Brass Monkey Cocktail

Pour the rum and vodka into an 8 oz. glass and fill with orange juice and ice. Stir and serve.

Serves: 1
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Brass Monkey is very nice but I like to add 1 part grenadine for a bit of sweetness
by paulie

Dark rum is used because mixing the brown rum with the orange juice produces the distinct 'brass-like' coloration that gives this drink it's name. I like with it with enough rum & vodka to give a strong flavor over & above the O. J.
by Sly

you are supposed to use white rum! don't you know anything?
by beastie boy

the brass moneky is an easy, smooth drink. . . . can be dangerous,. . . . . easy to drink a lot of them as I did in my college days
by Moose from Indiana

It's not a particularly different or 'really good' tasting drink, but it tastes like watered down orange juice, so it does it's job nicely. Good for those who don't really like the taste of hard liquor.
by smokedog34