaro sold in the states called S Guaro and it really is smoother than any other clear liquor I've ever had in contrast to Lydia Lee's experience with the homegrown version of the product. This is a more refined product than the Cacique in Costa Rica. I've had it on my travels in Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco. Really quite nice. You can probably find out more places to acquire it from their website on www. sguaro. com. Cheers!
by Jake

This is a favorite drink to natives of Costa Rica, and touristas there, alike. When made with the traditional Guaro (which I compare to like a Costa Rican moonshine), the Caipirinha tastes like a harder, faster G&T, perfect for an afternoon or evening in any weather! Also, similar to but a little less pretentious than your Mojito, and carrying the credentials of relative obscurity, for the trend factor, of course! You could make it with gin, instead, if you like gin better.
by Lydia Lee