Blastaway Cocktail

Get yourself a three pint jug, or a bowl and a pint glass..

Pour in two 330ml bottles of Diamond White cider, followed by 75ml of vodka, 75ml of peach schnapps and 300ml of white wine.

Now pour in 400ml of a good quality orange juice, and top off with 200ml of passion fruit juice.

Give it a good stir, and pour into a tall glass - finish with crushed ice.

Three of these should do the trick after a hard day at the office..

Serves: 6
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By: Mike Lovell
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we had a variant of castaway and 2 dogs which i called Woof away ;-)or sunburn which was Sol & Castaway.
by ray d

Blastaway was being drunk from the late 80's in most places that served Castaway and Diamond White. The first time I ever had some must have been around 1987/88. Castawy was pulled in about 1998 I believe, though Diamond White is still available in most supermarkets.
by Paul Bestall

I too drank it at Uni in Manchester in the early 90's. Managed to get to 3. 5 pints before I couldn't take any more! Where can we buy the bottle castaway these days?
by Kate

We drank this at Durham uni in the early 90's. Again, 50/50 mix of Castaway wine cooler and Diamond White - tastes like Lilt (can't taste any alcohol) but after a pint or so you'd be legless. Quality drink for any occasion!! Highly recommended. . .
by Cessie Walton

I think this drink was derived from the nightclubs of Manchester circa 1995. We drank a mixture of Diamond White and Castaway (a tropical alco-pop) served in a pint glass. If drunk quickly it made you go temporarily blind. The name Blastaway was a play on Castaway.
by Matt