Blue movie Cocktail

Shake together gin, blue curacao and the passion fruit juice, with loads of ice. Strain and top up with lemonade and more ice. Careful, it tastes like pop!

Serves: 2
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By: zoe vaughan
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Yes I remember it well, in fact I think I paid for it. SEan her son
by Sean Iddon

A PAXOS BLUE MOVIE : Sorry all measurements are approx. as I simply watched it being made - MANY TIMES!! However, I have since made it at home and it is just as I remember. 1' Blue Curacao 1/2' Parfait Amour 1/2' Cointreau Lots of ice-cream (cupful) Crushed ice (1 large tablesp)Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker (suppose you could blend?) and serve in a Pina Colada glass or a Highball. Yammos! Be
by Bernice Muskett

Aternative BLUE MOVIE recipe. First time I tasted a Blue Movie was on Greek Island of Paxos more than 20yrs ago. Never forgot it - it was a delicious blue alcoholic ice-cream shake - perfect at the end of a day on the beach before going for shower and evening meal. Could never find it on any cocktail lists and believe me, I've searched! Went back recently and, would you believe, same family still making it albeit a few doors down from original location. Recipe to follow. Bernice.
by Bernice Muskett