Alabama Slammer Cocktail

Shake the whisky, gin, triple sec and Galliano with the cracked ice. Strain and pour. Top up with the orange juice. Garnish with the cherry and orange slice.

Serves: 1
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How can you possibly have an Alabama Slammer without a shot of the southern states great export 'Southern Comfort'Looks like Cocktail UK are the only ones with the wrong recipe. Terri's is closest to what I recall form my days at Sinatras in the west end of London. .
by MK Dons Jim

This is the 1975 version and is the original way - 1 part vodka, 1 part southern comfort, 1part yukon jack, 1 part jack daniels, 1 part sloe gin, fill with oj
by Terri

slammers are made in new york with southern comfort,amaretto,sloe gin ande oj
by jskaarup

A better Alabama Slammer is: 1 part Vodka, 1 Part Southern Comfort, 1 part Sloe Gin, and fill with O. J
by J

i have always made alabama slammers with vodka, southern comfort, amaretto, sloe gin triple sec splash of o. j. and sour mix garnish with cherries and orange slice. but you brits do what ya please
by sassy