Box 'o' Frogs Cocktail

1/2 fill a shaker with ice, pour in the Absinthe, Blue Caracao & Contreau. Shake well.
Pour into a HiBall with the ice cubes, lime rind and lime slices. Top up with the orange juice and enjoy Mad as a Box'o'frogs.

Serves: 1
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By: Chris Geal
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I love this drink mostly when Im hanging with my home boy Dalton B. We always come up with very good ideas like which vessel to lay up and what crew to send home. Heres to you Box O Frogs you go down as fast as my stock portfolio !
by Andrew Gould

It was great I can only describe it like this. . . I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched sea beams glitter in the darkness at Tanhauser gate. all those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. time to die.
by Roy Batty

I was out on the town in Paris one Starry Night and I had the pleasure or curse of drinking this infernal concoction. I fell in love but this love drove me mad! I saw yellow houses and a skeleton smoking a cigarette, a vase with 12 sunflowers. I loved it so! But as I moved across the globe I could not always have my love so I feel into a deep depression. I long for the taste of again, I would give my ear for a glass!
by Vince W. van Gogh

I tried your drink whilst at my home on Dauphine Street in New Orleans. It drove me man with pain, I loved it! And as I like to torture others I will pass it along to all my friends.
by Prince Suleyman

This is a great drink I tell you. I went for a little vacation across the channel to meet a man named Harold. We didn’t get along so good but after a tussle near London it was all cleared up. I had a few of these and deiced I would stay around for a while what a great country!
by Guillaume, duc de Normandie

I liked it very much for sure. The absinthe is without a doute. . Sine qua non!
by Lucius Vorenus

I found this quite energizing if I would have had this when I first joined the military long ago the empire might never go. Back in those days, if you saw a man in a skirt, you shot him and nicked his country.
by Captain Edmund Blackadder

Who Dares Wins and if you dare to taste this special concoction you will win a wonderful taste experience. So I say to you again . . . 'Qui audet adipiscitur'
by Lt. Horatio Hornblower

Thanks a lot Chris;)
by Weronika

Slightly outside the box, this is a perky avant guard number with a distinctly edgy tang. Possibly leaning toward the 'event horizon' of good taste it dwells on the pallete long after the drink has gone.
by Betty Breezeblock

I found this drink quite a lady pleaser. It will do the trick!
by William Jefferson Clinton