After midnight Cocktail

Add coffee and cacoa to milk. Add cream to smoothen. A bit of Jamacian rum is optional.

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i liked this drink but i edited it a bit so that i liked it. i put all the ingredients into a shaker and added some ice and 1 tsp of sugar (or whatever you have in your tea/coffee. i then shook the shaker for 10-30 secs (dependant on how frothy you like it) and then first strained it into a glass then opend it up and slowly poured out the frothyness. it was really nice (you could call it a fropachino!!!)
by danny

I like coffee, but this one is a little strong for me, so I tend to add more milk. But it is still a lovely drink. ;)Kat xxx
by Kat Thomas x

i dont really drink coffee so i was a bit weary of tryin this but it really is a must try & its so simple to make
by sarah

i loved this particular bevrege! it is fantastic yum, yum!
by laura macleanen