Bikini Cocktail

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon.

Serves: 1
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it taste absolutley horrid. never try this!
by lianna

yuck . . . it doesn't taste nice at all
by Kat

don't try this at home
by stoyan

wrong igrediant, it should be cocnut milk and no lemon.
by vic

It looks good but the taste is a let down. I expected a creamy flavour but instead you get a bitter lemon blast that doesn't suit.
by Stev

it gives sex power
by maddy

at first, when I saw this recipie, I was a little aprehensive. I should have trusted my instincts, this drink, it seems, is the perfect way to experience the taste of rotten milk. It doesnt work, sorry
by unsavoury

love it !!!it turned me and my boyfriend right on for eachother and now im 3 weeks pregnantit tastes pretty good toooif we have a girl im gonna call it bikinia
by sexy beenage

god aweful
by kathy and jack

a customer came and asked for a bikini cocktail, we looked this recipe up and made it for them, they nearly threw up and so did we!!!! what they really wanted was a bikini MARTINI coctail!!!
by melon bar kalamaki greece

i think the cocktail was enjoyble and tasted delight full i dont no why no1 likes this cocktail i think its lovely
by chloe handley

Awful. . . i can't take half of the glass
by hammer666

absolute crap, made me throw up, i strongly recommend not to use this drink
by lewis

'Light, almost like a hawaiian drink, only no one knows what the hell it is, and asks.
by Hazel

'Interesting, but kinda like a black russian. . only as white as they come'
by Dee Dee