Manhattan Cocktail Shaker - From £9.99

Cocktail shakers are probably the most important part in cocktail making. Why not start your set off with this fine 3 part 28oz Manhattan Cocktail Shaker from [email protected] with built in strainer? It's sure to make you look like a pro! Simple to use and easy to clean! [more...]

Thirst Aid Beer Helmet - From £6.99

This hat is a drinkers dream. If you have permanently got an ache in your right arm then this is for you! Holding two standard cans of drink, you can enjoy both at once through the straw, providing you with double the refreshment with none of the effort. [more...]

Stainless Steel Double Walled Wine Cooler - £14.99

One of the essential pieces of a party is the wine, and of course it would be a travesty if you served warm wine. This superb double-walled bottle cooler is all you need! [more...]

Beer Bong - From £4.99

If you've never been able to show off your drinking skills to your mates, then grab a hold of one of these party shooter Beer Bongs and get ready to impress as you down a drink in seconds! [more...]

Exacto Pourer Blue 25ml - From £10.49

Also known as a Speed Pourer, Posi Pourer or Exacto Pourer. Simply push into your favourite bottle of spirit and tilt. This little gadget will then dispense an approximate 25ml measure into your glass. [more...]

Wine Bottle In A Glass Glass - £9.99

The perfect gift for a wine lover, the Bottle In A Glass Glass holds over a whopping 750ml, or as it's more commonly known, a whole bottle! If you don't like swirling, sniffing, sipping and spitting, this giant wine glass helps you get stuck right in! [more...]

DropStop Discs - £3.99

Insert one of the three discs in your wine bottle and avoid any spillage! The disc rolls up and fits tightly into any bottle forming a seal. [more...]

Red Wine Breather - Air Au Vin - £11.99

To fully appreciate the wide range of flavours in a bottle of red wine, it should be decanted and allowed to breathe before consumption. The Red Wine Breather cuts the breathing time down from hours to minutes! [more...]

Aluminium Champagne Bucket with Stand - £49.99

Champagne is always best when it is easily accessible at hand level. This ice bucket stand and ice bucket will help keep your favourite beverage cool and easily reachable! [more...]

Corkies Wine Stoppers - From £1.99

When you can't quite finish your favourite bottle of wine, just grab one of these Corkies and plug up the bottle ready to be stored away! [more...]

Shelf Mounted Cork Extractor - £59.99

Undo wine bottles with ease and pleasure with the Shelf Mounted Cork Extractor. Simply insert bottle neck, pull lever down, then back up and your bottle is open! As used in restaurants and bars, this Cork Extractor is very durable. [more...]

Wall Mounted Cork Extractor - £49.99

Undo wine bottles with ease and pleasure with the Wall Mounted Cork Extractor. Simply insert the bottle neck, pull the lever down, then back up and your bottle is open! As this Cork Extractor is the type used in restaurants and bars, it is very durable. [more...]

Plastic Half Yard of Ale - From £1.99

Drink half a yard of ale in one that's a party trick! Made from break-resistant plastic, this can be used over and over again until you can't drink anymore! [more...]

Professional Shooter Belt - £299.99

A fun and practical way to serve up shots, the Professional Shooter Belt is ideal for bars and clubs selling or promoting drinks. This high quality leather belt consists of two shoulder straps which hold 12 shot glasses and a belt which holds 2 bottles of spirit. [more...]

Boston Cocktail Shaker - £14.99

Never be without any ideas with the Boston Cocktail Shaker; written around the outside of the glass are famous cocktail recipes and measure lines to ensure you will always have a recipe at hand. [more...]

Double Jigger Measure - From £5.99

Stainless steel double ended measure essential for all cocktailers. Gives an accurate measure of both 25ml and 50ml shots. [more...]

Shot Float Kit - £9.99

Makes layered drinks quick 'n' easy! Cocktail books have described layered cocktails or 'shooters' as 'works of art' and 'a sight to behold and drink'. Until now these classic drinks, like the B-52 could take literally minutes to prepare. [more...]

Deluxe Twisted Mixing Spoon - £6.99

A true cocktail requires more skill than just pouring a spirit in a glass and topping with coke, which is where the Twisted Mixing Spoon comes in. With its professional stainless steel look, you can stylishly and effortlessly combine cocktails with a simple stir. This spoon can reach to the bottom of almost any tall cocktail glass, so you can go wild and create some giant tasty masterpieces! [more...]

Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer - From £3.99

The [email protected] Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer ensures no large pieces of fruit or ice slip into your glass. The perfect fit for a Boston Shaker Glass, this strainer features 4 prongs for stability, ensuring picture perfect cocktails every time. [more...]

Stainless Steel Freeflow Pourer - From £1.99

Giving you a finer pour, these medium-fast Freeflow Pourers help your aim as you fill up thimble measures or shot glasses. If you like to get creative with your drinks, the Stainless Steel Freeflow Pourers can be used to help create layered cocktails and shots. [more...]

Ball Pourer Chrome 25ml - £9.99

The chrome effect finish of the Ball Pourer makes it not only practical, but stylish too. Get a 25ml shot every time, and dazzle onlookers with the shiny chrome finish! [more...]

Chrome Ice Crusher - £29.99

Create perfect crushed ice with the Chrome Ice Crusher from [email protected] Perfect for cocktail parties or your home bar, this manual rotary ice crusher can produce a quart of fine or coarse crushed ice in less than a minute. [more...]

White Plastic Ice Crusher - £9.99

There are ways to reduce big, chunky ice cubes to the perfect consistency for cocktails, and thie White Plastic Ice Crusher is one of them! Simply twist the handle and the metal teeth will give you plenty of ice shards for your drinks. [more...]

Stainless Steel Thimble Bar Measures 3 Piece Bundle Set - £16.99

Cater for every variety of cocktail with the Thimble Bar Measure 3 Piece Bundle Set. Containing the standard UK spirit measures, this set is an essential for any home or professional bar. CE marked for use in licenced establishments, these measures also fit perfectly in standard shot rails. [more...]

Flairco Flair Bottles White - From £19.99

For the more adventurous among us, our 750ml flair bottles weigh the same as an empty glass bottle but are shatterproof and will take a lot of abuse. [more...]

Glitter Sticks - From £1.99

150mm wooden stick with shiny foil strands on top. Perfect for livening up any cocktail. [more...]

Bendy Straws Black - From £1.5

Make sure you have a decent supply of these Bendy Straws at hand for any party! Essential and highly useful, Bendy Straws are common place at any home bar. [more...]

Swizzle Stick Disc Stirrers Coloured - From £2.49

Nothing is more essential to a bar than a good range of stirrers and these fantastic swizzle disc stirrers are ideal for serving with almost any drink. Coming in a pack of 5 various colours, these stirrers are sure to add some visual flair to your cocktails as well as help swirl around some magnificent flavours. [more...]

Fuzzy Cocktail Characters - From £2.43

Part of the fun of making outrageous cocktails is to dress them up to a ridiculous fashion! This is where these fuzzy character sticks come in! [more...]

Bar Caddy Classic - From £5.99

No self-respecting barman would work in a messy bar so make sure you organise your space with the [email protected] Bar Caddy Classic. This plastic black Bar Caddy has separate compartments to help you organise your straws, cocktail decorations and napkins. [more...]

Bar Caddy Starter Kit - £19.99

You've bought your booze, stocked up on pourers, optics and the like, and you’ve even got a quality blender to go with it all. Now all you need are the small accessories that make all the difference! [more...]

Pat O'Brien's Hurricane Cocktail Mix - From £5.99

Re-create the fun times of Mardi Gras, the excitement of Bourbon Street! A taste of New Orleans is made easily with Pat O'Brien's® Hurricane Cocktail Mix! It is the perfect cocktail mix for house specialty drinks! [more...]

Coco Lopez Coconut Cream - From £5.99

Coco Lopez is the Real Cream of Coconut from fresh, sun-ripened Caribbean coconuts! The essential ingredient for Piña Coladas and Coconut Daiquiris, Coco Lopez Coconut Cream is a quintessential tool in an amateur barman's arsenal! [more...]

Stainless Steel Bonzer Bar Fruit Cutting Board - £19.99

High quality stainless steel bar board complete with removable wooden block. Perfect for cutting fruit for cocktails and other drinks. [more...]

Bar Knife - £3.99

Multi-purpose Bar Knife with sharp straight-edge, serrated edge and forked tip. Ideal for slicing fruit to stick in one of your home made cocktails! [more...]

Mix It Straw Dispenser - £11.99

Offering stylish and handy storage for your drinking straws, the Mix It Straw Dispenser from Bar Craft is filled with colourful straws and is perfect for home bars, games rooms and parties. Offering a retro style look, this plastic dispenser features a lift up lid so you can create that café feel at home. [more...]

Stainless Steel Waiters Tray 12inch - From £6.99

An excellent quality highly polished Stainless Steel Waiters Tray from [email protected]tuff with lipped rim. Adds a touch of class to delivering drinks to your customers. Suitable at home or in cafes and bistros alike. [more...]

Brass Last Orders Bell Large 7inch / 180mm - £39.99

This superbly finished brass bell is stylish enough to hang in any home or bar and is perfect for ensuring that the stragglers finish their drinks in good time to stagger home. Wall mounted with a diameter of 7 inches (180mm), you will never again awaken to find that the tramps you call your friends have set up home after a few drinks at yours! [more...]

25ml Pub Spirit Measure Set - From £10.99

Whether you serve up a lot of drinks or want to recreate that pub feel at home, the Pub Spirit Measure Set is ideal. The aluminium measure bracket holds 70cl spirit bottles and can be shelf mounted using the clamp or screw fixed onto a wall. Also includes 25ml optic measure. [more...]

Undercounter Bottle Top Opener & Catcher - £14.99

This unique all in one bottle opening unit features an easy to use stationary bottle opener with a deep catcher tray underneath to keep the bottle tops from littering your floors! [more...]

Deluxe Chrome Bottle Carousel & Measures - £89.99

If you like a bottle permanently by your side then this is the product for you! The Deluxe Chome Bottle Carousel comes complete with 6 spirit measures, so all you have to do is supply the alcohol! [more...]

Brass Drip Tray - £34.99

As anyone who has tried to pour a pint will know, it's not always easy to get it all into the glass. Dalliance, distractions, or just plain drunkenness can all conspire to cause your precious brew to spill, dripping all over the floor, the table, or your clothes. The simple answer, this drip tray! [more...]

Pub Laws Sign - £7.99

If your mates aren't treating your precious home bar with respect, then make sure you make the rules clear by putting up this Pub Laws Sign! Made from a solid black plastic, the Pub Laws Sign features gold print stating all four of the UK Licensing Act laws of 2003. [more...]

Ribbed Rubber Corks 1ltr - £1.99

Unfortunately, as long as spirit measures last, the rubber corks can be prone to wear as bottles are removed and replaced. Make sure you have a few back-ups behind the bar! [more...]

Store & Pour Red - From £4.99

The Store & Pour is a neat little seal-able and reusable plastic bottle with a simple but highly effective pouring spout. Ideal for adding mixers and juice to cocktails and spirits when behind a bar, at a party or hosting a special event. [more...]

Rubber Bar Mat Large - From £9.99

As used in trendy bars and restaurants, this durable black rubber mat is easily washable making it a cleaner alternative to traditional bar towels! [more...]

Insulated Ice Bucket - £29.99

Made from stainless steel, the Insulated Ice Bucket has a double-walled construction which is sure to keep your ice solid for longer! [more...]

Glass Stacking Mats - From £6.99

Are your shelves showing the effects of years of glass wear? The simple solution is the Glass Stacking Mats. Just clip them together, lay them out and your glasses are elevated those vital few millimetres away from your precious wooden shelves! [more...]

100 Pub Beer Mats in a Box - £16.99

Chances are you've got a couple of beer mats scattered around your home, whether you've pocketed a couple from the local public house or consider yourself an avid collector. It's a popular and great way of owning a little piece of advertising and brand history. [more...]

Pub Measure 25ml - £5.99

It's all very well having a vast collection of spirit bottles in your drinks cupboard, but how do you know the correct dosage? The easy and safe way to make sure you're drinking in moderation is a Pub Measure! [more...]

Optic Pearl Measure 25ml - From £12.99

The Optic Pearl Measures are your traditional bar measures suitable for both commercial and domestic environments. Government stamped these ensure you are administering the correct 25ml amount of alcohol. Each measure comes complete with a rubber cork for easy attachment to your bottles. [more...]

Measure Bracket 0.7ltr - £4.99

Display your bottles using this strong aluminium Measure Bracket. The clamp system firmly holds the bottles and will fit to most shelves making them ideal for all home and public bars. However, if you prefer, the clamp can be removed so that they can fix directly to a wall. [more...]

Jumbo Ice Tray - £9.99

With room for 32 cubes and fashioned from easily-bendable silicone for ease of removal without having to resort to a blast from the hot tap, this practical, hygienic and near-unbreakable ice tray will solve your temperature problems at a stroke. [more...]

Party Poppers - From £1.49

What is a party without party poppers? Well, it wouldn't even be a party! These things have been around so long, you just can't go without them! [more...]

Yard of Ale Glass - From £34.99

The best party product in the world! Watch as your friends attempt to drink around 3 pints of their favourite tipple! Each glass is handmade for only the finest drinking experience, and it's this loving attention that makes it ideal as a gift for anyone who enjoys downing 3 pints of their favourite beverage! [more...]

Plastic Pitcher Jug 60oz / 1.7ltr - From £9.99

There will be no breakages with this ice-lipped durable polycarbonate Pitcher Jug. It can be used for any beverage you choose, and is great for sticking behind your home bar. [more...]

Plastic Champagne Flutes Black 4.4oz / 125ml - From £3.99

One of the most annoying things about having people round for champagne is when they have a little too much and some of your precious glassware gets broken. Well, with these simple disposable plastic champagne flutes all your breakage worries will be over! [more...]

Disposable Half Pint Tumblers LCE at 10oz / 280ml - From £2.49

These Disposable Half Pint Tumblers are the ideal alternative to breakable glassware making them an essential for any party or event. Made from flexible polypropylene plastic, these tumblers can be simply thrown away or recycled after use. [more...]

Foil Platter 14inch - From £4.99

These foil platters are a cheap way of instantly providing a smooth, clean surface for presenting your food.
Great for posh dinner parties, buffets and celebrations, they can be washed and re-used. [more...]

Paper Plates 15cm - From £3.99

Why on earth would you use your fine china for a barbecue? And where on earth would you get so many plates for all your friends? Imagine all the breakages! The simple answer is Paper Plates! One of the most used products in the world, the Paper Plate is so simple it's known by everyone! [more...]

Used 'Sands' Casino Cards - £9.99

Anyone who knows anything about Vegas will know that the 'Sands' Hotel no longer stands, but we have managed to get our hands on the last few packs of cards that were used there! [more...]

Shove Ha'Penny - From £9.99

The classic pub game of Shove Ha'Penny is so simple it's brilliant! All you need is a friend and a competitive streak! This board is made from the finest mahogany and even comes with 5 real half penny pieces! [more...]

Cribbage Set - £13.99

This fabulously finished wooden Cribbage Set comes complete with metallic scoring pins and a deck of cards - all you need for your cribbage gaming experience! Ideal for lengthy rounds of Crib, this Cribbage Board gives you the perfect amount of professionalism to spur on a winning streak! [more...]

Bagatelle - £109.99

Who needs pinball when you've got the original, classic game, Bagatelle! It's so easy and fun to pick up, you can't help but love it! This beautiful board is made from mahogany, ensuring the finest playing surface in both quality and aesthetics. An ideal game for all ages, Bagatelle is one for all the family! [more...]

Dice Poker Chips - From £2.5

If you're the sort of person who enjoys a good game, there is no need to look any further. The Dice Poker Chips are available in a set of 300, packaged in a beautiful, smart chip case, fashioned from aluminium. These chips are also available in packs of 25. [more...]

Gamko Maxiglass Noverta MG-250G Glass Hinged Door Bottle Cooler - £1124.99

Designed with professional drinks service in mind, the Gamko Maxiglass Noverta MG-250G is ideal for use in commercial establishments. The sleek and modern energy efficient design makes it an ideal choice for any environmentally conscious business. [more...]

Signature Martini Cocktail Glasses 5.3oz / 150ml - From £19.99

A distinctive cocktail needs a distinctive glass. Some refined purists say it improves the taste, whilst others would not dream of drinking out of anything but the correct receptacle. Most of us would like to serve Bond's favourite in a Martini glass simply because it looks classy, and most would agree, these glasses are indisputably classy! [more...]

Domino Martini Cocktail Glasses 5.3oz / 150ml - From £18.99

No matter how colourful and florid you like your cocktails, the Domino always gives them a touch of sleek style with it's clear glass head and it's black stem & base! [more...]

Kyoto Cocktail Glasses 10.9oz / 310ml - From £19.99

This tall cocktail glass has a large capacity allowing you fill it up with enough drink to get you started for a night of fruitful colour! [more...]

Z-Stem Martini Glass 9.1oz / 260ml - From £7.99

If you like your drinks to have a bit of a twist, then this glass is the perfect vessel for you! Just mix up your favourite cocktail and serve it in this funky glass! [more...]

Pina Colada Cocktail Glasses 13.7oz / 390ml - From £3.99

The Pina Colada is such a special drink that it deserves a glass all to itself! No normal glass will do when mixing up one of these rum cocktails - make sure you drink a Pina Colada the right way by drinking from one of these! [more...]

Princesa Margarita Cocktail Glasses 9oz / 270ml - From £22.99

Delboy eat your heart out! Very high quality glass for the essential margarita. This glass can be used for the special occasion or just for a quick relaxing cocktail after work. [more...]

Hot Shot Glasses 1.2oz / 35ml - From £6.99

These Boston Hot Shot Glasses are exactly like the ones you get in bars for shooters, like slippery nipples, Aftershock and other drinks you tend to tip down your neck in two seconds! [more...]

Glass Beer Boot 2 Pint - From £16.99

You've heard the legend of the German Bierstiefel, the 'Beer Boot'. Well, here we bring you the fun party piece, the Glass Beer Boot! [more...]

German Beer Stein Glass 2 Pint - From £13.99

No-one drinks better than the Germans! So recreate the famous German beer festivals with a Traditional 2 pint Stein Beer Glass! [more...]

Paris Wine Glasses 6.7oz / 190ml - £12.99

Possibly the most classic and recognisable shape of wine glass, the shorter Paris glass is ideal for red wine - with it's round bowl it is great for swirling your drink to release the flavours. [more...]

Traditional Glass Pint Tankards CE - From £19.99

You've not truly had a pint until you've had one out of the iconic Traditional Pint Tankard! Just fill it up, sit at your home bar with your mates and imagine you're in a traditional English pub! [more...]

Nonic Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml - From £7.99

Make your home bar feel more like a real pub with these classic Nonic Pint Glasses, the favourites of British pubs. [more...]

Foster's Bar Towel - £5.99

Jazz up your home bar with your favourite brand of lager; Foster's! Suitable for both domestic and commercial use and branded with the famous blue and yellow Foster's logo, this is sure to add the finishing touches to your bar. [more...]

Aluminium Ice Scoop 5oz - £2.5

It is an unwritten law that a party will always need ice! This ever useful bar tool is an essential piece of equipment that can scoop up numerous ice cubes from an ice bucket, or ice maker. [more...]

Speed Rail 22 inch - From £47.99

Roomy enough to hold several bottles, the 22 inch stainless steel Speed Rail from [email protected] enables you to have all the drinks you need at your fingertips, so that you never need to wander from one side of the bar to another. So go on, keep practicing, and make sure you get a speed rail to really polish up your act! [more...]

Metal Gumball Machine Small - From £34.99

The die-cast metal Gumball Machine will help you satisfy any craving for sweet snack. Dispensing a handful of sweets at a time, this machine is perfect for kids or adults with a sweet tooth! This dispenser is perfect for filling with your sweet of choice, whether it be gumballs, jelly beans or even peanuts, simply insert a coin, twist the handle and prepare for a sweet fix! [more...]

Dealer Visor Green - From £3.99

Invite your friends over for a night of serious merriment as you play the role of dealer in this classic style dealer visor! Affordable yet still stylish, this is one accessory your game will not be complete without! [more...]

Card Shuffler - £7.99

This automatic card shuffler shuffles any standard card decks completely, right before your eyes! Just push the button and watch it's speedy operation! [more...]

Non Slip Tray 14inch - £4.99

Providing you don't start performing acrobatic feats while carrying the Large Non-Slip Tray, you can be sure that your glassware won't slide around and end up as a feature on your floor! [more...]

Paper Cocktail Umbrellas - From £1.99

When your cocktail isn't quite looking right and it needs a bit of pizazz, just pop one of these decorative Cocktail Umbrellas over the rim and you're guaranteed a bit of metaphorical sunshine! [more...]

Coca-Cola Wetstop Bar Runner - £24.99

Enjoy an ice cold Coca-Cola without the worry of condensation marks and spills on your precious bar top. This Coca-Cola Wetstop Bar Runner is made from 100% nitrile rubber with 100% polyester pile top branded with the official motif of your favourite beverage. [more...]

Soft Grip Waiters Friend - £4.99

For those days when you feel like you're juggling more than you can carry, this multipurpose Soft Grip Waiters Friend is just what you need. Forget using a separate foil cutter and corkscrew just to open a bottle of wine, as this does the job in one simple package. [more...]

Frosty Mug 14.1oz / 400ml - From £4.99

Tough clear acrylic mug with a vacuum typed lining which has a freezable liquid in it. Simply bung it in the freezer until frozen, fill with your desired beverage and it will keep your drink cold just that bit longer! [more...]

Cadillac Sofa - £1659.99

Comfy vinyl seats with a Cadillac’s side wings, complete with grille and illuminating orange and transparent lights. [more...]

Party Indoor Sparklers - From £2.5

If your cocktails or birthday cakes don't quite have that magic sparkle, just stick a few of these Indoor Sparklers in the top and watch everyone's face as they become filled with envy! [more...]

Custom Wine Rack - From £1.99

Whether you need something in your dining room, or you need to kit out your new wine cellar, simply order a custom sized wine rack with exactly the right amount of storage you need! Choose from 8 different wood stain colours to best suit your needs! [more...]

Stella Artois Mini Fridge - £144.99

This little Stella Artois branded cube can hold everything you will need to have a jolly time with your friends, namely 40 cans of lager! Simply put this beauty in your living room, or perhaps your bedroom, and you will be the centre of any party! [more...]

Bar Blades Vinyl Coated Black - From £3.99

This stylish Vinyl Coated Bar Blade offers excellent grip and a strong design for ease of opening beer bottles. Perfect for professional bartenders or use at home, this durable Bar Blade also features a spinner ring making it perfect for flair tricks. [more...]

Ring Bottle Opener - £4.99

Never fear your bottle opener ring is here! Always at hand this opener ring fits snugly on your finger and opens bottles with ease! [more...]

Wooden Muddler - From £2.99

With a Wooden Muddler you crush your hard cocktail ingredients, such as mint and ginger, before application to help release the flavours and give yourself a much better drink experience! [more...]

Sani-Dry Shelf Liner - £21.99

With the Sani-Dry Shelf Liner you can ensure your glassware shelves stay free from ring marks and stains. This flexible matting can be cut to size, perfect for placement behind your home bar or in your glassware cabinet. [more...]

Slammer Glasses 2oz / 55ml - From £34.99

The Slammer Glass lives up to its name, making it the perfect glass for whacking down onto a bar top to excite your Tequila Slammer into a fizz! The thick base of these glasses is continued up the sides to ensure that the durable construction is continued throughout. [more...]

Signature Champagne Flutes 6oz / 180ml - From £19.99

This gift box of four elegant champagne flutes is certainly a good start to the celebrations for that special occasion. All you need now is the fizz! [more...]

Luxury Numbered Suited Chips - From £2.99

The Luxury Numbered Suited Chips are available in a set, complete with a super smart aluminium chip case. The set includes quality clay style 11.5g Luxury Numbered Suited Chips, just like the ones used in real casinos. These chips are also available in packs of 25. [more...]

Beer Belt - £9.99

Hold a six-pack without your hands! Our fully adjustable beer belt allows for hands free convenience while keeping your precious beer at no further than an arm's length! [more...]

Palm Tree Straws - From £0.99

Liven up your party with these jumbo straws with foil palms! A cheap and cheerful way to brighten up a quite frankly average looking cocktail or drink. [more...]

Rigid Re-usable Pint Tumblers CE 20oz / 568ml - From £2.99

When it gets late in the weekend and your friends are getting a bit lairy at your home bar, you might begin to worry that a few glasses will get knocked over or dropped. All you need is a few of these acrylic re-usable tumblers! [more...]

Casino Neon Sign - £149.99

To top off your regular nights of cards with friends, this 'Casino' neon sign will add a suitable atmospheric glow to proceedings. Show your mates you mean business by hanging this bright neon in your games room! [more...]

Zed Italian Breakfast Bar Stool Black - £49.99

Relax in style with the Zed Italian Breakfast Bar Stool, the perfect addition to any kitchen breakfast bar or home bar. The padded seat top is upholstered in a black faux-leather and rests upon a sleek Z shape chrome leg with footrest. [more...]

Flow Wine Rack - £29.99

Inspired by the flow of liquid, this sculptural wine rack is finished in brushed stainless steel. Flow is wall mounted and will hold up to eight bottles using a minimum of space. [more...]

Wall Mounted Zinc Bottle Opener - £4.99

We all know the pain of looking for your precious bottle opener when you're feeling rather thirsty! Stop pilferers wandering off with your favourite bar tool with the Wall Mounted Zinc Bottle Opener. This classy bottle opener can be attached to any sturdy wall. [more...]

Foster's Garden Umbrella - £39.99

Shield yourself from the summer sun's rays with this Garden Umbrella branded with your favourite brew, Foster's! No messing about, just stick it up and it's large parasol will help keep you cool in hot weather. [more...]

Cognac & Brandy Warmer with Glass - £14.99

This silver-plated Brandy Warmer by [email protected] provides you with everything you need to get your precious glass of brandy to the perfect drinking temperature. Simply place the glass over the tealight mounted in the frame for a subtle but necessary raise in temperature. [more...]

England Flag - £2.99

Support England the only way the English know how, by waving the St. George's Cross until your arms can't take any more! This large England Flag is the ideal thing to display your patriotism. [more...]

Chrome Bar Caddy - From £14.99

The Chrome Bar Caddy provides the finishing touch for your bar, offering a modern and professional look. Made from durable plastic, this caddy has a sleek painted chrome finish with 5 compartments for storing straws, cocktail decorations and cocktail napkins. [more...]

Wall Mountable Can Crusher - £11.99

If you're concerned about the impact rubbish is having on our environment, then help do your bit and recycle with the Wall Mountable Can Crusher. This simple manual device quickly compresses drink cans without leaving a dent in your kitchen floor. [more...]

LEC Wine & Beer Chiller - £169.99

What better, then, than to display your expensive imported Belgian beers and your bottles of Premier Cru than this LEC drinks fridge? [more...]

Infrico ZX2 Hinged Door Undercounter Bottle Cooler - £1079.99

This 218 bottle capacity Undercounter Bottle Cooler by Infrico has a glass fronted double door. Designed for commercial use in bars and restaurants, this cooler features heavy duty adjustable shelving and also an internal light. [more...]

Zenith Bar Stool Black - £99.99

The stylish and contemporary Zenith Bar Stool, with full swivel capability and a smooth gas lifting mechanism, finished in chrome and available in a black finish, would not look out of place in a designer furniture store window. The Zenith is an ideal addition to any home bar or breakfast counter. [more...]

WPT Playing Cards - From £3.99

The hottest televised poker tournament meets the highest quality playing cards to bring you the true feel and playability of the top casino card! Perfect for Texas Hold'em or any card game, this deck is highly durable - with the best shuffle and snap. [more...]

Half Pint Hiball Glasses CE 10oz / 285ml - £35.99

Whatever your usual tipple, these Half Pint Hiball Glasses will cater for your needs! Fill it to the brim with a classic cocktail or long drink, a generous helping of juice or cola or a perfectly poured half pint of beer. [more...]

Shut The Box - £16.99

Shut the Box is a dice game for one or more players. The object of the game is to cover all the numbers, or 'shut the box' according to throws of the dice. An excellent way to teach numbers and mathematics, Shut the Box is a perfect game for all ages. [more...]

Home Skittles - £109.99

Wooden framed, this set is similar to the league model for bar skittles. With this home skittle set, you can practice at home until the day your local reintroduces skittles in the bar! [more...]

Hands Free Wine Glass Holders - £4.99

Holds wine glasses & Champagne flutes, on the grass or at the beach...
Ends the frustration of spilled drinks & juggling glasses! Perfect for picnics, barbecues, outdoor concerts, beach or even the garden! [more...]

Movie Clapper Board - £6.99

Are you a film buff? Maybe you want to make your own movie? Well why not? These days with the Internet and digital cameras you can now make a movie almost anywhere about almost anything. Get the authentic film maker feel with this movie clapper board. [more...]

Vampire Costume - £16.99

You dont have to drink blood to become dracula, just wear our authentic costume! [more...]

Silly String - From £2.99

What party is complete without silly string?! Spray your friends and enemies, decorate the house or use it as a forfeit for all game losers! However you spray it, it's guaranteed fun! [more...]

Jack Daniel's Wetstop Bar Runner - £24.99

Everyone's favourite whisky brewer makes a cameo appearance on this Jack Daniel's Wetstop Bar Runner. This hard wearing bar mat not only adds class to your bar, but will also absorb any spills and condensation marks that occur when serving drinks. [more...]

Pod Bar Stool Black - From £44.99

With a polished chrome base, steel frame and tough-yet-comfortable ABS plastic seat, the Black Pod Bar Stools, with their moulded curves and smooth construction, wouldn't look out of place in a modern art gallery! [more...]

Clear Acrylic Chip Holder - £1.9

A superb jackpot acrylic chip holder that can store 100 poker chips in 5 rows. [more...]

Elia Fold-Away Wine Cooler Stand - £24.99

The Elia Fold-Away Wine Cooler Stand offers a unique and functional space-saving stainless steel design that's suitable for holding most wine and champagne buckets. A sturdy tripod that is able to simply fold away, the Fold-Away Wine Cooler Stand is strong enough to fold out and hold a full ice bucket. [more...]

Rotatable 9 Bottle Wine Rack - £24.99

Turn your stockpile of wine into a work of modern art with the Rotatable 9 Bottle Wine Rack from [email protected] This contemporary rack is ingeniously design to hold nine bottles of wine while being compact making it ideal for placement on your bar top, kitchen top or tabletop. [more...]

Venus Bar Stool Black - £44.99

The Venus features a black seat top which is manufactured from faux-leather with soft padding. The stem, foot-rest and base is manufactured from chrome plated steel. This stool also features gas-lift swivel mechanism for adjustable height and practical use. [more...]

Foster's Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml - From £9.99

There are few nations that know how to drink like the Aussies! That's why Foster's, Australia's premier Lager, is such a worldwide hit! Why drink your favourite amber nectar in a standard glass when you can drink it in style in your very own set of Foster's pint glasses? [more...]

Blind Button Pack - From £1.5

Complete your home poker chip set with the blind button pack. [more...]

Wine Cellar Cube Light Oak 300mm - 24 Bottle - £64.99

The beautifully crafted Wine Cellar Cube has been built to hold 24 bottles of your favourite tipple, providing a simple and effective solution to wine storage. With their square shape, multiple Wine Cellar Cubes can be easily stacked allowing for large amounts of wine storage. [more...]

Set of Marbleised Pool Balls - £24.99

This 16 ball set is superb if you fancy something a little bit different for your pool table. The balls have a unique marbleised design and come in a neat presentation box too. [more...]

Triangle Chalk - £4.99

No matter how many chalks your landlord seems to bring out they always go missing! Stock up with this box of twelve quality chalks. [more...]

Mahogany Roulette Wheel - £449.99

There is nothing more exciting in a casino than the spin of a roulette wheel. We have searched the globe high and low for top quality wheels at a competitive price and here is the result! [more...]

Juice Dispenser - £149.99

A Juice dispenser that, holds 8 litres of the drink of choice, is made from stainless steel so looks the business and can be used wherever you like. Now that's smart! [more...]

Safety Firepit - £99.99

The high quality Safety Firepit is constructed from cast iron and steel and is supplied with a spark guard and hinged cooking grill for Barbeque use as well as a firepit. [more...]

Midnight Plastic Martini Glass 8.1oz / 230ml - From £2.49

When the clock strikes midnight, it's time for the party to really start! The sparkly Midnight Plastic Martini Glasses are decorated with a gold stem and a glittered bowl, perfect for serving an exciting martini at your latest party. [more...]

Stainless Steel Martini Glasses 8.8oz / 250ml - From £19.99

The novelty Stainless Steel Martini Glasses by [email protected] makes for a unique way to serve a party cocktail. Entirely manufactured from stainless steel, these glasses makes an excellent display piece or a practical alternative to breakable glassware. [more...]

Skyy Vodka Flair Bottle - £19.99

The Skyy Flair Bottle offers the look and feel of a real liquor bottle. Made of a durable PVC plastic, a bartender can now entertain customers behind the bar without the risk of the bottle shattering. [more...]

Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker - From £5.99

The choice of the professional, the Boston Cocktail Shaker utilises simplicity with usability. Just a glass and a tin are all you need to mix drinks like the masters! [more...]

Sphere Stainless Steel Ice Bucket - £21.99

This stainless steel ice bucket is worthy of being more than a simple party utensil! With it's mirror finish is must surely be the prettiest ice bucket we've ever seen! [more...]

Birthday Power Cups - £2.49

The Birthday Power Cups are the perfect addition to any birthday celebration, young or old! [more...]

Lights! Camera! Action! Reusable Popcorn Bowl - From £3.99

Get ready for some blockbuster action with the Lights! Camera! Action! Reusable Popcorn Bowl. This plastic bowl is perfect for filling with your favourite freshly popped and seasoned popcorn and enjoying a movie night with friends. [more...]

Dice Poker Chips Pre-Packed Set - £29.95

Bring out the Dice Poker Chips Pre-Packed Set at your next poker game and you're guaranteed to impress your mates. This set features a beautiful smart chip case fashioned from aluminium and is available in a 500 chip set. [more...]

Mixology and Flair DVD - £24.99

The new Flairco Mixology & Flair for the Working Bartender is an introductory level training DVD that focuses on classic bartending techniques and low risk, high impact working flair skills. [more...]

Showmanship and Flair DVD - £24.99

The new Flairco Showmanship & Flair for the Performance Bartender is an intermediate level training DVD that focuses on more great flair skills and how to create a memorable flair show. [more...]

Condiment Dispenser 4 Compartment - £16.99

Keep all your cocktail garnishes in one convenient place with a condiment dispenser. Just fill each tray with a different foodstuff and they are kept sealed under the clear acrylic hinged lid. Perfect for bar top placement when making drinks. [more...]

Practical Bar Magic DVD - £26.99

Real magic with props you can find behind your bar. [more...]

Mexican Sombrero Hat - £8.99

Andale Andale, arriba arriba, our Mexican hat is here! [more...]

Rotary 4 Bottle Stand - £39.99

A perfect gift for anyone who likes a swift shot, the Rotary 4 Bottle Stand is the ideal bar top accessory. Simply attach 4 of your favourite spirit bottles to the brackets and you've got your very own drink dispenser that will deliver 35ml shots every time! [more...]

Poker Card Guards - £9.99

Protect your cards with a weighty 26g solid brass poker guard. Presented in a plastic gift case. [more...]

ASBO Joke Documentation - £1.99

If you are tired of being on the receiving end of all the jokes, turn the tables and present your mates with an anti-social behaviour order, or 'A Spoof Behavioural Order' as they are called! These are a great product to have a laugh at your mates expense, we have an ASBO for all sorts of bad habits! [more...]

Sizzler Steak Platter Set - £11.99

Whether you're serving up some piping hot BBQ food or an exotic foreign dish, this Sizzler Steak Platter Set is ideal. Suitable for transferring straight from oven to table, the cast iron pan features a detachable handle and sits upon a wooden trivet to protect your table top. [more...]

Red Cocktail Shaker - £9.99

Why do all cocktail shakers have to be so plain and boring? Stand out in the crowd with this bright cocktail shaker with a painted red body. [more...]

Duracell Batteries - £3.99

One of the best batteries in the world... Don't waste money on poor performance batteries, buy Duracell! [more...]

Pro Dealer Button Large - £4.99

Ideal for tournament and professional play. [more...]

Bar Craft Deluxe Acrylic Ice Bucket And Tongs - £22.99

To be remembered as the host with the most, make sure you cater to your guests' every need - if someone wants a whiskey on the rocks, it helps if you've got some rocks! Simply fill one of our ice buckets with as many ice cubes as you can and you'll be prepared for the evening ahead! [more...]

Acrylic Plastic Wine Cooler - £9.99

This plastic wine cooler will be a wonderful addition to anybody's home wine range. The simple design features a chrome rim at the top and near the base of the cooler. An ideal solution to keeping your wine cooler at any occasion. [more...]

Wall Fixed 6 Bottle Rotary Bracket And Measures - £79.99

If you've got a bit of space left on your walls, you'd better use it for something you love. No, not a picture of your beloved pets, this wall mounted drinks dispenser! [more...]

Stainless Steel Poker Table Cup Holder Small - £4.99

These cup holders are great for those of you out there who wish to build your own poker tables. They are designed to fit flush into your tables and prevent those drink spillages that are bound to happen after a few beers. [more...]

Crown And Dice Clay Poker Chips - From £2.99

For the poker player who wants a chip set as unique and distinguished as himself, this Crown & Dice offering is well worth consideration. It features a 14g design and the chips are superbly crafted from clay, giving them a comfortably heavy feel that is difficult to find for under fifty pounds. [more...]

Rosendahl Winetube Wine Rack - £79.99

Elegant and stylish storage for wine - along with the stylish finish of the Winetube, the bottles and their labels form an integral part of the design piece. [more...]

Rosendahl Wallpaper Magazine Rack - £99.99

A functional and stylish wall mounted magazine rack that doesn’t take up any floor space. With or without magazines this magazine rack makes a definitive design statement in any room. [more...]

Large Acrylic Oval Drinks Pail & Cooler - £19.99

Whether you're hosting a party, enjoying a BBQ or enjoying the big match, chances are you're going to want an ice cold beer to keep you feeling refreshed. The Large Acrylic Oval Drinks Pail & Cooler holds enough bottles and cans to keep you and your mates in steady supply. [more...]

Selva Commercial Bar Stool Black - From £304.99

A well constructed bar stool, the Selva is well constructed and is ideal for use in the kitchen and breakfast bars at home with a commercial use in mind with its rigid design. It has a sleek, contemporary shape that lets this stool fit perfectly into any bar, restaurant or home. [more...]

Pienza Commercial Bar Stool Black - From £659.99

The swivel Pienza Commercial Bar Stool is a superb stool made for domestic and commercial use, a great addition to a home bar. Its large sturdy base and swivel stem make it both comfortable and secure while its seat and backrest keep you propped up against that bar. [more...]

Bar Condiment Dispenser & Napkin Holder - £29.99

This great storage facility will not only keep your condiments fresh but they are easy to transport and remove. This 4 pot condiment dispenser has a bar caddy and napkin holder for all your non-edible cocktail essentials too! [more...]

Leather Bar Blade Holster - £17.99

Are you fed up of misplacing your Bar Blade and lighter? Well we guessed you would be so we've just got in the perfect holster for you to use... [more...]

St George's Car Nose - £2.99

Do you remember those tomato splats that were released with Comic Relief? Well now you can support your country with this St Georges Car Nose!! [more...]

Birchwood Disposable Forks - From £3.99

Help preserve the environment by using Eco-friendly Birchwood disposable cutlery. They look good and are much more effective than plastic whilst being harvested from re-planted forests. [more...]

CocktailMaster - £32.99

An ingenious, revolutionary method of mixing cocktails in layers, the CocktailMaster helps you create visually appealing cocktails in seconds! Host your very own cocktail party and wow your friends with your cocktail making skills! [more...]

Chopstick Kids - £5.99

These soft, washable, food-safe hinges really keep your chopsticks in line and add an element of fun to the dining experience. And they're not just for kids either! Why not cut down on your partners clothes washing and eat with less mess and pure ease! [more...]

Swizzle Stick Ice Cube Tray - £4.99

The Swizzle Stick Ice Cube Tray stir up some fun and add a cool touch to your beverages. These extended ice cubes double as handy swizzle sticks. Each silicone rubber tray has three mould shapes, each with a skewer that the ice freezes round to create a chilled drinks stirrer. [more...]

Cool Shooters Ice Tray - £9.99

What's cooler than a shot glass made of ice? Fill the Cool Shooters ice tray with water or your favourite juice, freeze, and then pop out four fully-formed frozen shot glasses! [more...]

Ultimate Bar Book - £14.39

The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails! Ultimate Bar Book is the first and only guide to classic and new drink recipes. Loaded with essential-to-know topics such as barware, tools, and mixing tips, this book has it all. [more...]

Stainless Steel Long Latte Drinks Spoon - £6.99

The elegantly shaped Stainless Steel Long Latte Drinks Spoon is the perfect accompaniment to a warming glass of caffe latte. The long design of this spoon also makes it suitable for using as a cocktail mixing spoon or even as a dessert spoon. [more...]

25ml Barsolve Cup and Pourer - From £7.99

The Barsolve Combo Cup and Pourer. Selected as the best quality product available on the market at present carries a CE stamp. Ideal for exact measures, provides and airtight seal and a good means of stock control. [more...]

Lay Z Spa Premium Series 4 - From £5.99

The ridiculously affordable Lay Z Spa Premium is a true sign of luxury without the sky high price tag! There's no need to fork out thousands on a stationary hot tub when the cosy Lay Z Spa Premium can be purchased for under £400 and has the added bonus of being portable! [more...]

Rainbow Polycarbonate Champagne Flutes 6.4oz / 180ml - £23.99

Our unbreakable polycarbonate champagne flutes come in packs of 6 containing one of each colour: red, green, yellow, blue, pink, orange and pink. [more...]

Jack Daniel's Spirit Dispenser on Plinth - £44.99

Without our Jack Daniel's Spirit Dispenser, your home bar is far from complete! This free standing optic sits perfectly on the bar or sideboard making this rather tasty drink that bit more desirable! [more...]

Casino Bar Stool Black - £169.99

The Casino Bar Stool is one of the most comfortable stools we have ever had the pleasure of sitting on. This top quality stool would make a great feature to any home, office, kitchen or bar. [more...]

Delice Blanc Square Crockery - From £26.95

The Delice Blanc Range is a very affordable, angular design of crockery. Ideal for oriental or contemporary dishes. [more...]

Spikey Anti Drink Spiking Stopper - From £1.49

Protect yourself and others from drink spiking. The Spikey Bottle Stopper fits inside the top of your bottle. The small hole through the centre is just the right size to slide a straw through. By closing the gap between the straw and edge of the bottle you are greatly reducing the possibility of your drink being spiked. [more...]

Crescent Bar Stool White - £59.99

Clean bright white is a great look for any home wanting to create modern style, and the Crescent Bar Stool finished in white stands out as much as the moon itself! A perfect combination of white against chrome make these stools look fantastic, and will suit any modern home bar. [more...]

Stag Night Check List - £1.99

If you're seen as the party organiser among your friends, then this little novelty note pad will help cut down your planning time. It already lists everything you will need to pull off a successful stag party, or for any night out! [more...]

Electronic Touchpad Darts Scorer - £47.99

This electronic touchpad scorer makes keeping your darts score easy. All you need to do is touch the section of the dartboard display to input the points automaticly. It can score for up to 8 players and features a number of other options. [more...]

Cabernet Ballon Wine Glasses 20oz / 580ml - From £21.99

When you're serving or sampling a fine wine such as a vintage red, you can't just stick it in any old wine glass, you need a glass that will show off all the features of your wine. The Cabernet Ballon Wine Glasses have a wide bowl that allows you to appreciate the flavour and aroma, and a complete transparent finish that displays the colours of your wine. [more...]

Beer Goggles - £3.99

You have all heard the saying..'beer goggles' a phrase used as an excuse for pulling, what's called a 'minger' on a night out. Well now you can literally wear the beer goggles. [more...]

Neo-Link Create Your Own Neon - From £0.5

Create Neon words in a “Snap” !
Where can you customise a neon sign at 4pm and have it on your doorstep the next morning before 9am???
Well we can now do this for you. Simply select your letters or words and place your order... [more...]

Black Enamel Champagne Bucket - £12.99

No one likes warm champagne, it has to be chilled! If you're having a party, this champagne ice bucket will help keep your bottled drinks nice and cool, and it will look great too! [more...]

Black Enamel Ice Bucket with Tongs - £19.99

Imagine you're having a swanky party and you've spent hours organising which drinks to serve until everything seems perfect. Then you realise all you've got to dish out ice in is a plastic ice tray! With a solid, professional looking ice bucket you can save your shame! [more...]

Bobby Soxer Costume - £14.99

Time to party like it's 1959! Get kitted out in this 50's style Bobby Soxer costume for a night of Jiving and Jitterbugging! [more...]

Disco Queen Outfit - £44.91

Dazzle your friends on the dance-floor in a sparkly disco queen outfit! [more...]

The Vetro Table - £149.99

The Vetro Table offers a high-set table-top worthy of the most exclusive coffee houses and bars. With it's tall stem and circular geometric design, the Vetro sits perfectly with any bar stool to complement your home bar or dining area. [more...]

Vino Duo Double Sided Drinks Pail - £18.99

The plastic Double Sided Drinks Pail is a very practical piece of equipment and is unique in that it is double sided. With two sections this pail can keep wine and beers cool. Perfect for a boozy night in as it means you wont have to risk stumbling to and from the fridge! [more...]

Acrylic Mini Wine Bucket Bottle Stoppers - £14.99

For a novel way to reseal your wine bottle, the Acrylic Mini Wine Bucket Bottle Stoppers are perfect handmade miniatures of wine coolers and wine buckets. This set of 3 bottle stoppers is neatly displayed on a display stand, so even when not in use they can take pride of place on your mantle. [more...]

Kitchen Craft Polycarbonate Pint Glasses 20oz / 568ml - £44.99

Why go down to the pub for a pint when you can have it at home. This polycarbonate pint glass is virtually unbreakable and dishwasher safe! [more...]

Mix It Cocktail Swords - £2.49

Create a pirate themed party right down to the little details with the Mix It Cocktail Swords from Bar Craft. Perfect for skewering olives and cocktail fruits, these swords are great for decorating cocktail glasses or using as food picks for buffet snacks. [more...]

Bar Craft Novelty Fruit Cocktail Stirrers - £3.99

What do you do when you have just poured yourself a cocktail? Mix it of course, and now you can do it with a fruity twist! [more...]

Jack Daniel's Black Label Cufflinks - £12.99

Any fashion expert will tell you that black goes with everything, so why not add the JD Black Label Cufflinks? Whether you're at the office, on a date, or even at a wedding, these gift boxed cufflinks will add the finishing touch to any outfit. [more...]

Spin N Shot Roulette Drinking Game - £19.99

If you're having a party and feel like giving a different 'spin' on the evening then why not try the Spin N Shot Roulette Drinking Game. Based around a roulette wheel you simply spin the centre, add the ball, and drink from the numbered shot glass it lands on. [more...]

Vogue Spirit Measure 35ml - £11.99

An essential piece of bar equipment, the Vogue Spirit Measure will dispense an accurate 35ml measure straight from the spirit bottle. Suitable for use in both home bars and commercial bars, this optic is government stamped for a legal measure. [more...]

The City Sofa Range - From £499.99

This abstract designed sofa and armchair will give a retro feel to your living room. Made from wood and upholstered in padded leather, the City range is available as a single seat armchair, and a double seat sofa. [more...]

Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl 105.5oz / 3ltr - From £5.99

For all you party drinkers out there, or even party hosts, this is a must have drinking novelty. The only thing you need to do is add the drink, buy some straws and invite your friends round! [more...]

Groovy Guitar Shaped Ice Cube Tray - £5.99

It's time to kick back and chill and here's a cool way to do it! Drop one of these groovy guitars into your drink and give it a stir. Just the thing for jazzing up your favourite beverage! [more...]

Moaner Lisa Orgasmic Bottle Opener - £6.99

Opening a bottle of beer isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but to Moaning Lisa there is nothing better. Just place her metal bottom around the bottle cap and as you open it, she lets out her orgasmic screams of pleasure. [more...]

Black Faux Leather Table - £79.99

This contemporary black faux leather table has a simple design with pure functionality. With its built in gas-lift swivel mechanism, it can be rotated and adjusted to make it taller or shorter. [more...]

Classic Range Glass Ice Bucket - £26.99

This beautifully designed Classic Range Glass Ice Bucket is ideal for placement on any bar top. Holding enough ice to see you and your guests throughout the evening, it matches perfectly with other glassware from the Classic Range. [more...]

Palmas Leather Bar Stool With Back Black - From £239.99

The chic Palmas Bar Stool is upholstered in stylish black semi-gloss leather giving it a smart look and great comfort. Add style and sophistication to your bar, whether at home or in the centre of town, it looks good anywhere! [more...]

Bottle Opener Crown - From £0.99

The staple of any beer lover, the Bottle Opener Crown makes cracking open bottles hassle free. The small, lightweight aluminium design makes it ideal wherever you are. [more...]

No Smoking Sign Pack - £49.99

Ideal for all establishments covered by the smoking ban, including pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels. This set of signs are compliant with the current smoking laws for displaying around your premises and includes exterior and interior notices. [more...]

Jack Daniel's Dartboard - £44.99

When a common dart board just won't do, this Jack Daniel's branded beauty will give your games room a bit of style! [more...]

Traditional Wooden Wine Racks - Pine - From £7.99

Whether a connoisseur or new to wines, this traditional wooden wine rack brings you the best of both worlds - the beauty of natural Pine together with the strength of steel. [more...]

Traditional Wooden Wine Racks - Black Ash - From £7.99

Whether you love to throw a party or just enjoy a glass with your evening meal, this Traditional Wooden Wine Rack comes in a size to suit your lifestyle. You can maximise your storage space and still have easy access to your bottles. [more...]

Traditional Wooden Wine Racks - Light Oak - From £7.99

Whether a connoisseur or new to wines, this traditional wooden wine rack brings you the best of both worlds - the beauty of natural Pine together with the strength of steel. [more...]

Traditional Wooden Wine Racks - Dark Oak - From £7.99

Whether a connoisseur or new to wines, this traditional wooden wine rack brings you the best of both worlds - the beauty of natural Pine together with the strength of steel. [more...]

Playboy Poker Chips - £24.95

Be a true player on the poker scene with Playboy Poker Chips. They have a micro-textured finish, premium raised edges and a casino in-laid style, which makes these chips of tournament quality. [more...]

Seven Colour Change Wine Glass 11.3oz / 320ml - From £6.99

It can sometimes take more than a sparkly host to brighten up an evening party. With the help of these colour changing wine glasses with light-up handles, you too can be the toast of the town! [more...]

Seven Colour Change Cocktail Glass 8oz / 230ml - From £6.99

It can sometimes take more than a sparkly host to brighten up an evening party. With the help of these plastic cocktail glasses, with light-up handles, you too can be the toast of the town! [more...]

Stainless Steel Shot Rail - £17.99

Keep your bar neat and tidy with this Stainless Steel Shot Rail. Designed to hold four spirit measures, you can use it to keep your bar organised as well as looking smart! [more...]

Stella Artois Undercounter Fridge - £299.99

If you like your drink, then you will probably be familiar with Stella Artois! This undercounter drinks chiller features the Stella Artois logo printed in frosted white on the clear glass door, which makes it ideal for showing your mates what your favourite drink is! [more...]

AlcoSense Elite Professional Breathalyser - From £4.99

It is a common worry that after a night on the tiles, having it large, you are still over the limit come the morning. Rather than taking the risk and driving when you could still be illegal and unsafe, you can now test yourself before getting behind the wheel. [more...]

Floral Design Canvas - £44.99

These smart design pictures will help to bring the outside inside with their simple and very effective floral silhouettes. The stark contrast between the black and white helps to accentuate the beautiful compositions. [more...]

Cross Stem Lamp Stand - £69.99

Aluminium multifunctional cross shaped lamp base. Available in 2 sizes. [more...]

Aspire Home Bar - £349.99

With its black glass surfaces and chrome plated stainless steel legs, the Aspire Bar helps to add a touch of post-modern class to your home. And, of course, it's a great place to keep your drinks! [more...]

Oar Shaped Stirrers - From £2.99

Row row row your boat, gently down the stream. Grab an oar and stir your drink, life is but a dream. A great pack of paddle shaped stirrers that will look great at any party, even better at a pirate theme party! [more...]

Wizard Bowls Dip Bowl - £29.99

Make sure you keep ahead of design with the Wizard Dip Bowl. This sleek, chrome finished bowl is perfect for dips and other liquids and will look great at any party. [more...]

Heavy Wood Pepper Mill 12inch - £16.99

The Heavy Wood Pepper Mill is ideal for anyone who loves to add spice and flavour to their dinner. This tall grinder holds a generous amount of peppercorns and is manufactured from high quality walnut. The perfect complement to your dining table, this mill is suitable for both commercial and domestic applications. [more...]

Well Doily Coasters - £12.96

Four attractive coasters with a white doily design. Mix or match your place settings. [more...]

Plastic Reusable Wine Glasses 7oz / 200ml - £54.99

To save yourself all the trouble associated with glass breakages, all you need is a set of reusable 'glassware.' These Plastic Reusable Wine Glasses provide you with the opportunity to keep the party going without any worry of breakages! [more...]

Duralex Stacking Tumblers 7oz / 200ml - From £9.99

A staple for many school canteens and home glassware cabinets, these Duralex Stacking Tumblers are versitile enough to be used almost anywhere. Made from toughened glass, they are safe to use for the whole family. [more...]

Islande Hiball Glasses 7.7oz / 220ml - From £5.99

The Islande Hiball Glasses gives you the simplicity of a standard hiball, but in a taller, slimmer style with a heavy base design. These durable glasses are perfect for any occasion, from large parties to quiet afternoon drinks. Ideal for serving up juices or spirits with mixers, there's plenty of room for ice to keep your drink extra cold. [more...]

Islande Tumblers 7oz / 200ml - From £6.99

The Islande Tumblers are a fantastic traditional style of drinking glass, designed with practicality and simplicity in mind. They feature a thick, heavy base for extra stability. [more...]

Salto Ice Blue Hiball Tumblers 12.3oz / 350ml - From £12.99

If you can't stand the heat, get yourself a drink! These Salto Ice Blue Hiballs are the perfect glass to serve up a nice ice cold drink. Made from blue tinted glass, they help to complement any ice cold juice drink. [more...]

Salto Ice Blue Tumblers 11oz / 320ml - From £14.99

It's so cool it's ice cold! The Salto Ice Blue Tumbler is great for serving cold drinks, adding a touch of cool to any gathering. Fill it up with ice and use to serve liqueurs, spirits, or even fruit juices and soft drinks. [more...]

Vigne Nordic Hiball Tumblers 11.6oz / 330ml - From £11.99

Bring a touch of Scandinavian style to your glass cabinet with a set of these Vigne Nordic Hiball Tumblers. Perfect for juices, water and soft-drinks, these glasses mix a sleek, simple design with practicality. [more...]

Vigne Nordic Tumblers 10.9oz / 310ml - From £14.99

Scandinavian design might be better known for it's flat-pack furniture, but they can make a nice piece of glassware too! These Vigne Nordic Tumblers are perfect for serving liquors and spirits. [more...]

Salto Clear Tumblers 11oz / 320ml - From £10.99

The Salto Clear Tumbler features a rounded shape, perfect for swirling your liquors and bringing out the flavour. Just add ice and you've got the perfect drinking vessel! [more...]

Salto Clear Hiball Glasses 12.3oz / 350ml - From £9.99

Ideal for summer drinks filled with ice, the Salto Clear Hiballs are sure to get you in the mood with their large capacity ready for your favourite drinks. [more...]

Sterling Hiball Tumblers 11.5oz / 330ml - From £6.99

These hiball tumblers feature a square heavy base, while the mouth is a more rounded square, giving the Sterlings a unique geometric design. A fantastic addition to your home. [more...]

Sterling Tumblers 7oz / 200ml - From £7.99

The Sterling Tumbler is a small, light tumbler that's been designed for your drinking pleasure. Ideal for any drink, especially liqueurs and spirits. [more...]

Quebec Tumblers 7oz / 200ml - From £6.99

The Quebec is a fantastic multipurpose tumbler that makes a great addition to your kitchen. Circular in shape, the glass gradually gets wider from bottom to top, making for a simple but effective shape. [more...]

Elisa Tumblers 11oz / 310ml - From £12.99

With it's curved, heavy base, the Elisa Tumbler is as much a pleasure to hold as it is to drink from. Suitable for any type of drink, it has plenty of room for ice to complement spirits, soft drinks and juices. [more...]

Savoie Wine Glasses 8.5oz / 240ml - From £14.99

Get a taste of the French Alps with the Savoie Wine Glass. Perfect for any wine, the Savoie features a wide, rounded head which makes it perfect for swirling your freshly opened bottle of red or white. [more...]

Cabernet Tulipe Wine Glasses 12.3oz / 350ml - From £19.99

The Cabernet Tulipe Wine Glasses offers a classic style wine glass with added features including a fine rim for tasting. The large, tulip shaped bowl allows you to swirl your wine without fear you'll loose any of your best bottled red or white. [more...]

Signature Wine Glasses 6.7oz / 190ml - From £14.99

This stunning range of fine rimmed French wine glasses are perfect for all your entertaining needs. Whether making a statement at your dinner party, or just having a quiet night in, this glass defines quality. [more...]

Viticole Tasting Glasses 7.6oz / 215ml - From £11.99

The bowl of the Viticole is specifically designed to help the aroma of wine develop. Just swirl the glass around and release the flavours. [more...]

Cabernet Champagne Flutes 5.6oz / 160ml - From £16.99

Stunning in design and shape, the Cabernet Champagne Flute has a crisp contemporary feel perfect for entertaining. Just fill it up with some bubbly and let the celebrations begin! [more...]

Degustation Brandy Glasses 14oz / 400ml - From £12.99

Sit back and relax like a refined gentleman with a glass of brandy in your hand. These superior stemmed Degustation Brandy Glasses are designed with liquors in mind, so you'd better make sure you can handle your stronger drinks before you dive in! [more...]

Mix-Up Lemon Dinner Set - From £34.93

The Mix-Up Lemon Dinner range is a subtly stylish dinner service that ignores the brash colours and designs and instead concentrates on understated beauty. Each piece in the Mix-Up range features a mix of clear frosted glass and a dull lemon yellow colouring. [more...]

Frozen Smiles Ice Tray - £6.99

This hilarious Frozen Smiles Ice Tray has four spaces to freeze four denture shaped drinks coolers! Drop them into any glass and these novelty ice cubes will smile right back at you, adding an extra bite to any drink! [more...]

Lemon & Lime Squeezer - £6.99

These days eating and drinking healthily is important. Those in the know tell us that we should be eating at least 5 different fruits and vegetables a day. Make the most of the juicy fruits with this stainless steel Lemon/Lime Squeezer [more...]

Giant Anglepoise Lamp - £1999.99

If you are after the ultimate light and a centre piece for your room then look no further. This product is three times the size of the original Anglepoise 1227 and is guaranteed to be a talking point among friends and family. [more...]

Hurricane Solid Brass Steeltip Darts - £5.99

These Hurricane Solid Brass Steeltip Darts are precision made by Harrow technologists. The one piece flight and shaft combines to create a perfect dart for recreational enjoyment. [more...]

Harrows Championship Official Competition Dart Board - £27.99

The Championship Official Competition Dart Board is the perfect all rounders board. it is manufactured from millions of compressed Sisal fibers. This means that the holes left by darts that have been removed will automatically 'heal' when a following dart lands nearby, increasing the life of the board. [more...]

DIY Straws - £4.99

With DIY Straws, a new evolution in drinking games has risen! Build your own custom straw using the various included twist and turn pipes - build one straw with 2, 3 or 4 ends and drink from more than one glass at a time! Let your imagination run wild! [more...]

Deluxe Poker Cloth Black - £11.99

If you've set yourself the project of building your own poker table, then one thing you're going to need is some decent poker cloth. Available in a sleek, rich black our Deluxe Poker Cloth provides the ideal smooth surface for dealing out cards, and hosting many a poker game! [more...]

Cap Catcher Pillar Black - £7.99

This black plastic Cap Catcher Pillar is a brilliant and labour saving device perfect for bars, restaurants and even the home. When attached to the wall you can quickly remove bottle caps with ease and the hanging bucket catches them as they fall. [more...]

Wooden Handle Corkscrew - £4.99

This traditional use corkscrew offers the user a simple and effective method for cork removal. Its sturdy wood handle and strong steel screw make opening your favourite bottle of wine easy. [more...]

Steam Spa - £74.99

Have you ever wished you could enjoy all the benefits of a sauna in your own home? Not all of us have the space for a full steam room, but now there's an answer that will fit in virtually any home – the Steam Spa! [more...]

Jumbo Straws Black - From £3.99

With a marginally larger bore than the average drinking straw, the Jumbo Straws are ideal for serving with slightly thicker drinks. Whether you're serving a cocktail with some thicker slush in, or a smoothie that has been blended to a fine pulp, the Jumbo Straws are the more sensible choice. [more...]

Outdoor Bistro Table & Chairs Set - £219.99

These days the bright warm sun is a rare sight, so when it finally peeks out from behind the clouds, it's a good idea to soak in as much as you can! Sit yourself outside with the Outdoor Bistro Table & Chairs Set, have a glass of chilled beer at your side and relax. [more...]

Elia Straight Wine Cooler & Fold-Away Stand - £44.99

The Elia Straight Wine Cooler & Fold-Away Stand features a traditional and stylish design. Ideal for wine and champagne bottles, this cooler is made from stainless steel with a smart mirror finish. This cooler and stand is the perfect height for the dinner table and the stand folds away for storage. [more...]

Table-Mountable Wine Bucket Holder - £14.99

A great space saving device, the Table-Mountable Wine Cooler Holder simply slots on to the edge of a table. Keep your wine and champagne chilled and at arms reach. Taking up next to no space, this stainless steel table mounted wine cooler is sturdy and durable. [more...]

Cocktail Starter Pack - £39.99

For those who want to emulate the likes of Tom Cruise in the glamorous film Cocktail, the Cocktail Starter Pack contains all the essential elements to get your drink mixing career started. [more...]

Lay Z Spa Chemicals & Accessories - From £5.99

To make your Lay Z Spa nights run without any troubles, you will need to think about more than just the quantities of bubbly you've got in the fridge. Essential water maintenance is a must to ensure that your Lay Z Spa is kept at a constant level of comfort and cleanliness. [more...]

Elia Deluxe Wine & Champagne Cooler - £37.99

There's nothing worse than serving up lukewarm wine or champagne to dinner or party guests, so make sure you've always got a bottle on ice with the Elia Deluxe Wine & Champagne Cooler. Made from high quality stainless steel, this bucket features a chrome plated finish and solid brass ring handles. [more...]

Wooden Cocktail Sticks - £2.99

If you are the kind of person who likes to have cocktails and parties, then this box of 1000 Wooden Cocktail Sticks is perfect for you. [more...]

Party Pitcher 52.8oz / 1.5ltr - £14.99

When planning a party, drinks are an important feature. However the atmosphere in which the drinks are drunk it what makes a party special. Mystify your guest and keep them guessing with this constantly colour changing Party Pitcher. [more...]

Ice Blue LED Ice Bucket - £19.99

When the weathers good, it's nice to get out and enjoy Mother Nature's bounty. What better way is there to celebrate a beautiful day or evening than a barbecue with friends or family. Make sure they know how to stay cool with the Ice Blue LED Ice Bucket. [more...]

Faux Leather Crescent Bar Stool Black - £74.99

The Faux Leather Crescent Bar Stools are built for comfort and stability. The soft padded seat provides a pleasant place to sit while the smooth curved backrest offers support and holds your body comfortably in position. [more...]

Frappe Cocktail Straws Clear - From £2.99

A must for any home bar, these 4 inch Frappe Cocktail Straws are the perfect straw to accompany any drink served in a shallow vessel such as a martini or margarita glass. [more...]

Starck Small Cups - £5.98

These Starck Small Cups are ideal for entertaining at parties, picnics, BBQs and outdoor events. Lightweight and durable, these stylish cups have an indentation in the bottom to fit perfectly with the spike on the Lux plates. [more...]

Starck Large Cups - £5.99

The large cups from the Lux range stand on their own as an interesting and unique disposable. Made from plastic, these cups are light-weight so are easy enough to transport. [more...]

Java Bar Stool Black - £59.99

Get back to the coolest time in modern history with this 1950s American diner style bar stool! Prop yourself up at your imaginary diner and rock around the clock in comfort on this padded faux-leather bar stool. [more...]

Giant Acrylic Martini Glass 500oz / 14ltr - £179.99

Be the host with the most... literally! This Giant Acrylic Martini Glass makes a great party accessory for any occasion! With each glass averaging around 3ft high you can fill it with your favourite beverage, fill them with sweets, fill them with whatever you're mind can think of! [more...]

Rainbow Polycarbonate Wine Glasses 10.6oz / 300ml - £26.99

These unbreakable polycarbonate wine glasses are great for summer barbeques, or any party occasion. They look stylish with a lovely sheen and come in six bright colours which are sure to brighten up any party even if the not so lovely British weather forces you inside! [more...]

Pig Snout Beakers 10.6oz / 300ml - From £9.99

If you've been wondering how to make your friend, family or worst enemy look rather silly, then these Pig Snout Plastic Beakers are perfect! Whenever they take a sip of their drink, they will end up looking rather ridiculous with a pig snout! [more...]

Ypsilon Martini Glasses 3.4oz / 95ml - From £26.99

For all the best James Bond moments there has to be a martini...shaken, not stirred! If you fancy yourself as a bit of a James Bond or perhaps a seductive bond girl, equip yourself with these lovely glasses! Ypsilon Cocktail Glasses, they're the real deal (even if you're not!) [more...]

Capri Beer Glasses 12.1oz / 345ml - £24.99

Whether trying to impress your other half with a romantic meal for two, or guests at a dinner party this stem beer glass is definitely the way to go. [more...]

Universal Beer Glasses 13oz / 390ml - £17.99

This Universal Beer Glass is a great classic shape with a sturdy base and elegant curve. [more...]

Urban 550 Firepit - £99.99

Get the experience of a real fire feeling on the deck or patio, providing atmospheric lighting and heat. Constructed from and stainless steel, the Urban 550 is a durable and long lasting product, ensuring your garden parties will continue for years to come. [more...]

Elia Large Wine Cooler - £179.99

This large stainless steel wine cooler looks great and is perfect for parties! Can be used for any bottle which needs to stay chilled from champagne to beer so is a great barbeque accessory. [more...]

Midnight Celebration Cups - £2.49

Attractive disposable cups to help celebrate any occasion in style! Once used can be disposed of to save on the washing up! [more...]

Bestway Lay Z Spa Air Inflation Adapter Hose - £7.99

If you have mislaid your inflation hose and are in need of a replacement, then simply pick one up right here! When attached to the Lay Z Spa Pump, this inflation adapter hose fits perfectly into the corresponding holes of the spa for maximum power inflation! [more...]

Bestway Lay Z Spa 3x SID Air Valves - £11.95

Without the SID Air Valves you wouldn't even be able to inflate your Lay Z Spa! If you have managed to lose them in the depth of your garage, or garden, then look no further for a replacement! [more...]

Celsius Sizzle Platter 12inch - £12.99

Ideal for cooking and serving barbeque food on one dish, the 12inch Celsius Sizzle Platter is made from cast iron for a robust dish with excellent heat conduction. Ideal for both commercial and domestic use, this large sizzle platter is perfect for a variety of occasions. [more...]

Vladivar Vodka Measure - £9.99

Drink your favourite vodka using this accurate branded measure for 25ml measures. Adds sophistication to your home bar and makes it look more authentic! [more...]

Tri Grater And Corian Base - £54.99

Stainless Steel grater with base made from white matt finish Corian®. [more...]

Recycle Bags - £6.99

These colour coded durable recycling bags are the perfect solution for sorting, storing and then bringing your recyclables to the depot, with handles for easy carrying.
The bags can also be attached to one another creating a stand-alone set in your kitchen. [more...]

Memphis Straws Black - From £4.49

You can hardly drink a short cocktail with a long straw, which is why the Black Memphis Straws at 140mm (5.5inch) are ideal for all those dinner parties and cocktail nights. Available in boxes of 1000. [more...]

Bestway Lay Z Spa Chemical Floater - £9.99

If you've mislaid your very useful Chemical Floater, then simply pick up a spare one right here! The Chemical Floater works in conjunction with our Lay Z Spa Chemicals to help distribute them evenly about the water. [more...]

Glass Rimmer - From £14.99

An essential for all you home cocktail connoisseurs and party planners! To make the perfect punch it is sometimes necessary to go the extra mile and coat the rim of your martini glass. Especially when planning the biggest and best barby of the summer. [more...]

Professional Bingo Calling Box - £349.99

Eyes down! Between Thee and Me (23) this is the Key of the Door (21) for any professional or budding professional bingo caller. Anyway Up (69) you look at it, with its efficiency, clear display and simple to use buttons this bingo caller really is Top of the Shop (90)! [more...]

Aria 24 Piece Cutlery Set - £39.99

With a delicate design offering a highly polished great looking mirror finish, the Aria Cutlery Set is perfect for any table setting. Made from high quality stainless steel, this set features an elegant and timeless style, with long angled handles for a contemporary look. [more...]

Ice Republic Lime Margarita Cocktail Mixer - £11.99

A sensational mix of real lime and oranges takes you into the heart of colourful and passionate Mexico. Just add water, Tequila, shake it up and freeze for a classic Margarita with an Ice Republic twist! Perfect for tropical themed parties, this mixer is made with natural fruit and juices for a fresh taste. [more...]

Ice Republic Pina Colada Cocktail Mixer - £11.99

An exotic flavour sensation of real pineapple and coconut brings back memories of deserted white beaches and romantic summer nights. Just add water, White Rum, shake it up and freeze for a smooth Pina Colada, island style! This Ice Republic is made with real fruit and fruit juices for a delicious taste. [more...]

Ice Republic Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Mixer - £11.99

A luscious blend of real strawberries and strawberry pieces for sophisticated and seductive fun in the city. Just add water, white rum, shake it up and freeze for a fruity and refreshing taste sensation with a cosmopolitan edge! [more...]

Sexy WPC Costume - £12.99

Walking down the street in this kinky little outfit you might hear a few shouts of 'Leg it! It's the rozzers!' But instead of running away, the chaps will be flocking towards you! [more...]

Biopac Biodegradable Half Pint Tumblers CE 10oz / 285ml - From £9.99

Choose a greener disposable option with the Biopac Biodegradable Half Pint Tumblers. Made from 100% compostable materials, these eco-friendly tumblers will simply degrade after use, meaning you can pop them on your compost heap or in your green bin. [more...]

Biopac Biodegradable Pint Tumblers CE 20oz / 568ml - From £9.99

The Biodegradable Pint Tumblers from Biopac are set to make a significant difference in the amount of landfill waste that is produced from catered events, as an environmentally responsible alternative to plastic. These tumblers are made from polylactic acid (PLA) making them fully compostable after use and are CE marked for use in licenced establishments. [more...]

Manhattan Classic Jukebox - From £5495

Jukeboxes have been part of American culture for nearly 100 years. This classic instrument of our recent history connotes romantic ideas of young teddy boys and glamorous girls with voluminous skirts. These classic jukeboxes allow you to take home part of that nostalgia and still enjoy the conveniences of the 21st century. [more...]

Broadway Melody Classic Jukebox - From £4999.99

Another beautifully made jukebox from the Classic Jukeboxes range. The Broadway Melody incorporates classic jukebox designs with technology of the 21st century. However, this one is much slimmer - saving you a surprising amount of space! [more...]

Gazelle Classic Jukebox - £5695

The Gazelle's striking art deco appearance is truly a work of art! These classic jukeboxes allow you to take home part of the nostalgia of the 1950's and still enjoy the conveniences of the 21st century. [more...]

Xi Classic Jukebox - £5799

Built to operate with an iPod, the Xi utilizes two iconic designs spanning decades, merged to produce the ultimate music delivery system! The Xi features an integrated LCD screen for that extra 'wow' factor, and you can also change its colour to suit a colour scheme or mood! [more...]

Sherwood Oak Dartboard Cabinet - £89.99

The Sherwood Oak Dartboard Cabinet offers a professional quality, hand crafted build to both professional and amateur players alike. Constructed from solid oak, this dartboard cabinet is made to the highest standards. [more...]

Coca Cola Mini Fridge - £144.99

Being one of the most featured soft-drinks in people's fridges, it was about time Coke had it's own bright red refrigerator to keep it cool! No normal mini fridge will do, this 'mini' fridge has a massive 49 litre capacity! [more...]

Domino Wine Glasses 8.8oz / 250ml - From £14.99

The Domino Wine Glasses feature a striking black stem. With a healthy choice of 3 volumes, the Domino Wine Glasses stand out from the crowd with their bold look. [more...]

Minden Beer Tankards 22oz / 630ml - From £24.99

To help you get a bit of friends time on the clock, this pack of 6 Beer Minden Tankards is perfectly packaged to aid you and your mates in your drinking adventures! Holding just over a pint, the Friends Time Beer Minden Tankards will help keep you entertained right through the night! [more...]

Ice Tongs - From £1.39

Wherever there is ice and slice you will always have need for some tongs! These classic hard wearing stainless steel tongs will last and last and will prove an indispensable tool for your home bar or whenever you decide to hold a party! [more...]

Photo Fuse Canvas Print Set - £9.99

Release those treasured photos locked away on your computer with the Photo Fuse Canvas Print Set. All you need is your ink-jet printer to help you create your own pieces of art to hang in your home! [more...]

Guinness Contemporary Pint Glasses Gift Box 20oz / 568ml - From £9.99

This set of 2 Contemporary Pint Glasses are the ultimate Guinness drinking vessel! With the classic gold harp on the front, and a no fuss white Guinness logo, you can enjoy the sight of a pint of Ireland's finest swirling around to settle beautifully. [more...]

Ice Bag Message Pro - From £5.49

Ideal for celebrations, the Ice Bag is the perfect affordable alternative to a chunky ice bucket. Simply fill it with ice, water and a bottle of your favourite tipple and you have the best tasting hand bag around! [more...]

ICED Acrylic Martini Glasses 10oz / 285ml - £11.99

There's no need to water-down your cocktails with ice anymore! The special liquid inside the ICED Martini Glasses is freezable meaning your drinks will be kept cooler for longer, and will retain their full-flavoured taste! [more...]

Budweiser Bottle Clock - £15.99

Made from a real glass beer bottle, the Budweiser Bottle Clock is made from recycled materials ensuring your conscience can relax a bit because you're helping to declutter the world. Simply hang this ingenious little clock on your wall as a badge of your eco-friendly ways, and to remind yourself when it's time to have another bottle of Bud! [more...]

Oscar II Cinema Seating - From £973.35

Oscar II Cinema Seating - new drinks cooler, optional mini refrigerator [more...]

Aspire Wine Bar - £349.99

If your wine collection doesn't last long enough to warrant a wine rack for storage, then the Aspire Wine Bar is the perfect unit to keep your favourite bottles at hand. With it's special hanging glass rack, this excellent wine bar is perfect for entertaining. [more...]

Guinness Mini Fridge 250th Anniversary Edition - £144.99

When settling down for an evening of football, or a film, its essential to have a stock of your favourite beverage at hand! If you're entertaining a few friends, its compulsory! What better drink to enjoy with friends than a nice cool Guinness. [more...]

Gin & Titonic Ice Tray - £7.99

Don't let your party go down with the ship, grab the Gin & Titonic Ice Tray for an amusing way to chill your drinks! This ice tray features moulds to freeze some mini ships and icebergs to decorate your cocktails! [more...]

VacuVin Flexible Wine Rack - £54.99

Emerging out of the design world and into your home, the VacuVin Flexible Wine Rack can be shaped to best suit your storage needs. With room for 6 holes, you decide how your bottles are displayed! [more...]

RakaStaka Can - From £6.99

To help maximise your fridge space, the RakaStaka Can is designed to stack your cans without fear of them falling all over your fruit and veg. With the RakaStaka you'll never have bruised plums again! [more...]

RakaStaka Wine - From £6.99

This compact and ridiculously affordable set of RakaStakas provides a simple way to store your bottles with a subtle, near invisible wine rack. No need for bulky expensive racks, the RakaStaka employs the magical world of physics to make your wine bottles stack with the greatest of ease. [more...]

Cocktail Napkins Black - From £5.99

Make sure your furniture stays clean when you have guests round. These classic black napkins are ideal for parties, barbecues or bars and will fit standard size bar caddies. These Swantex napkins are practical and look professional. [more...]

Flair Starter Set - White Edition with Mixology & Flair DVD - £56.4

To help you learn the tricks of the pros, the Flair Starter Set contains the basics you will need to get mixing and juggling like a professional. Impress your friends with a fantastic show, then wow them with a perfectly mixed cocktail! [more...]

Bar Starter Set - £42.99

Have you ever fancied running a pub? It can be difficult to know where to start - we decided that a Bar Starter Pack would give you a helping hand at getting your home bar equipped with the essentials! [more...]

Visor Bar Stool Cream - £499.99

Helping you ease in to your comfort zone, the Visor Bar Stool utilises an organic contemporary design and a luxury foam padded faux-leather seat to create the ideal seating point at your home bar or kitchen breakfast bar. [more...]

Flairco Bar Blade - From £6.99

The perfect tool to help get your flair skills up to scratch, the official Flairco Bar Blade is the only bottle opener you'll ever need! Designed to make bottle opening quick and smooth, the Bar Blade won't slow down your flair performances. [more...]

Small Bendy Straws Black - From £1.49

Your home bar, or even your kitchen can never be without straws! You never know when you might want to mix up a fancy cocktail, or simply have a glass of coke! [more...]

Flip Lid Stainless Steel Tapor Pourer - From £2.49

If you've always wondered how bartenders end up with a perfect pour without spilling a drop, then the chances are they are using a pourer such as the Flip Lid Stainless Steel Tapor Pourer. With a slow to medium speed pour, this is the American bartender's choice of pourer. [more...]

Spirit Measure Price Clips - £14.99

Ensure your spirit prices are displayed boldly with the help of the Spirit Measure Price Clips. Simply attach one of these mini chalk-boards to the neck of any spirit bottle and write your price per shot in chalk on the face. [more...]

Elia Thermal Egg Jug White 1ltr - From £21.99

With its interesting egg shape and attractive high gloss finish, the Elia Thermal Egg Jug is perfect for a contemporary table setting. Suitable for hotel breakfast service, office meetings or the home, this glass vacuum lined jug will keep beverages hot for up to 12 hours. [more...]

Swashbuckler Costume - £49.99

Pirates just aren't what they used to be, now they're sexy! The Swashbuckler Costume treats onlookers to a higher caliber of seafaring traveller in the form of this sultry ladies' fancy dress item. [more...]

Sheer Salt Shaker - £8.99

The totally new conceptual design of the Sheer crockery range offers an unprecedented opportunity to show true individualism in food service presentation. [more...]

Steelite Sheer White Coupe 12inch / 305mm - From £39.99

Serve up a unique dish with the Steelite Sheer White Coupe. Featuring a stylish sloped design, this contemporary coupe plate is ideal for presenting main courses or desserts. Made from durable ceramic, this plate is suitable for use in restaurants, hotels and cafes. [more...]

Steelite Sheer Bowls - From £21.99

The totally new conceptual design of the Sheer crockery range offers an unprecedented opportunity to show true individualism in food service presentation. This unusual set of bowls features a very slanted rim that helps to enhance any food presentation. [more...]

Chrome Cafetiere 3 Cup - From £10.99

This Chrome Cafetiere is surely the most stylish way to wake yourself up in the morning! Just brew yourself up some lovely caffeine in one of these professional quality coffee pots, and you will start the day in the right way! [more...]

Royal Genware Bowl Cups & Saucers 14oz / 400ml - £26.99

Genware are one of the finest names in the world of porcelain, so it's no surprise that these classic Bowl Cups & Saucers are the first choice as a coffee vessel every day. [more...]

Royal Genware Stacking Cups & Saucers 7oz / 200ml - £17.99

With a morning cup of coffee being such an important part of your daily routine, it is essential that you choose the correct piece of crockery to help you into the land of the lucid! The Stacking Cups feature an elegant and timeless design that complements any existing table setting. [more...]

Royal Genware Espresso Cups and Saucers 3oz / 90ml - £15.99

Royal Genware Espresso Cups & Saucers feature a pure white porcelain which offers an extremely elegant and timeless design to compliment existing table-service equipment and table settings. [more...]

Royal Genware Latte Mugs 12oz / 340ml - £17.99

It always helps if you've got a favourite mug to gulp down your morning dose of caffeine, and the Royal Genware Latte Mugs are a strong contender to becoming your new favourite friend! With high impact resistance, these cups are of the highest build quality. [more...]

Jazz Time Honey Costume - £39.99

Take a trip back to the roaring twenties with this black and gold layered dress. You can add some glamour to any 1920s or jazz themed fancy dress party, while pretending to be Joan Crawford for the evening. [more...]

Fireman Costume - £49.99

It's no secret that women love firemen! No matter where they come from and what they look like, they are sure to make the women flock! Perhaps it's the heroic nature of the job, or perhaps it's the uniform - why not give the latter a go with this Fireman fancy dress costume! [more...]

Fuzzy Duck Extreme Drinking Game - £9.99

Go quackers with this drinking game. Great for parties and testing your sobriety. Make sure you don't slip up...or you'll find yourself with a feathery forfeit! [more...]

Elia Miravell Coffee Mugs - £29.99

The simple, yet graceful design makes the Miravell Coffee Mugs ideal for any occasion from early mornings, to important meetings, to cosy bedtime drinks. Fully vitrified, microwave and dishwasher safe, these high quality mugs are practical as well as stylish! [more...]

DO Chopa Ice Crusher - £34.99

One of the most essential tools that you can have on your bar top is an ice crusher, and they don't come any better than the Chopa Ice Crusher. With a sleek white acrylic construction, the Chopa from the DO range sets itself apart from the usual stainless steel world of barware. [more...]

Beer Pong Set - £9.99

Woop! Yeah! Woo! These are the sort of noises you will usually hear coming from an American 'frat house' stacked to the rafters with students and alcohol! The latest craze among hard-drinking fun-seeking Americans, Beer Pong is so easy to play, and is probably the only game that you will want to lose! [more...]

Tomato Sauce Dispenser - £3.49

It's time to get saucy at the dinner table with the Tomato Sauce Dispenser! This novelty piece of tableware is the ideal vessel to serve up the country's favourite condiment, tomato ketchup! [more...]

Mr Frothy Drinks Frother - £5.5

Whip up a storm in the morning with your very own personal cappuccino frother! Mr. Frothy, the mini kitchen friend, has a cleverly installed mini whisk on top of his head that is the perfect tool for creating a frothy head on your daily caffeine fix, milk, or hot chocolate! [more...]

Microwave Heated Ice Cream Scoop - £3.99

We've all struggled with a tough tub of frozen ice cream at some point, perhaps some of us more often than we should! Simply place this ice cream scoop in the microwave for 30 seconds and the tip heats up while the handle stays cool, allowing you to easily scoop out some sweet dairy goodness! [more...]

Kitchen Craft Citrus Zester - £4.99

The stainless steel Citrus Zester from Kitchen Craft is the ideal tool for topping off your cocktails with some extra pizazz. The added canelle blade means you can carve the slightly larger strips of fruit to really show off your bartending skills. [more...]

Acrylic Ice Cubes - From £24.99

If you have products to display, such as ice buckets, wine coolers or ice crushers, real ice is not a practical solution. The Acrylic Ice Cubes can be put to a variety of uses for displaying products or food. They have the look of real ice and each cubes is uniquely sized and shaped into medium shaped cubes. [more...]

Black Acrylic Drinks Pail - £21.99

The Black Acrylic Drinks Pail features curved sides in an organic shape that allows you to display your chilled beverages. Make sure you show off your precious bottles of wine when you're hosting a posh dinner party! [more...]

Bar Craft Acrylic Cocktail Shaker - £7.99

In the world of cocktail mixing, there are so many exotic mixtures to concoct that it can be difficult to know where to start! The Recipe Cocktail Shaker features 6 classic drinks and their measures around the outside ready for you to start mixing immediately! [more...]

VacuVin Party People Glass Markers - £3.99

It can be so difficult to keep track of your drink at a party - if you put it down for a second, someone will likely walk away with it, not realising they've picked up the wrong glass. The simple solution comes in the form of 12 colourful little friends, the Party People! [more...]

VacuVin Champagne Saver - £7.99

To help keep your champagne tasting better for longer, the Champagne Saver from the VacuVin range simply slots on to the spout of your champagne bottle and works as both a pourer and a bottle stopper. The Champagne Saver slows down the oxidation process ensuring your bubbly is kept bubbly for longer! [more...]

VacuVin Pineapple Slicer - £8.99

The easy to use corkscrew action of the Pineapple Slicer from VacuVin makes it a doddle to serve up some slices of nice juicy pineapple! Simply removing the fruit from the skin, the Pineapple Slicer creates a tasty pineapple spiral for you to enjoy! [more...]

Vino Nobile Sensis Plus Wine Glasses 13.7oz / 390ml - £29.99

Any normal wine glass just won't do - now a new technology in the world of glass making has arrived in the form of Sensis Plus Glass. When wine is poured into one of the Vino Nobile Sensis Plus Wine Glasses, the aeration process will occur in a mere 2 to 4 minutes, cutting out the need for the usual 1 to 2 hour decanting process. [more...]

Port Sipper Set with Four Sippers - £29.99

To help you on the way to becoming a port connoisseur, the luxury Porto Decanter Set is the perfect kit to enjoy the sweet taste of the fortified wine with some friends and savour the flavours. The set consists of a fine glass decanter with 4 branches, each of which holds a special port sipper glass. [more...]

Irish Coffee Glasses 10.2oz / 290ml - From £11.99

With a broad foot and large capacity, this set of Irish Coffee Glasses can hold enough of your special brew to keep you warm through the night! [more...]

Stainless Steel Muddler - From £9.99

No ingredient will be left un-muddled when you present this beautifully ergonomically designed bar tool! The Stainless Steel Muddler is ideal for garnishes that need a bit of extra force - the steel construction ensure this muddler will last through any difficult crushing task! [more...]

French Cocktail Shaker - From £14.99

The French Cocktail Shaker from [email protected] gives you the chance to mix up 20oz of your favourite cocktail mixture in style! Beware of adding this sleek shaker to your bar; no matter which drink you mix, it will never live up to the impressive sight of the French Cocktail Shaker! [more...]

Bar Caddy Angular - £9.99

This black acrylic Bar Caddy is the perfect way to keep your essential cocktail accessories together for easy access. The central reservation can hold approximately 100 standard cocktail napkins, and there are 2 side compartments for storing your stirrers, straws, umbrellas, and whatever else you can squeeze in! [more...]

Stainless Steel Bar Caddy - £17.99

Provide a service to your patrons by serving up some napkins and other cocktail accessories in this stylish bar caddy! With a brushed stainless steel finish, this caddy looks great sat on a home bar, or even in a trendy night club! [more...]

Twist Peeler Bar Knife - £2.99

The Twist Peeler Bar Knife features multiple uses in one blade, making it an extremely useful piece of barware to keep at hand. Turn your garnishes into attractive displays with the additional zester and twist peeler, as well as the standard cutting blade. [more...]

Conical Cocktail Sieve - £2.1

If you're the kind of person that gets fussy over bits in your drink, then you're going to need to start fine tuning with the Conical Cocktail Sieve! Any unwanted bits will get caught in this useful piece of cocktail equipment so you can enjoy cocktails as smooth as a milk! [more...]

Rosendahl Grand Cru Water Carafe & Tumblers (28.2oz / 800ml) - £31.99

Ideal for placement within any elegant dinner service, this Water Carafe and Tumblers set from the Rosendahl Grand Cru range is an aesthetically pleasing glassware combo that evokes the feel of a swanky dinner party, even if you've only got a takeaway! [more...]

LSA Bar Lager Glasses 14oz / 400ml - From £39.99

Each Bar Range Lager Glass is carefully hand made using classic glass blowing techniques, so you can ensure that your beers and lagers are being served in only the finest vessel! The perfect glass for more refined beer drinkers. [more...]

LSA Jazz Champagne Flutes 8.8oz / 250ml - From £49.99

Jazz up your celebrations with the Jazz Champagne Flutes! These handmade glasses feature a unique hand applied detailing of varying black patterns. Any champagne fuelled toast will be given that extra kick with the addition of these designer glasses. [more...]

LSA Malika Highball Glasses 15.8oz / 450ml - From £39.99

The Malika Hi-Ball is a beautiful alternative to the everyday Hi-Ball and features a much more generous capacity of 450ml. It is perfect for those special occasions and is sure to be a talking point with its amazingly creative design. [more...]

LSA Malika Wine Goblets 12.3oz / 350ml - From £43.99

The Malika range of glassware is recognisable by its hand-applied trail spiralling around the bowl of the glass, and is enhanced by the superior handmade construction common to all pieces in the LSA family of glasses. [more...]

LSA Wine Collection Champagne Saucers 10.5oz / 300ml - From £42.99

The Champagne Saucers from the 'Wine' range of glassware continues the hand made tradition found in all LSA glasses. The time and attention put into each glass is evident in the fragile nature of each of these wide mouthed champagne glass. [more...]

Guinness Label Rubber Bar Mat - £16.99

Keep your bar surfaces free from sticky Guinness drips with the Guinness Label Rubber Bar Mat! Made from PVC rubber, just place this mat on your bar top and it will helpfully protect your nice wood veneers and collect any stray drips for easy cleaning. [more...]

Guinness Toucan Mirror - £19.99

That poor Guinness Toucan has been balancing a pint on the end of his beak for about 70 years now, it's about time you gave him a home, and relieved the burden! This official Guinness bar mirror depicts the iconic Guinness Toucan advert, and looks great hung behind your home bar! [more...]

Grolsch Beer Bottle Tumblers 12.3oz / 350ml - £11.99

Go green with the Beer Bottle Tumblers! These clever drinking glasses are made from 100% recycled beer bottles, ensuring you're doing your bit to help the environment, while also getting the finest sturdy glassware from original Grolsch bottles! [more...]

Hammered Effect Wine Cooler - £13.99

The excellent double-walled construction of the Hammered Effect Wine Cooler ensures that the cool temperatures inside are retained for longer, meaning your bottle of wine will last just as long as you can! Get your white wine to the right temperature to enjoy it at its fullest! [more...]

Hammered Effect Champagne Bucket - £14.99

Serving warm champagne at a party just isn't an option, so you've got to find an ideal way to chill your bottle of bubbly with a bit of visual flair. The Hammered Effect Champagne Bucket features a unique rustic look, and can hold plenty of ice to cool your champagne bottle. [more...]

Hammered Effect Cocktail Shaker - £9.99

It's no good mixing up a cocktail treat if you're not going to do it properly! The Hammered Effect Cocktail Shaker boasts a generous 500ml capacity, and, as the name suggests, features a stylish hammered surface to give it a unique look. [more...]

Black Cocktail Shaker - £9.99

No matter if you have a large home bar, a small drinks cabinet, or if you work behind a bar for a living, one essential piece of bar equipment is the classic cocktail shaker. If you don't have a cocktail shaker, how are you going to mix drinks? It's not very impressive to try and mix up your ingredients by hand with a small stirrer. [more...]

Carling Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml - From £11.99

Being the country's number one selling lager, Carling is the obvious choice for a night in with your mates. Of course, drinking at home is never a substitute for going down the pub, so this set of Carling Pint Glasses is perfect to help you achieve a pub feel in your own home! [more...]

Kronenbourg Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml - From £11.99

Imagine being served a pint of Kronenbourg in a standard pint glass; you'd feel cheated! These branded pint glasses are the answer! They feature the Kronenbourg 1664 logo accompanied by a band around the top and '1664' embossed around the base. [more...]

Double Walled Ice Bucket - £24.99

With a large 1 litre capacity, the Double Walled Ice Bucket has plenty of room for ice to compliment any drink! Keep this handy bar accessory at hand and you won't be running back and forth to the freezer every few minutes! [more...]

Champagne Bucket On Stand - £99.99

This highly polished stainless steel plinth features a removable champagne bucket on top that proudly holds your bottle of bubbly. Perfect for dinner parties, the Champagne Bucket On Stand is an ideal table-top height for placement next to your dinner table for a birthday celebration. [more...]

Girls' Night Cocktail Shaker & Muddler - £17.95

Although the world of flair bartending tends to be dominated by men, it's the ladies who enjoy drinking a nice mixer! The Girls' Night Cocktail Shaker & Muddler is a great little set that gives a brightly coloured twist to the usual cold grey world of stainless steel cocktail shakers! [more...]

Roll 'n' Pour Jigger Measure 25ml - £4.99

Place the Roll 'n' Pour Jigger over the mouth of your glass with the arms over either side. Then, just fill it up to the brim and turn the arms to tip the bowl over; pouring the contents into the glass! Et Voila; an easy and convenient way to get an exact measure of your favourite spirit! [more...]

Orbit Ice Crusher - £49.99

Launch your cocktails into the final frontier with the Orbit Ice Crusher! Easy to use, all you have to do is put your ice cubes in the top and turn the handle for instant crushed ice ideal for adding to your cocktails or for fun iced juice drinks! [more...]

Superior Sensis Plus Wine Glasses 21.1oz / 600ml - £39.99

The traditional technique of decanting wine helps to aerate the drink and release the hidden aromas and flavours that are lost when poured straight into a glass. The new technology in the manufacture of the Superior Sensis Plus Wine Glass quickens this process allowing you to enjoy the full flavour of your wine sooner. [more...]

Sensation Wine Glasses 13.4oz / 380ml - From £44.99

Fluid and trendy lines define this range of stemmed glasses designed with an extra fine rim, for optimum drinking pleasure. Perfect for accompanying a swanky dinner party, the Sensation certainly lives up to it's name! [more...]

NexGen™ Poker Chips: PRO Classic - £5.99

To get the real feel of Las Vegas style poker chips in your own home, the NexGen™ PRO Classic chips are the easy choice. Utilising a unique manufacture process, the NexGen poker chips feature vibrant colours and an edge spot design that looks great on your home poker table! [more...]

Blizzard BAR-1 Bottle Cooler Black - £459.99

The quiet running of the BAR-1 by Blizzard makes it an ideal professional quality bottle cooler for inclusion in the home, as well as in a commercial environment. With maximum efficiency and a large 130 bottle capacity, the BAR-1 is an ideal bottle cooler for those who need a constant supply of chilled drinks! [more...]

Elia Slimline Thermal Jug SCV 1ltr - From £47.99

This Elia Slimline Thermal Jug offers superb thermal efficiency and comes with an easy pour press down stopper - simply press down on the lever with your thumb to open the top for pouring and release again to seal the jug. [more...]

Elia Capsule Jug CJN Chrome 1ltr - From £39.99

Designed by Nick Holland, these futuristic styled beverage jugs are manufactured to an exacting high specification. Incorporating a tough, scratch-resistant chrome-plated finish on a strong metal body. Featuring a press open/close lever to facilitate a smooth accurate pouring flow. [more...]

Elia Shatterproof Vacuum Jug CJV Coffee 1.9ltr - From £39.99

The Elia Shatterproof Vacuum Jug is clearly labelled 'coffee' to avoid confusion. This 1.9 litre jug is finished with an 18/8 stainless steel body and an easy pour press down stopper. This jug is ideal for use in various situations, and keeps beverages hot for up to 12 hours. [more...]

Elia Deluxe Shatterproof Thermal Jug JFD 1ltr - From £49.99

The Elia Deluxe Shatterproof Thermal Jug offers a stylish and practical design, with an easy-open lever-style lid and elegant spout. It's ideal for table service of tea, coffee and other beverages, with its double-wall vacuum keeping beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours. [more...]

Elia Deluxe Infuser Jug JFR 1ltr - From £49.99

This Deluxe jug features a double-wall design for superior heat retention, and includes an easily detachable tea infuser. With a tall and elegant satin stainless steel finish the JFR Infuser Jug adds to a beautiful table service. [more...]

Elegance Coupe Champagne Glasses 5.6oz / 160ml - From £29.99

When you're throwing a party or special event, you want unique but sophisticated glasses. These saucer Elegance Coupe Champagne glasses provide an alternative to the traditional flute glass. [more...]

Bottle Top Bar Stool Silver - £49.99

When kitting out your home bar, you've got to choose the right furniture to make sure your pad is where everyone wants to end up after a night out! To keep with the bar theme, the Bottle Top Bar Stool presents itself as the obvious choice for comfortably placing your posterior! [more...]

Ludico Tilted Old Fashioned Tumblers 10oz / 300ml - From £11.99

If you've ever had that sinking feeling, then you'll feel sympathy for the Ludico Old Fashioned Tumblers that appear to be tumbling into the ground! The unique tilted design of these drinking glasses may look unusual, but they make an excellent table service accompaniment to add a bit of style! [more...]

Ludico Tilted Shot Glasses 2.1oz / 60ml - From £6.99

It's claimed that the Ludico Shot Glasses take their inspiration from the leaning Tower of Pisa, but those of you familiar with the world of shots will understand the tilted feeling you get after a few too many! These unique glasses make an excellent display piece whatever their contents. [more...]

Octime Shot Glasses 60ml / 2oz - From £3.99

These unique looking glasses feature an octagonal body, giving them a look that is unrivalled by other standard shot glasses. The Hiball construction lends a superior quality to the Octime Shot Glasses, allowing them to stand tall above all other shot ranges. [more...]

Fiesta Frosted Margarita Glasses 9oz / 270ml - From £29.99

If you fancy a nice chilled margarita, then what better glass to complement it than the suitably cool Fiesta Frosted Margarita Glass? Removing the stem from the traditional margarita glass, the Fiesta lets you get closer to your juicy cocktail, and the frosted exterior helps add some visual flair! [more...]

Fiesta Frosted Martini Glasses 10.6oz / 300ml - From £34.99

The classic martini glass has been redesigned in a neat little tumbler-style package in the form of the Fiesta Frosted Martini Glasses. Suitable for cocktails and even ice cream sundaes, the Fiesta's frosted exterior provides excellent food and drink display opportunities! [more...]

Linz Beer Glasses 23oz / 650ml - From £14.99

Whether you'd consider yourself an amateur beer lover, or a connoisseur of the world of alcoholic beverages, the Linz Beer Glass allows beer fans of all qualifications to enjoy an over-sized amount of their favourite drink in one glass! [more...]

Plastic Cake Dome - 30cm - From £5.99

Display cakes and other baked good with peace of mind that they will be kept fresh and clear of dirt. The Plastic Cake Dome is made from a high impact styrene which means it is sure to last. [more...]

Casablanca Pink Neon Shot Glasses 1.2oz / 35ml - £13.99

The Casablanca Pink Neon Shot Glasses stand out from the crowd, allowing you to instantly spot your glass and more importantly, refill it! The luminous coloured pink base glows under UV light, perfect for use in clubs or your own private party at home. [more...]

Casablanca Yellow Neon Shot Glasses 1.2oz / 35ml - £11.99

When it's time to bring the shots out, you need a glass that can handle slammers better than you can. The thick base of the Casablanca Yellow Neon Shot Glasses makes these ideal for 35ml shots of your favourite poison. [more...]

Cabernet Ballon Wine Glasses 12.3oz / 350ml - From £19.99

The large bowl of the Cabernet Ballon Wine Glass makes it perfect for tasting aromatic red wines. Made from Kwarx Advanced Material, the Cabernet Ballon Wine Glasses maintain their original sparkle even after 2000 professional washes, and the high resistant glass is able to withstand more knocks than standard glassware. [more...]

Blizzard BAR-2 Bottle Cooler Black - £599.99

Ensure perfectly chilled drinks every time with the Blizzard BAR-2 Bottle Cooler. This cooler features a stylish black finish, ideal for contemporary bars, restaurants and cafes. With an efficient design which includes self-closing doors and fan assisted cooling, this cooler achieves cold temperatures at a minimum running cost. [more...]

Wine Glass Plate Clips - From £2.99

Perfect for parties, this pack of 4 Wine Glass Plate Clips, also known as Buffet Maid Clips, makes mingling easier by providing you with a free hand to meet and greet! Simply clip one of these on to the side of a plate and your piece of stemware can comfortably sit alongside your plate so you don't have to hold it! [more...]

Guinness Wetstop Bar Runner - £24.99

There's nothing like sipping on a pint of the black stuff to wind down the day, but pouring and serving the perfect pint with just the right amount of head can be messy work. Ensure you protect your bar surface with this Guinness Wetstop Bar Runner. [more...]

Club Martini Glasses 5.3oz / 150ml - From £29.99

Drinking a martini requires a certain level of sophistication that can easily be achieved with a few swish accessories, and the Club Martini Glasses are the ideal piece of cocktail glassware to bring your social drinking habits up a notch. [more...]

Rocking Whiskey Glasses 7oz / 200ml - From £19.99

These whiskey glasses feature a slight point on the base that allows the bowl to swirl around, helping to release the aromas and flavours of your whisky. A novel addition to any home bar, the Rocking Whiskey Glasses are a unique piece for a dinner party. [more...]

Elia Orientix Deep Plates 190mm - £21.99

The Oriental design of the Elia Orientix Deep Plates makes for an elegant and sophisticated finish. Ideal for use in restaurants and hotels, these bone china plates feature a soft white glaze finish. [more...]

Elia Orientix Oval Plates 230mm - From £8.49

Perfect for fine dining in restaurants and hotels, the Elia Orientix Oval Plates have an Oriental influence. Finished with a soft white glaze, these plates are suitable for domestic or commercial use. [more...]

Elia Orientix Coupe Dishes 75mm - £21.99

The Elia Orientix Coupe Dishes offer a simple and elegant design, ideal for use in restaurants and hotels. Made from bone china with a soft white glaze finish for commercial usage. [more...]

Elia Orientix Dewdrop Plates 200mm - £74.99

The simple and elegant design of the Elia Orientix Dewdrop Plates makes these ideal for fine dining in restaurants. Made from high quality and durable bone china with a soft white glaze finish. [more...]

Midnight Plastic Wine Glass 13oz / 370ml - From £2.49

It's time to party like it's 1999! Well, ok that was a few years ago now, but that's no reason to sit down like a grumpy old so and so! The Midnight Plastic Wine Glasses sparkle away into the night, ready to keep you going past the midnight hour! [more...]

Midnight Plastic Champagne Flutes 6.4oz / 180ml - From £2.49

Crack open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate into the small hours with the Midnight Plastic Champagne Flutes! Decorated with glitter and stars, and finished with a gold stem and base, these reusable plastic glasses are ideal for any party! [more...]

Elia Orientix Square Plates 130mm - £39.99

This simplistic design of distinct Oriental influence offers a comprehensive selection of pieces for optimum tabletop creativity. The soft white tone of the glaze adds a subtle sophistication for fine dining establishments and domestic use. [more...]

Elia Orientix Oblong Platter - £76.99

This simplistic design of distinct Oriental influence offers a comprehensive selection of pieces for optimum tabletop creativity. The soft white tone of the glaze adds a subtle sophistication for fine dining establishments and domestic use. [more...]

Elia Orientix Tempura Plates 190mm - £71.99

The uniquely shaped Elia Orientix Tempura Plates take their design influence from the Orient. Ideal for fine dining, these restaurant quality plates are made from durable bone china. [more...]

Ice Blue Party Cocktail Shaker - £9.99

The Ice Blue Party Cocktail Shaker is filled with plenty of goodies to help you get your party started with a few drink related creations! Printed around the outside of the shaker are some suitably chilled cocktail recipes for you to impress your party guests with! [more...]

ClearWater Chlorine Granules - From £9.99

ClearWater stabilised chlorine granules are designed for disinfection of pools & spas. [more...]

Lay Z Spa Filters Size II by Bestway - From £5.99

The ClearWater Filters ensure essential water cleanliness thus keeping a constant level of comfort in your pool or spa. [more...]

Wall Mounted 4 Bottle Measure Bracket - From £14.99

This Wall Mounted Measure Bracket is ideal for any home bar, kitchen or games room. Holding up to four bottles of your favourite spirits, they can be easily dispensed using measures. [more...]

Disposable Wine Tumblers 6.3oz / 180ml - From £2.99

Ideal for parties, when breakages are a likelihood, the disposable wine glasses are an essential addition to any soiree where alcohol is a main feature. At the end of the night, when it's time to tidy up, you can simply dispose of these plastic wine tumblers. [more...]

Classique Glass Jugs 45.75oz / 1.3ltr - From £9.99

The Classique Jug has a sleek body and narrow spout and is a staple piece from the leading manufacturer 'Arcoroc'. The narrow spout allows for precision pouring and is perfect for almost every occasion. [more...]

Grands Cepages White Wine Glasses 16.5oz / 470ml - From £24.99

With a generously large bowl, the Grand Cépages white wine glasses allow you to enjoy your favourite wine in the style of a true connoisseur. The professional manufacture of these glasses gives them an extremely thin finish, allowing a lighter touch to the lips for an improved tasting experience. [more...]

Biodegradable Bendy Straws - £2.99

To help you keep on the green path of eco-friendliness, these Biodegradable Bendy Straws do exactly as the name suggests and will degrade within a few months of use. The funky green colour reminds you of how you're helping the environment, and it looks really cool in a cocktail! [more...]

Clarity Reusable Half Pint Tumblers CE 10oz / 285ml - From £2.99

Styled in the classic conical tumbler shape, the Clarity Reusable Half Pint Tumblers are great for commercial use at events, as well as everyday domestic use. No need to worry about breakages, these polystyrene plastic tumblers can be dropped without fear of smashing! [more...]

Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Divided Plates - From £12.99

These Divided Plates from Biopac are the perfect solution to an eco-friendly disposable. Made from sugarcane fibre these plates are 100% biodegradable, meaning you can cater for a buffet or party the green way! [more...]

Bar Ice Pick - £5.99

Break the ice the old fashioned way with this Bar Ice Pick. Perfect for making smaller or crushed ice cubes for long drinks, cocktails and soft drinks. [more...]

Esperienze Champagne Flutes 10.6oz / 300ml - From £41.99

This handmade piece of designer stemware is the ideal way to experience your favourite bottle of bubbly. Perfect for tasting, the Esperienze Champagne Flute features a unique rippled bowl that aids oxygenation, and a fine rim that is ideal for tasting. [more...]

Veronese Oval Base Old Fashioned Tumblers 12oz / 340ml - From £29.99

Adding a touch of uniqueness to your dinner service, the Veronese Old Fashioned Tumblers feature a usual round mouth, but taper off into an oval base. Your dinner guests will think their eyes are playing tricks on them with the illusionary Veronese Tumblers! [more...]

Palm Tree Honeycomb Picks - £1.99

These Palm Tree Honeycomb Picks are ideal for barbeques and tropical themed parties, whether you choose to add them to buffet food or to decorate cocktails. [more...]

Del Sol Parasol Straws - From £1.49

Bring that holiday sunshine feeling to your cocktail with these parasol drinking straws. They will keep your drink looking and feeling cool. With a variety of assorted colours to choose from, you can add two to each drink without forgetting whose straw is whose! [more...]

Tiki Island Flower Straws - £1.49

Add a dash of colour to your drink with the tropical Tiki Island straws. The clear straight straws are topped with a silk and plastic flower in different colours. Ideal for long drinks at summer or themed parties and barbecues; they are the perfect decoration for that summer holiday feeling. [more...]

Claudio Hiball Tumblers 12.7oz / 360ml - £21.99

The unrivalled elegant aesthetic of the Claudio Hiball Tumblers, combined with their crystal glass manufacturing techniques makes them the ideal choice for any suave dinner party. Great for serving juice, soft drinks, cocktails and water, the Claudio Hiballs make an excellent table service accompaniment. [more...]

Alternato Wine Glasses 14.4oz / 410ml - £26.99

With its unique thick stem design, the Alternato breathes new life into the world of wine glasses by providing an alternative to the usual tall stemware designs so common in wine glasses. With a round bowl ideal for red wine, the Alternato can also be used for whites, rosé, and makes a great display glass for a cocktail! [more...]

Original Disco Shot Glasses 1.75oz / 50ml - From £9.99

You always know that your party has reached its peak when you bring out the Disco Shot Glasses! With a healthy double-sized capacity, these glasses are perfect for swigging a hit of your favourite spirit, and also make an ideal aperitif glass. [more...]

Original Disco Old Fashioned Tumblers 10.2oz / 290ml - £12.99

No matter what drinks you decide to serve, you can't have a party without a Disco! The Original Disco Old Fashioned Tumblers are the ideal versatile glasses that present themselves with an air of grace. Frozen inside the heavyweight base is a single bubble, adding a unique touch to any drink you serve! [more...]

Artico Hiball Tumblers 12oz / 340ml - £12.95

When choosing day-to-day glassware, you have to be sure that it will last through plenty of use. The heavyweight Artico Hiball Tumblers boast a robust build with thermal shock resistance, which make them the first choice for any glassware cabinet! [more...]

Prague Half Pint Beer Glasses 13.4oz / 380ml - £14.99

Bring a little piece of the pub lifestyle home with you with the Prague Beer Glasses! Enhancing the standard pub glasses, the Prague Beer Glasses feature a sleek tulip shape, making them ideal for showing off to your friends at parties! [more...]

Tokyo Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml - £29.99

If you consider yourself a true beer connoisseur, then you will understand the importance of your pint glass. The tall and elegant Tokyo Pint Glass is the ideal companion to an evening of refined beer drinking with your chums. [more...]

Trigger Beer Mugs 12oz / 340ml - From £14.99

Manufactured in the classic traditional beer tankard design, the Trigger Beer Mugs hold just over half a pint of your favourite beverage, making them an ideal choice to accompany a quiet night in with your mates, or a heated night watching the footy! [more...]

Z-Stem Champagne Flutes 6oz / 170ml - From £19.99

Adding a kink of style into your celebrations, the Z-Stem Champagne Flute lives up to its name with sharp curves in its stem. Certain to be a talking point, this unique champagne flute is ideal for any sort of celebration where champagne is a must! [more...]

Royal Champagne Flutes 5.5oz / 160ml - £28.99

With a name like Royal, you wouldn't expect anything less than perfection, and these elegant champagne flutes certainly live up to their title! The royal design of the Royal Flutes makes them ideal for use in any celebration that calls for a spot of bubbly! [more...]

Cactus Margarita Glasses 14oz / 400ml - From £39.99

The quintessential Mexican cocktail gets its very own personalized piece of glassware to compliment the tequila-based worldwide favourite! The stem of this novelty Margarita Glass is shaped like a green cactus, bringing you as close to Mexico as you can get without leaving your home! [more...]

Z-Stem Margarita Glasses 12oz / 340ml - From £17.99

Adding an extra twist to your cocktail creations, the Z-Stem Margarita Glass features a 'Z' shaped kink in the stem. Now your margaritas are instantly turned into a visual treat before you've even put the cocktail umbrella in the top! [more...]

Electro Cocktail Glasses 8.5oz / 240ml - £28.99

The unique Electro Cocktail Glass presents itself with a striking look that immediately adds to the image of your cocktail before you've even poured it out! With a short ribbed stem, the tense Electro looks like it's ready to spring into action at any moment! [more...]

Cancun Cocktail Glasses 8.5oz / 240ml - £19.99

These glasses from Durobor are perfect for cocktails, whether you're serving at a party or a bar. They have been reinforced around the rim, making this one of the strongest cocktail glasses around. [more...]

Bravura Martini Glasses 7oz / 200ml - From £26.99

The cheeky uniqueness of the Bravura Martini Glass is immediately evident, with its curved stem standing out from the crowd of straight stemware. An ideal party talking point, the Bravura Glasses are ideal for visually appealing cocktail creations! [more...]

Z-Stem Pina Colada Glasses 13.4oz / 380ml - From £17.99

Relive your Caribbean holiday (only without the sun) by mixing yourself a nice juicy Pina Colada in one of our Z-Stem Glasses! The kinked stem of these glasses gives them a unique appearance that helps to add to the florid nature of a decorated cocktail. [more...]

Napoli Grande Cocktail Glasses 15.5oz / 440ml - From £29.99

They may have a foreign name, but the word 'Grande' doesn't need translating. Big by name, big by nature, the Napoli Grande Cocktail Glasses are exactly what you need if a giant cocktail is called for after a busy day! [more...]

Rocky Aperitivo Glasses 4.6oz / 130ml - £17.99

If you enjoy a quick beverage before a meal, then the Rocky Aperitivo Glasses are the ideal vessel to help awaken your taste buds! These large heavyweight tumblers are ideal for serving up aperitifs at dinner parties. [more...]

Ruby Red Champagne Flutes 7oz / 200ml - From £33.99

This striking, elegant design is guaranteed to make heads turn. Ideal for parties, weddings or just a quiet toast, make sure these glasses are at the ready when the corks start popping. [more...]

Deliss Sundae Dish 9.5oz / 270ml - From £7.99

Looking like it's come straight out of a real Italian Gelateri, the Deliss Sundae Dish is a classic ice cream bowl that allows you to get creative when serving up ice cream to a party of guests... or you can hog all the ice cream with your own private Deliss Sundae Dish! [more...]

Bubble Sundae Dish 4.5oz / 130ml - From £6.99

You certainly wouldn't serve breakfast in the Bubble, and it's not made for apple pie, the Bubble is solely designed for some lovely sweet ice cream! With a retro 1960s feel to it, the Bubble is ideal for creating some designer ice cream arrangements, ready to be demolished for dessert! [more...]

Powder Horn Sundae Dish 10oz / 280ml - From £6.99

The unusual tall shape of the Powder Horn Sundae Dish makes it ideal for accompanying a wild Knickerbocker Glory ice cream! There's no use filling this dish with vanilla ice cream, it deserves the wildest taste creation you can think of! [more...]

Ice Appliance Ice Maker - £149.99

The portable design of the Ice Appliance Ice Maker makes it the ideal solution for parties, where ice is a necessity for drinks and champagne buckets. Simply fill up this little beauty with water and in 10 minutes you will have some ice cubes to offer to your party guests! [more...]

Ceramic Blind Button Pack - £5.99

Get your game of Texas Hold 'Em into full swing with this essential pack of blind buttons! Printed with bold colours on real ceramic chips, this set of 3 buttons is the ideal addition to your poker chip set - now you've got no excuse not to host your own poker nights! [more...]

Hurricane Cocktail Glasses 8.8oz / 250ml - From £19.99

Designed with the intention of aiding the visual flair of frozen cocktails, the Hurricane glass features elegant curves ending in a wide mouth. The short stem gives extra stability, allowing you to go over the top and create an extrovert example of cocktail flair! [more...]

LSA Coro Berry Wine Glasses 14oz / 400ml - From £24.99

These Berry Wine Glasses from the Coro range help to breathe a dose of bright summery atmosphere into any situation! The base of each glass is coloured with a specially chosen, warm, fruity hue that helps to accentuate your favourite wine! [more...]

LSA Coro Lagoon Wine Glasses 14oz / 400ml - From £24.99

The cool vibrant hues of the Lagoon Wine Glasses gives a stark contrast to your fruity tipple, and helps to make your party a little bit more colourful! Each base of these delicate stem glasses has been hand-painted with a specially selected shade of blue to complement any wine. [more...]

LSA Coro Leaf Wine Glasses 14oz / 400ml - From £29.99

The Autumnal colours of the Coro Leaf Wine Glasses are the perfect accompaniment to a suitably fruity wine. Symbolising the time of year when harvests are brought in, and fruit is at its ripest, each base of the Leaf Wine Glasses is hand-painted with a different shade of green. [more...]

LSA Coro Gold Wine Glasses 14oz / 400ml - From £29.99

Ideal for a dinner party, where it's important to show off your wares, these Gold Wine Glasses from the Coro range shine away like a beacon with their hand-painted gold bases. Perfect when placed against a white table service, these stunning glasses are the ideal choice when hosting a wine party. [more...]

LSA Coro Platinum Wine Glasses 14oz / 400ml - From £29.99

The Platinum collection from the Coro range of LSA wine glasses feature a hand-painted base in a striking shade that shines a light onto any occasion. The rounded bowl makes these glasses ideal for swirling your tipple to help release the aromas and flavours hidden within. [more...]

Dog Bone Bar Blade - £5.99

Whenever you're serving drinks, whether it's to guests in your home or punters in your bar, make sure you always have your most important tool to hand - the Dog Bone Bottle Opener. No barman is complete without their most trusty possession and this classic Dog Bone design makes for easy bartending. [more...]

Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker Blue - From £5.99

For those of you that like to mix up a shockingly cool cocktail, the blue Boston Cocktail Shaker will perfectly complement your style! The polished, reflective, electro blue colouring of this shaker tin is ideal for serving up a Blue Margarita, Blue Lagoon, or something else suitably matched in colour. [more...]

Houdini Flip-Top Cocktail Shaker - £24.99

This cocktail shaker features a unique Flip-Top lid with a built in strainer. Simple to use, you'll be wanting to make cocktails all night long! [more...]

Backpack Drinks Dispenser - From £29.99

Now the party can truly begin - the Backpack Drinks Dispenser is the ultimate drinking accessory! Simply fill this giant 3ltr tube with your favourite beverage, strap it to your back and be the most popular person at the party as you serve drinks with ease! [more...]

Bomb Shotz Red 3.7oz / 105ml - From £11.99

The biggest craze to hit parties and bars in years, these Bomb Shotz are ideal for serving up some unique bomb shots. These disposable plastic cups are a safer alternative to dropping a shot glass in a pint and allow you to serve up the perfect balance of liquor to chaser. [more...]

Mako Large Tin Boston Cocktail Shaker - From £5.99

With a wider rim, the 30oz Mako allows you to combine it with our 28oz Boston shaker tins instead of a glass for a secretive cocktail mix that is revealed only when you pour out the final product. Great for enhancing your flair show, the Mako is finished with the classic polished stainless steel effect. [more...]

Jack Daniel's Bar Towel - £4.99

The Jack Daniel's Bar Towel is perfect for all you JD lovers. Suitable for both domestic and commercial use and branded with the familiar JD logo, this is sure to add the finishing touches to your bar. [more...]

Quadro Glass Jug 59.8oz / 1.7ltr - From £7.99

Have you had enough of slopping the orange juice everywhere in the morning? Can't bear those annoying cartons that you can never get into? Well, if the answer is yes, then the Quadro Glass Jug may well be perfect for you. [more...]

Arc Broc Jug 35.2oz / 1ltr - From £3.99

A staple part of any dinner table, the often overlooked water jug is something that a meal just can't do without. If you need to clear your taste buds, ready for the next course then simply reach over for the Arc Glass Jug and pour yourself a glass of cool refreshing water. [more...]

Fleur Glass Jug 45.8oz / 1.3ltr - From £6.99

The Fleur Glass Jug from the leading glassware manufacturer 'Arcoroc' is a traditional jug which blends in perfectly on any dinner table. [more...]

Linz Highball Glasses 13oz / 390ml - From £12.99

Introducing a tall beacon of elegant design into the world of alcoholic beverages, legendary glassware manufacturers Arcoroc bring us the Linz Glass. With a slender posture, these glasses are perfect for beer, but are just as competitive as a cocktail glass. [more...]

Ludico Tilted Highball Tumblers 11.3oz / 320ml - From £11.99

In an attempt at looking at the highball tumbler from a completely different angle, Arcoroc have taken the latest addition to their massive glassware range and literally given it a certain degree of uniqueness! This tilted highball tumbler leans to one side and gives the illusion that it might fall at any second! [more...]

Islande Double Shot Glasses 2.1oz / 60ml - From £9.99

Perfect for parties, the 60ml capacity of the Islande Shot Glasses makes them excellent for creating extra large shots, and even for visual displays with layered shots. Whatever your poison, the heavyweight design of the Islande Shot Glasses ensures they can withstand as much punishment as you can serve up! [more...]

Granity Shot Glasses 1.6oz / 45ml - From £11.99

There's a reason they call shots shots; they're short, sharp, and hit you right where it hurts! The Granity Shot Glass is a giant in the world of shot glasses, with a classic retro design, and a shock-resistant build, these little pieces of joy are the ideal party accessory! [more...]

Jigsaw Dartboard Surround - £34.99

Keep your walls free from dart sized holes with the Jigsaw Dartboard Surround! Simply place this solid foam circular frame around your dartboard and any darts that go astray won't damage your nice plaster work, and the dart tips will last longer. [more...]

Savoie Champagne Flutes 6oz / 170ml - From £14.99

The Savoie Flutes are an elegant range of champagne flutes. With the short stem and sturdy body these champagne flutes are highly durable and ideal for dishwasher use. [more...]

Pink Party Cocktail Shaker - £9.99

Whether you're hosting a girly night in with your friends, or you're just feeling a bit thirsty, the Pink Party Cocktail Shaker is ideal for helping you mix up some tasty drinks for you and some friends! This acrylic cocktail shaker is packed with highly useful pink coloured cocktail accessories! [more...]

Domino Champagne Flutes 6oz / 170ml - From £14.99

The opaque black stem of the Domino range adds a sense of strength to the delicate build of these classic champagne flutes. Fitting perfectly with any table-service, the striking appearance of these champagne glasses is sure to please any dinner party guests. [more...]

Cervoise Stemmed Beer Glasses 13.4oz / 380ml - From £14.99

Helping to bring an air of sophistication to beer drinking, the Cervoise Stemmed Beer Glasses are the perfect vessel with which to enjoy a nice cool drink! Holding more than half a pint, whether you're a beer, lager, or ale person, these beer glasses are great for enjoying your favourite alcoholic beverage! [more...]

Granity Hiball Glasses 12oz / 350ml - From £18.99

The Granity Hiball Glasses are ideal for a variety of uses. Whether you fancy a quick drink of orange juice, a chilled beer, a nice big milkshake, or just a refreshing glass of water, these sturdy glasses are the perfect vessel for your favourite beverage! [more...]

Crescent Bar Stool Grey - £59.99

Topped off with a grey seat, the Crescent bar stool looks fantastic, the chrome and the grey work very well together and set this stool apart from the others. An almost futuristic style makes this perfect for any modern home wanting to kit out their bar or even breakfast bar. [more...]

Grands Cepages Red Wine Glasses 16.5oz / 470ml - From £24.99

These wine glasses are made using the Advanced Glass treatment, which not only gives extra shock resistance and more resistance to dish-washing, but allows for a thinner rim which brings them up to the level of degustation tasting quality. [more...]

Rocking Carafe (88oz / 2.5ltr) - £21.99

A fine addition to any dinning room table, this Rocking Carafe is truly unique in design. But there's no need to worry about it rolling away, as it comes with its very own silicone stand to keep it in place. [more...]

iSi Soda Syphon Aluminium - £49.99

Manufactured to a superb quality, the Soda Syphons are the perfect way to keep your drinks fizzy and ensure there are no more late night dashes to the shops! These brushed finished soda syphons have a filling volume of 1 litre. [more...]

Geo Hiball Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml - From £12.99

While these Geo Hiball Pint Glasses may look like they're supposed to sit alongside your range of collins hiballs, they offer up a different take on the standard tulip shaped pint glass. These contemporary pint glasses feature a tall, straight-edged design, looking great in modern bars or at home. [more...]

Nonic Half Pint Glasses CE 10oz / 285ml - £24.99

The classic Nonic Half Pint Glass in a half-pint size with CE Mark. Also known as a 10oz volume, this glassware is ideal for both pub use and at home. [more...]

Premier Half Pint Glasses CE 10oz / 285ml - £49.99

A tall sleek conical design glass that is CE marked, ensuring you are getting exactly half a pint. [more...]

Amelia Half Pint Beer Goblets CE 10.2oz / 290ml - From £34.99

A beautiful half-pint stemmed beer glass with a wide bowl and CE Marked. Great for high-class bars and restaurants. [more...]

Duos Hiball Tumblers 16.5oz / 470ml - From £16.99

From Italian glassware design house, Luigi Bormioli, the Duos Hiball Tumblers feature a glass within a glass style, that gives the illusion of a floating drink! Providing excellent thermal insulation, the Duos helps to keep your cold drinks colder and your warm drinks warmer for longer! [more...]

Pina Colada Glasses 14oz / 400ml - From £24.99

Enjoy a taste of a Caribbean holiday with this classic Pina Colada Glass! Get your mixing skills into practice by adding the Pina Colada to your recipe book! This glass features an elegantly tall stem, and a suitably large bowl, making it ideal for showing off at parties! [more...]

Cocktail Napkins White - From £5.99

Make sure your furniture stays clean when you have guests round. These classic napkins are ideal for parties, picnics, barbecues or bars and will fit standard size bar caddies. These Swantex napkins are practical and look professional. [more...]

Ice Bag Cherry - From £5.99

With this delectable Red Ice Bag, you can easily carry around a bottle of champagne, wine, or even soft drinks, and keep them chilled as you move! Simply put in your chosen bottle and pad out the Ice Bag with fresh water and ice cubes and voila! You now have a portable ice bucket! [more...]

Ice Bag Blue - From £5.99

Tired of having to keep your champagne and wine bottles stuck in a stationary ice bucket? Well, now you can carry your favourite tipple with you wherever you go! Ideal for parties, just distribute a few Ice Bags to your guests and let them refill their own drinks when their thirst gets the better of them! [more...]

Ice Bag Purple - From £5.99

These Purple Ice Bags provide a simple alternative to carrying an ice bucket with you wherever you go! Simply fill this water tight robust plastic container with chilled water and ice, and you can pop in your bottle of champagne or wine for instant chilling! [more...]

Elia Orientix Sasa Boat Dishes 305mm - £29.99

The Elia Orientix Sasa Boat Dishes offer a simple and elegant design for serving starters, side dishes and desserts. Made from bone china, these commercial quality dishes are ideal for restaurant use. [more...]

Elia Orientix Luna Dishes - £32.99

This simplistic design of distinct Oriental influence offers a comprehensive selection of pieces for optimum tabletop creativity. The soft white tone of the glaze adds a subtle sophistication for fine dining establishments and domestic use. [more...]

Silicone Pot Grabber - £6.39

Made from silicone and heat-resistant up to 300°C, these heat-proof pot grabbers protect your hands when holding hot handles on oven or casserole dishes. [more...]

Elia Contemporary Thermal Jug JFC 1ltr - From £30.99

The Elia Contemporary Thermal Jug features a double wall design for maximum heat retention, keeping beverages warm for up to 12 hours. A wide spout design is complimented by a click-down flow-through stopper to create an organic contemporary design. [more...]

Carlsberg Beer Bottle Goblets 11.3oz / 320ml - £12.99

Pack of 2 goblets in the shape of Carlsberg beer bottles. Completely recycled, they make a great eco-friendly gift. [more...]

Grolsch Beer Bottle Goblets 14oz / 400ml - £14.99

Pack of 2 goblets in the shape of Grolsch beer bottles. Completely recycled, they make a great eco-friendly gift. [more...]

Connoisserve Coffee Pot Black 20oz / 0.6ltr - From £13.99

This Connoisserve Coffee Pot has an unbreakable polycarbonate liner, insulated to minimise heat loss. The resin finish has the look of porcelain with the durability of plastic making it ideal for use in the commercial sector. [more...]

Connoisserve Tea Pot Black 36oz / 1ltr - £15.99

This Connoisserve Tea Pot will keep beverages warm for hours, ideal for hotel breakfast service or office meetings. The unbreakable polycarbonate liner, triple-wall insulation and screw top provide excellent insulation to minimise heat loss. [more...]

Connoisserve Coffee Pot White 40oz / 1.2ltr - £17.99

The Connoisserve Coffee Pot is ideal for beverage service in hotels, restaurants and offices, offering excellent heat retention with triple-wall insulation. Unlike glass thermal jugs, the Connoisserve features an unbreakable polycarbonate liner for a durable and long lasting design. [more...]

Connoisserve Tea Pot White 36oz / 1ltr - £15.99

The Connoisserve Tea Pot features triple-wall insulation and an unbreakable polycarbonate liner for a durable and long-lasting design. Ideal for commercial and business catering, the Connoisserve will keep beverages warm for hours. [more...]

Connoisserve Coffee 2ltr Spare Lid - £3.99

This Spare Lid is compatible with the Connoisserve Coffee Pot 2ltr in black. Ideal for use as a spare or replacement for frequently used lids. [more...]

Crescent Bar Stool Black - £59.99

The Crescent's large round seat provides a secure perch for relaxing and working. It has an adjustable gas lift swivel system, foot-rest and back rest that offers good support. This stool takes its name from the crescent shape gap beneath the back rest. [more...]

Crescent Bar Stool Red - £59.99

Standing out finished in red the Crescent bar stool never looked so hot! The bold red gives great contrast against the chrome leg and base, great for those wanting to kit out their bar with stools that really stand out. [more...]

Mojito Cocktail Kit - £34.99

The [email protected] Mojito kit contains all the equipment you need to start creating your very own delicious version of the famous Cuban cocktail. Whether you like it made the traditional way or quickly shaken, this kit has it sorted. Don't wait for the sunshine, start making your very own Mojitos today! [more...]

Super Jumbo Straws Clear - From £3.99

The Super Jumbo Straws are wide enough for thicker drinks such as smoothies, milkshakes, slush drinks and cocktails, there isn't a better straw for the job. Great for bars, parties and home use. [more...]

Venus Bar Stool Cream - £44.99

Add some style to your home with the Venus Bar Stool. With a sophisticated cream finish and stylish wave seat top, the Venus won't look out of place in a contemporary kitchen or home bar. The faux leather seat is finished with a swivel chrome leg with footrest and is height adjustable. [more...]

Original Disco Hiball Glasses 10.5oz / 300ml - £12.99

The Disco Hiball Glasses from Durobor feature a tall elegant design with perfectly vertical sides, giving them a definitive hiball shape! With a single large bubble floating in the base, the Disco hiball makes a great all purpose drinking glass! [more...]

Faux Leather Crescent Bar Stool White - £74.99

The Faux Leather Crescent Bar Stool effortlessly manages to combine comfort and style to offer the perfect addition to your home bar or breakfast bar. The curved backrest offers support with the faux leather upholstered padded seat providing a comfortable place to sit. [more...]

Zenith Bar Stool Cream - £99.99

Offering both style and comfort in equal measure, the Zenith Bar Stool is perfect for placement in your kitchen or home bar. Finished with a chrome leg with integrated footrest and topped with a comfortable padded faux leather seat top, the Zenith provides the perfect place to relax. [more...]

Zenith Bar Stool Brown - £99.99

The Zenith Bar Stool lets you relax in style. Finished in brown faux leather, this stool is ideal for placement in contemporary environments. The chrome base offers 360° rotation and a gas-lift mechanism for seat height adjustment. [more...]

Ridge Bar Stool Black - £79.99

This highly comfortable bar stool features a padded seat top, upholstered with a sleek black faux-leather, which is ideal for relaxing at your home bar, or placing in your kitchen for a luxurious place to enjoy your breakfast! [more...]

Ridge Bar Stool White - £79.99

Not only does the Ridge Bar Stool provide a highly comfortable place for you to let your feet recover from the day, the sensuous curve of the seat top places them at the height of contemporary design for practical home furnishings. [more...]

Cuboid Bar Stool Black - From £49.99

If you want comfort combined with simplicity, then look no further than the Cuboid Bar Stool. The use of modern materials brings this classic stool design into the twenty-first century. It offers a hassle free perch for eating and drinking; it can be used from any angle and moved with ease. [more...]

Grid Bar Stool Black - £79.99

When searching for the ideal accompaniment to any kitchen counter or home bar, the Grid Bar Stool lines up perfectly. The Grid Stool encompasses comfort, function and style to provide a unique stool that would suit any contemporary home. [more...]

Grid Bar Stool Cream - £79.99

With this padded gas lift bar stool you can almost imagine you're up in the clouds! The Grid style seat top provides a comfy perch for all your social habitual needs; eating, drinking and chatting. Featuring a robust, modern design, the Grid Bar Stool is ideal for propping up breakfast counters or home bars. [more...]

Port Sippers - From £9.99

Set of two Port Sippers from [email protected] that allow you to enjoy the full flavour of Port. A great addition to your glassware collection, whether you need extra glasses for your Port Sipper Set or simply want to expand your collection. They provide a useful and elegant gift. [more...]

Penguin Drink Coolers - £4.99

What better way to keep cool than by calling on the help of the coolest creatures known to man, the penguins! This troop of penguins have liquid insides, so you can put them in the freezer and when you need them they will be nice and cold. [more...]

Jumbo Hip Flask - £19.99

Sometimes big just isn't big enough. Meet the Jumbo Hip Flask, designed to suit the needs of those that like things bigger than big. This stainless steel flask will hold a litre of your favourite tipple; plenty to keep you going. A great gift for those that have everything. [more...]

Faux Leather Crescent Bar Stool Red - £74.99

The Faux Leather Crescent Bar Stool provides an attractive addition to your kitchen or home bar. The wide cushioned seat is the perfect place to rest, while the curved backrest offers comfortable support. The Crescent caters for everyone with a gas-lift mechanism and 360° rotation. [more...]

Premier Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml - From £7.99

The Premier has been given pole position in the name stakes because of it's classic design. you will no doubt recognise the tall hi-ball conical shape of the Premier, as it is present in pubs all over the country! [more...]

Melamine Fluted Crock Large Red - £14.99

The perfect alternative to china, these Large Melamine Fluted Crocks are highly durable, dishwasher safe, resistant to extreme temperatures and won't chip, scratch or stain. Ideal for both domestic and commercial environments for food presentation and service. [more...]

Prague Pint Beer Glasses 21.8oz / 620ml - £22.99

The Prague Pint Beer Glass is slightly oversized, which makes the total volume more than a pint, so you can fill up your glass with the usual 20oz, and still have room left over for a head on your beer! The perfect excuse to sneak in a little bit more! [more...]

Veronese Oval Base Hiball Tumblers 10.9oz / 310ml - From £29.99

Enjoy a refreshing glass of your favourite beverage in one of the unique elliptical Veronese Hiball Tumblers. The oval base of this hiball glass provides a unique drinking vessel and combines it with a premium quality finish for an ideal addition to your glassware collection. [more...]

iSi Soda Syphon Red - £43.99

With the fantastic iSi Soda Syphon, late night trips to the shop for fizz are a thing of the past! Explore the iSi Soda Syphon and unlock its potential as a leading domestic CO2 syphon. Manufactured from brushed aluminium so you can ensure longevity, quality and style. [more...]

Vitamine C Set - £11.99

Everyone needs their daily dose of vitamin C and one of the most tasty ways to get it is through fresh fruit. So whether your fruit is orange, yellow, green or pink, you can slice, peel and scoop your way into it with this set of specially designed fold away spoons. [more...]

WPT Micro Mouse - £9.99

Always keep up to date with the latest poker news on the net with this zippy little WPT Micro Mouse! Ideal for a laptop where space is a premium, this micro mouse has an extendable cord for easy storage, and utilises an optical sensor requiring no cleaning. [more...]

Savoie Champagne Flutes 6oz LCE at 125ml - From £21.99

If you've got a formal event to cater for, you need the perfect glassware for the occasion. These Savoie Champagne Flutes are not only durable enough to withstand commercial use and dish washing, but are LCE at 125ml, ensuring they meet government regulations. [more...]

Elegance Wine Glasses 8.6oz / 245ml - From £25.99

The Elegance Wine Glass is suitable for any wine and any occasion. Whether you're serving up a traditional red, a fruity white or a sparkling rosé, the classic design makes the glass feel natural and elegant to hold. [more...]

Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker White - From £5.99

This no-fuss shaker tin comes in a classic white powder-coated finish, providing a blank canvas for your colourful cocktail creations! Simply combine this professional quality Boston Shaker tin with the accompanying glass and you've got an unbeatable combination for cocktail perfection! [more...]

Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker Black - From £5.99

Adding a touch of mystery to your flair persona, the black Boston Cocktail Shaker sets a bold example to strike fear into your cocktail mixing rivals! Now you can mix up a storm with this Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker! [more...]

Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker Red - From £5.99

If you consider yourself a red hot flair bartender, then you've got to have the right equipment to compliment your skills! Of course, you'll already have a Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker, but to add that extra touch of glam to your show, this striking shaker tin is now available in fiery red! [more...]

Pussy Natural Energy Drink - From £6.99

Pussy is a premium energy drink that is getting everyone talking. It's a refreshing Lychee and Grenadilla flavoured drink, made with 100% natural ingredients. Sophisticated, tasty and fun; what more could you want from a drink? [more...]

iSi Soda Syphon Black - £49.99

This classic Soda Syphon is able to turn standard tap water into lovely fizzy water; ideal for cocktails, soft drinks, or simply for a nice glass of sparkling water! While you won't be drowned for the witchery of changing still water into sparkling water, it is a neat trick that will give your cocktails an extra fizzy edge! [more...]

Light Sparkles - From £5.99

Make your party explosive with these indoor Light Sparkles. They create an electric atmosphere, wow your guests and make any night an event to remember. They emit a shower of sparkling pinpoints of light for 45 seconds. [more...]

Twist n' Shot Cups 1.75oz / 50ml - £14.99

A party isn't a party unless you have some jelly shots to hand! But how are you supposed to take your shot without using your fingers to scoop it out, or by scrunching the cup into oblivion? The Twist n' Shot Cups are the perfect solution to the messy problem of taking a jelly shot! [more...]

Quaffer Shot Glasses Plastic 2.5oz / 75ml - From £7.99

Ideal for Jager Bombs and other layered shots, the Quaffer Shot is a sure fire hit for your next party! Gather together your drinks and create some crazy chasers! Simply pour any chaser in the bottom and any spirit or liquer on the top, and liquids will stay separated until consumed! [more...]

Alcopop Bendy Straws Clear - From £2.99

Drinking from a bottle can be so uncivilised sometimes, but these Alcopop Straws instantly make it easier and more dignified. These straws are ideal for home bars and parties. The clear straw allows you to easily see your drink and the bend allows comfortable drinking. [more...]

Alcopop Straight Straws Clear - From £1.99

Drinking from a bottle can be so uncivilised sometimes, but these Alcopop Straws instantly make it easier and more dignified. These straws are ideal for any occassion when Alcopops are served, such as parties, home bars and other events. [more...]

Small Bendy Straws Clear - From £1.49

The 5.5 inch Small Bendy Straws are the ideal choice when serving short drinks, including cocktails, mixed drinks and soft drinks. With a bendable hinge, these disposable plastic straws are ideal for use with short hiballs and old fashioned tumblers. [more...]

Rosendahl Grand Cru Shot Glasses 1.4oz / 40ml - From £17.99

Just because shots are intended to be consumed in milliseconds doesn't mean the glasses they come in have to be plain and boring. As with all Rosendahl homewares, these shot glasses from the Grand Cru range exude a sense of style not normally seen in average glassware. [more...]

Frappe Cocktail Straws Black - From £3.49

Smaller than the most common drinking straws, the Frappe Cocktail Straws are only 4 inches long, making them ideal for serving with cocktails in small glasses. Perfect for use with a stemmed cocktail glass such as a martini, these straws are an indispensable part of any barman's range of cocktail accessories. [more...]

Ultimate Cocktail Kit - £74.99

Combining 2 of our most popular cocktail kits, the Ultimate Cocktail Kit contains all the bits and bobs you'll need to become a master cocktail creator! Wow your friends and family with both your theoretical and practical knowledge on all things cocktail related! [more...]

Boston Cocktail Shaker Set - £14.99

It's time to step out of the shadows of the cocktail making world and step up to the professional world of bartending. The Boston Cocktail Shaker Set from [email protected] has been compiled using only the finest cocktail equipment to help you create the perfect range of drinks for party guests. [more...]

Economy Glass Carafe 17.5oz / 0.5ltr - From £3.99

The serving of guests is always going to be an important part of being a host. If your home seems to always be the hub for your friends, then the Economy Glass Carafes are the perfect solution to quickly serving up a variety of drinks for people to enjoy! [more...]

Jigger Spirit Measure - From £2.95

Ensure your cocktails are made to perfection with the Jigger Spirit Measure from [email protected] Two spirit measures combine in one handy little unit, ideal for use by amateur and professional bartenders alike. With a stylish brushed finish, this stainless steel jigger measure helps enhance any bar set. [more...]

Movie Popcorn Machine - £399.99

No longer will you have to suffer the ills of poorly prepared microwave popcorn. With the Movie Popcorn Machine you can enjoy the freshly popped taste of real home made popcorn! This machine is great for use in a home cinema where snacks are a must! [more...]

Tequila: A Guide To Types, Flights, Cocktails And Bites - £20.39

Tequila is an all-in-one reference for the top-shelf tequila connoisseur, with chapters on the history and lore of tequila, insight into how tequila is made, an exploration of the agave fields of Jalisco, and a drinker's guide to the four types of tequila. [more...]

Tequila Slammer Pack - £31.99

If you're planning a night in with your mates, then of course you're going to need a bottle of tequila, but if you're going to make it a true success, then the Tequila Slammer Pack has everything you'll need! [more...]

Official England Pint Glasses Set 20oz / 568ml - £6.99

Whenever England's playing you can guarantee everyone's going to be glued to the telly watching them score their way to victory. So avoid the crowds and watch the match from the comfort of your very own armchair, where you can sip on an ice cold beer with an Official England Pint Glass. [more...]

Granity Rocks Glasses 9oz / 275ml - From £14.99

A good solid glass needs a good solid name, and so, the Granity Rocks Glasses are the epitome of sturdy drinkware! Certain to last for as many drinks as you can handle, the Granity Rocks is ideal for a dash of whiskey on the rocks, and is even suited to something a bit softer like juices or fizzy pop! [more...]

Tabletop Popcorn Machine - £139.99

Ideal for parties, and for cosy nights in watching your favourite DVD, this popcorn maker brings the atmosphere of the cinema right into your home, only without the long queues and the slow service from the teenager behind the counter! [more...]

Rubber Bar Mat Small - From £6.99

A modern alternative to the traditional bar towel, this Rubber Bar Mat is ideal for contemporary bars. Wide enough to accommodate most classic glasses, it's the best way to protect your precious bar top from spillages and condensation marks. [more...]

Service Bar Mat - From £14.99

If you've just installed your very own home bar, the last thing you want is beer stains and cocktail juices ruining the look and varnish finish. This large rubber bar mat will collect spilt liquids between the rubber prongs, leaving your bar looking sparkling clean even at the end of a long night. [more...]

Flat Base Stainless Steel Muddler - From £9.99

You can't serve up a cocktail just by throwing some ingredients into a glass. You need to release the full potential of the flavours, otherwise you'll end up with a very bland cocktail. Using a muddler, such as the Flat Base Stainless Steel Muddler, makes it incredibly easy to create the perfect drink. [more...]

Ring Grip Stainless Steel Muddler - From £9.99

To ensure you don't loose your grip on your precious muddler after a few too many mojitos, this Stainless Steel Muddler features three rubber ring grips on the handle. For when you've got lots of drinks to prepare, you can quickly and firmly crush the flavours out of your ingredients with the serrated base. [more...]

Flat Ball Stirrers Clear - £24.99

Whatever your favourite drink, make sure it's mixed to perfection with these Flat Ball Stirrers. Great for spirits that can sit at the bottom of a long drink or cocktails that need a good mix to release their full flavour. [more...]

Crazy Straw Glasses - £3.99

The Crazy Straw Glasses offer a unique way of sipping your pint, latest cocktail creation or cool cola. Simply piece the reusable straws together and you instantly have the ultimate party accessory! Great fun for kids and adults alike! [more...]

Samsung Wine Cooler - £549.99

The Samsung Wine Cooler will hold up to 33 bottles of wine, which are easily viewed through the tempered glass door. Great for wine lovers who enjoy hosting dinner parties and social events. Simple and straightforward to use, this attractive wine cooler is the perfect addition to any kitchen or wine cellar. [more...]

Freepour Bottle Green - From £6.99

Make screw top bottles and foil sealed lids a thing of the past with the fantastic Freepour Bottle. An ideal tool for streamlining your bar service the superb Freepour Bottles are not only stylish but help keep your bar top clean and ordered. [more...]

Freepour Bottle Blue - From £8.99

An easy and efficient way to store your beverages in a colour coded manner, meaning you never have to wonder what's stored in what bottle. Perfect for speedy service, these fantastic Freepour Bottles are ideal for use in a speed rail behind a bar. [more...]

Freepour Bottle Yellow - From £6.99

When you're serving drinks and a queue starts forming, the last thing you need is to be fiddling with screw tops and foil sealed lids. The Freepour Bottle is the ideal solution for serving juice and mixers when you're short of time. [more...]

Freepour Bottle Orange - From £6.99

Streamline your bar with the fantastic Freepour Bottles. This orange coloured bottle is perfect for colour coding your mixers for use with cocktails, storing them and of course, serving them quickly and efficiently as the queues grow. [more...]

Freepour Bottle White - From £6.99

Making bar service streamlined and efficient is always a work in progress. The Freepour Bottles are an ideal way to store your mixers in a speed rail behind the bar to offer rapid service. The colour coded coordination of the Freepour Bottle is a simple, effective and easy way to store and keep track of your drinks. [more...]

Freepour Bottle Red - From £6.99

Serving large hordes of people can be time consuming, especially when you're playing around with screw top lids and foil sealed bottles. Well now you can make this task much more efficient with the fantastic colour coded Freepour Bottles. [more...]

Ivento White Wine Glasses 12oz / 340ml - £54.99

Wine is an elegant drink that deserves a suitably elegant glass. The Ivento range of glassware from Schott Zwiesel is made from a patented crystal glass that creates a highly presentable example of stemware, suitable for all kinds of use. [more...]

Ivento Red Wine Glasses 16.9oz / 480ml - £54.99

The new Ivento range from Schott Zwiesel have been added to a family of glassware that is favoured by hotels and restaurants across Europe for its clarity, brilliance and durability. Made from a patented crystal glass, the Ivento Red Wine Glasses are ideal for your next dinner party! [more...]

Ivento Champagne Glasses 8.1oz / 230ml - £54.99

When celebrating, it's always nice to bring out the fine stemware, and they don't come any finer than the new Ivento Champagne Glasses. Favoured by hotels and restaurants across Europe, Schott Zwiesel glassware leads by example with an unrivalled level of quality. [more...]

Unframed Blackboards - From £13.99

These MDF chalk boards feature a no-fuss look that is ideal for wall placement in any shop-front situation. Perfect for use with chalk or liquid-chalk pens, these boards are ideal for bold displays, especially for menus and price lists. [more...]

Framed Blackboards - From £17.99

Display is an important part of any restaurant, cafe, or bar; customers like large, bold menus and price lists that are easy to see and read. These Blackboards are ideal for wall placement, behind the counter or bar. [more...]

A-Frame Blackboard - £124.99

Perfect for outdoor placement, the A-Frame Blackboard is made from exterior grade moisture resistant MDF, ensuring it can withstand all weathers. Simply write your display on the blackboard with colourful chalk or liquid chalk pens, and entice people inside your establishment. [more...]

Posterman Liquid Chalk Pens 6mm - £14.99

Perfect for use on blackboards, these liquid chalk pens feature a 6mm broad chisel tip, allowing you to draw both fine lines and thicker bold lines. Ideal for menus and other displays in restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and hotels, this pack of pens has 5 different colours for you to use for a variety of attractive outcomes. [more...]

Swizzle Stick Disc Stirrers Black - From £1.75

Swizzle Sticks are an essential which should be behind every bar. Whether you're serving up cocktails, long drinks or fruit juice, a good stir will release the full flavour of your favourite drink. [more...]

Jumbo Straws Clear - From £3.99

With a 6mm bore these Clear Jumbo Straws are the perfect addition to any bar caddy. Ideal for use with hi-ball tumblers, these straws are the perfect addition to any other cocktail garnishes and decorations. Complete your bar caddy with these amazing straws. [more...]

Collins Straws Black - From £3.99

Straws are an indispensable part of any self-respecting home bar. It is essential that you have a decent supply of straws under the counter for any guests you have over. [more...]

Bendy Straws Clear - From £1.49

Ensure you have a decent supply of these fantastic Bendy Straws as they are one of the most essential items for any party. Able to bend to accommodate almost any drink, it's easy to see why these are a popular favourite of many commercial and domestic customers. [more...]

Bendy Straws Blue - From £1.99

As the name suggests the Blue Bendy Straws feature a bendable neck, making them ideal for hiball glasses. With a 6mm bore, these bendy straws are a great all-rounder. [more...]

Casper Bar Stool White - £69.99

Looking like the ghost of bar stools past, the Casper is a slick, all-white stool that adds a new dimension to any living space. Going against the grain of usual bar stool design, the Casper removes the traditional chrome base and replaces it with a full white build. [more...]

Store & Pour Green - From £4.99

This Store & Pour is a great alternative to fiddly juice cartons and mixer bottles which don't always offer a smooth pour. Ideal for professional bartenders, this Store & Pour bottle allows for a perfect pour every time and features a colour coded lid for easy identification. [more...]

Store & Pour Orange - From £4.99

This Store & Pour bottle features an orange colour coded lid, allowing for easy identification when serving and storing mixers and juices in your bar. With a practical design, this handy bottle can be used to serve mixers when used with the long-necked pouring spout, or for storage with the flat lid which doubles as a base. [more...]

Store & Pour White - From £4.99

The simple and practical Store & Pour is an essential piece of equipment for any bar. Simply fill with your mixer or juice and use the long-neck pouring spout to easily and smoothly serve drinks without fiddling with cartons. After closing time you can use the white removable base as a lid for storage. [more...]

Store & Pour Yellow - From £4.99

The Store & Pour offers a practical design for storing and serving mixers in your bar and is colour coded for easy identification. This reusable bottle has two modes; a long-necked pouring spout for serving and a flat lid for storage which doubles as a base when not in use. [more...]

Zenith Bar Stool Red - £99.99

In a vibrant red finish, the Zenith Bar Stool makes the perfect addition to any contemporary home. Designed for comfort and style, the Zenith features a padded seat upholstered in faux leather with a curved backrest. [more...]

Carlsberg Bar Towel - £2.99

Jazz up your home bar with your favourite brand of lager; Carlsberg! Suitable for both domestic and commercial use and branded with the famous green and white Carlsberg logo, this is sure to add the finishing touches to your bar. [more...]

Jim Beam Wetstop Bar Runner - £24.99

Whether you're enjoying a bourbon whisky on the rocks or mixing up a Sunbeam cocktail, you have to do it in style. Bring a touch of class to your bar with this Jim Beam Wetstop Bar Runner, which will also protect the bar surface with its absorbent polyester pile top and secure nitrile rubber base. [more...]

Stella Artois Wetstop Bar Runner - £24.99

There's nothing quite like enjoying a pint of Stella at home, but for that authentic pub look, it's all about the finishing touches. This hard wearing Stella Artois Wetstop Bar Runner is made from 100% nitrile rubber with 100% polyester pile top to soak up all those spills and ring marks. [more...]

Newcastle Brown Ale Wetstop Bar Runner - £24.99

If you've ever enjoyed a pint of the Broon, you'll realise the amount of drips and ring marks it causes. Protect your bar surface with this Newcastle Brown Ale Wetstop Bar Runner, safe in the knowledge it will absorb any spills with its polyester pile top, while staying securely in place with the nitrile rubber base. [more...]

Smirnoff Wetstop Bar Runner - £24.99

If you've ever spent an evening mixing up vodka martinis for party guests, you'll probably know the amount of mess that's created. Protect the surface of your bar from corrosive alcohol and juices with the Smirnoff Wetstop Bar Runner. [more...]

Sip Stir Straws Red and White - £5.99

No self respecting cocktail connoisseur would dream of serving up a drink without an appropriate straw. These small but handy straws are ideal for a range of small drinks, from fizzy cola to sour margaritas. [more...]

Glow in the Dark Rod Stirrers - From £2.99

The Glow in the Dark Rod Stirrers do exactly as the name suggests and provide a little ray of light to enhance the look of your party drink. Perfect for hiball glasses, these long stirrers are sure to be a talking point for your next party! [more...]

Two Prong Hawthorne Strainer - £3.99

If you served your guests or clients a poorly made cocktail, with big chucks of ice and fruit pips, it would be the social equivalent of serving your mother-in-law lumpy gravy. This Two Prong Hawthorn Strainer is ideal for ensuring there's no unwanted bits floating in your margarita. [more...]

Flexi Straws Striped - From £1.99

Simple and yet essential for any party, these Striped Flexi Straws will stand out in any drink! [more...]

Flexi Straws Fluorescent - From £1.99

Simple and yet essential for any party, these Fluorescent Flexi Straws will stand out in any drink! Perfect for popping into a fresh cocktail or long drink, and with a pack size of 250, you will have plenty to go around! The Flexi Straw can bend for easier access or if you prefer you can keep it straight. [more...]

Giraffe Stirrers - £6.99

Looking for something a bit different when serving drinks? Check out these great novelty giraffe stirrers! In a pack of 100 you will have plenty to ensure everyone at your party gets a giraffe friend to keep their favourite cocktail mixed to perfection. [more...]

Plastic Bamboo Stirrers - £9.99

Got a party coming up and want people to get into a beach theme? Set things off with these great looking Bamboo cocktail stirrers! [more...]

Flat Ball Stirrers Black - £26.99

These Black Flat Ball Stirrers are great for any occasion, and long enough for most tumbler and hi-ball drinks. An essential for any trendy party, bar or club, these boxes of 1000 will ensure there's enough to go round. [more...]

Swirl Stirstics Clear - From £4.99

Part stirrer, part cocktail decoration, these Swirl Stirstics are ideal for long drinks. Release the potential of your drink by giving a good swirl. [more...]

Swirl Picks Black - From £6.99

You can't serve up a cocktail without at least one decorative piece of food, even if it's only a single cherry. These Swirl Picks will hold your fruit pieces or pickles to add the finishing touches to your cocktail. [more...]

Prism Stirstics Clear - From £3.99

These Prism Stirstics not only reflect light and colours beautifully, but give your drink a much needed stir. They are ideal for accessorizing cocktails with other vibrant decorations. Long enough for most hiball and tall cocktail glasses, they are suitable for any occasion from quiet drinks to packed parties! [more...]

Swordsticks - £8.99

Presentation is a key part to making any great cocktail and sometimes a simple wood pick just isn't exciting enough. En Guard! Now you can pick out your drinks ingredients using one of these Swordsticks! [more...]

Foil Cocktail Umbrellas / Parasols - From £2.99

Whether you are a cocktail novice, or a cocktail mix master, you will surely recognise the iconic drinks decoration, the cocktail umbrella! [more...]

Jewel Tone Cocktail Party Kit - £16.99

This pack contains all the finishing touches that make a cocktail complete; straws, stirrers, picks and napkins. The colourful, sparkly designs make them ideal for any glamorous cocktails you mix up and will delight your guests. [more...]

Summer Bright Drinks Stirrers - £9.99

These Summer Bright Drinks Stirrers come in a variety of colours and swirly designs, adding a tropical feel to your drink. Make sure you have a steady supply to hand so you can ensure your cocktails will taste as good as they look. [more...]

Cello Frill Cocktail Picks - £2.99

Add some frills to your party with these cocktail picks, ideal for skewering fruit pieces and buffet food. The red, blue and clear coloured cellophane tops make these ideal for American themed parties. [more...]

Decorative Wine Glass Charms - £5.99

Everyone enjoys a good party but we all know the frustration of putting down your drink for a brief time and then either forgetting which glass is yours or even worse someone else ends up drinking it! This can be solved simply by using a set of glass charms to distinguish between your drink and someone else’s. [more...]

Half Barrel Ice Tub - £44.99

Perfect for placing behind your home bar, you'll be able to recreate ye olde English style with this Half Barrel Ice Tub. Great for storing a selection of beers or generous amount of ice cubes. The moulded half barrel shape is made from durable lightweight plastic, with a classic wood-grain effect finish. [more...]

Octagonal Ice Bucket White - £13.99

If you have a lot of guests to serve, you don't want to be running to the freezer every few minutes for ice cubes. This Octagonal Ice Bucket is ideal for home bars and special events where ice is regularly needed to keep drinks cool. [more...]

Round Ice Bucket White - £12.99

No party is complete without ice, so make sure you keep yours fresh with this Round Ice Bucket in white. With a simple, practical and modern design, this double wall bucket is ideal for any bar and allows excess water to collect in the base to keep your ice fresh. [more...]

Round Ice Bucket Black - £12.99

When you're serving up batches of cocktails, spirits and soft drinks, you need a steady supply of ice to hand. A clear essential of every bar, this Round Ice Bucket does the job with no frills attached. Ideal for keeping the drinks flowing and your guests cool, whether you're having a few quiet drinks or hosting a special event. [more...]

FAST Tender Bartending Kit - £139.99

To help make sure your staff are meeting the high requirements of drink service, the FAST Tender Kit gives you all you will need to test their mixing and pouring skills for later improvement. Use a variety of bartending scenarios to keep a record of a bartender's performance to help increase their accuracy, speed and efficiency. [more...]

Bacardi Flair Bottle - £21.99

The Bacardi Flair Bottle is designed to precisely mimic the feel, size and form of an actual Bacardi Rum Bottle. Made of durable PVC plastic, this is a great practice bottle for those Caribbean drink requests. [more...]

Flair Master Bar Blade - £16.99

If you consider yourself the Master of Flair, then you should be sporting this Flair Master Bar Blade! The funky tribal design, featuring a skull on the back, really stands out from the crowd. [more...]

Bomb Shotz Clear 3.7oz / 105ml - From £11.99

In need of a drink that's a bit original? Keep up with the latest craze, with the emergence of the new energy drink shots! A twist on the traditional chaser, these Bomb Shotz combine both shot and soft drink that will keep you buzzing all night! [more...]

Ball Pourer Chrome 35ml - £9.99

Forget measuring out every single spirit for your cocktail, the Ball Pourer in chrome will do all the hard work for you. This rounded, elegantly styled pourer sits in the neck of the bottle and allows you to serve a 35ml measure straight into the glass, making it ideal when mixing cocktails and serving mixed drinks. [more...]

Ball Pourer Chrome 50ml - £9.99

Forget fiddly measures, the Ball Pourer in Chrome allows you to pour a double shot in one fluid motion straight from the bottle into the glass or shaker. This rounded ball pourer is the perfect addition to the modern bar, allowing you to quickly and efficiently make cocktails and mixed drinks for friends. [more...]

Heavy Duty Glass Stacking Mats - £9.99

Looking to save your shelves from years of glass wear but need something a bit more heavy duty than a standard glass stacking mat? Keep your glasses neatly and securely stacked with these thick plastic stacking mats. [more...]

Round Stainless Steel Drip Tray - £9.99

As anyone who has tried to pour a pint will know, it's not always easy to get it all into the glass. Dalliance, distractions, or just plain drunkenness can all conspire to cause your precious brew to spill, dripping all over the floor, the table, or your clothes. The simple answer, this drip tray! [more...]

Red Knob Cocktail Spoon - £6.99

The classic Red Knob Bar Spoon, a bartending essential for generations. This stainless steel spoon will help you create the perfect cocktail everytime, whether you intend to make a work of art, or a powerful blend of flavours. [more...]

Uni Bar Plastic Drip Tray - £7.99

Ideal for equipping your home bar or pub, the Uni Bar Plastic Drip Tray is an ideal affordable bar essential! Perfect for preparing drinks and pulling pints, this drip tray ensures your bar isn't covered in ring marks. [more...]

Glass Stacking Mats Black - £6.99

Made from black plastic, the Glass Stacking Mats easily clip together to create a potentially limitless surface. Just clip them together, lay them out and your glasses are elevated those vital few millimetres away from your precious wooden shelves! [more...]

Biotile Black Stacking Mats - From £3.99

If you've invested all that time and money into your dream home bar then the last thing you want is for your shelves to start showing wear and tear. Protect them with these subtle but useful Biotile Stacking Mats. The non-slip Biotiles clip together to raise your glasses those essential millimeters off the shelf. [more...]

Swirl Stirstics Black - From £4.99

If you want a useful cocktail decoration, look no further than the Swirl Stirstic. It mixes your drink to get the perfect flavour and can be combined with fruit, straws and other decorations for the ultimate cocktail. [more...]

Stainless Steel Mini Tongs - £1.49

For those making a lot of cocktails for party guests it is not only clean, but much more professional if you do not directly handle the ingredients your awaiting guests are about to consume. You also don't want a huge set of cooking tongs for handling you ice cubes, olives or cherries, so get some of these Stainless Steel Mini Tongs. [more...]

Deluxe Mango Pitter - £6.99

Cocktails are always the best when they are made with fresh ingredients, so put away the super market mango juice and pick up the Deluxe Mango Pitter. With this simple tool you can slice and remove the stone from the mango all in one simple movement. [more...]

Clearcut Stainless Steel Zester - £8.99

Cocktails are all about the combination of different flavours making a really nice drink and anyone who would call themselves a keen cocktail mixer knows that the smallest garnish can make a huge difference. [more...]

Stainless Steel Pitter / Stoner - £5.99

Removing the stones from cherrys or the pit from olives is tricky work without the right tool, thats where this little gadget comes in. [more...]

Stainless Steel Grapefruit Knife - £4.99

Professional and high quality stainless steel grapefruit knife, with integral hanging storage loop. Mix up a Greyhound cocktail with some fresh grapefruit, which will be quick work using the dual sided serrated blade and comfortable oval shaped handle. [more...]

Double Headed Melon Baller - £2.99

With its two different sized heads this melon baller has you covered for your next party, whether you're experimenting with cocktails or just want to put out some food for people to pick at, this little tool will give great results. [more...]

Stainless Steel Lemon Reamer - £8.99

The Stainless Steel Lemon Reamer is a useful tool that can be used to extract juice from a wide variety of citrus fruits. The pointed end will allow you to pierce into the fruit, while the serrated conical blade ensures you get every last bit of juice. Simply strain the juice before using to create some mouthwatering cocktails! [more...]

Wooden Lemon Reamer - £2.99

A classic kitchen essential, this Wooden Lemon Reamer is ideal for quickly extracting the juice from any citrus fruits. The sustainably sourced beech wood ensures the product doesn't react with acidic juices, making it more durable. [more...]

Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer - £2.99

Drink healthily straight from your favorite fruits with the fantastic Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezes. Just chop up your fruit and place it in the squeezer and well...squeeze. Lemon juice will soon start gushing out ready for use in your cocktails. Perfectly simple. [more...]

Novelty Green Olive Cocktail Picks - £4.99

Most martinis get topped off with really boring and cheap picks, why not give yours the style and sophistication a good martini deserves? A must have for any cocktail enthusiast's tool kit, a pair of simple and stylish olive picks with stainless steel forks and a polyresin olive shaped handle. [more...]

Deluxe Spirit Measure Cup - £5.99

Not everyone can mix drinks by eye, it takes years of drink mixing to know what's too much, and even worse, too little! Using the Deluxe Spirit Measure Cup you will know exactly how much of your chosen spirit you're putting in. [more...]

Finger Guard - £5.99

When slicing fruit behind the bar, do you find you suffer from cuts and nips to fingers more often than not? It's about time you started protecting your precious fingers; they can often prove handy! This flexible Finger Guard provides invaluable protection for fingers whilst slicing and dicing behind the bar and in the kitchen. [more...]

2 in 1 Stainless Steel Straw & Stirrer - £4.99

Ever found your straw is just not good enough at mixing up your drink but don't want both a straw and a spoon crowding your glass? This simple idea combines the two to create a spoon with a hollow long stem body for use as a straw. [more...]

Acrylic Wine Glass 12.3oz / 350ml - From £3.5

Never worry about shattered glass littering your floors after a party, these Acrylic Wine Glasses can withstand every knock and bash you can give them! Reuse them again and again for your never-ending party lifestyle! [more...]

Acrylic Ribbed Wine Glass 12.3oz / 350ml - From £3.5

Whether you need a wine goblet for your evening drink with friends, or you've got a barbeque planned for all your neighbours, the Acrylic Ribbed Wine Glass is the ideal solution to glass breakages. With a ribbed surround, the design of this glass easily rivals any real wine glasses on the market. [more...]

Acrylic Hiball 15oz / 430ml - From £3.99

If you're serving up your own special version of a Long Island Ice Tea, you might find your guests spill almost as much as they have consumed by the end of the night! To avoid large cleaning bills and potential cut fingers, this Acrylic Hiball is the perfect alternative to your regular glassware. [more...]

Elia Cubiq Covered Sugar Bowl - £24.99

A true modern classic, blending effortessly with either traditional or contemporary interiors. The Platinum rim combines perfectly with the delicate gold squares to produce a refined dinner service. [more...]

Shetland Double Shot Glasses 3.2oz / 90ml - From £13.99

The classic conical shape and heavyweight base of the Shetland Double Shot Glasses gives them a classic presence that allows them to fit in with any existing glassware. Perfect for use at your home bar, the Shetland Shots are great for bringing out when you've got friends round. [more...]

Vigne Shot Glasses 2.1oz / 60ml - From £6.99

As well as featuring a tall, slim design, the Vigne Shot Glass boasts perfect balance and durability with its rounded heavyweight base. The lengthy design allows shots to be consumed with an elegant ease, resulting in less spills. [more...]

Mano Shot Glasses 3.2oz / 90ml - From £7.99

It's great to think outside the box with your drink serving, which is why the Mano is perfect for serving up something more than a standard shot. Great for espresso shots, these commercial quality glasses have a large capacity making them ideal for any drink! [more...]

Trek Shot Glasses 2.1oz / 60ml - From £8.99

Despite being reminiscent of a melting ice cube, the Trek Shot Glass isn't designed for watered down drinks. The smooth, organic curves may give the illusion of slippery ice, but in fact allow you to keep a better grip on your tequila slammer. Ideal for any liqueur, it also features a durable heavyweight square base. [more...]

Fiesta Shot Glasses 2.8oz / 80ml - From £9.99

If you find your glass overflowing with drink, most of it ending up on the floor and having to resort to tumbler glasses by the end of the night, then you need a bit more space in your shot glass. This large capacity shot glass holds over double the average shot. [more...]

Salto Shot Glasses 2.1oz / 60ml - From £11.99

Standing out in your glassware cabinet with its rounded features, this sleek, but hard-wearing shot glass is versatile enough for any situation. From lively parties and bars, to quiet aperitifs and nightcaps, these professional quality glasses are ideal. [more...]

Moyo Handmade Shot Glasses Clear 1.4oz / 40ml - £39.99

The handmade Moyo Shot Glasses give you the opportunity to show your guests that your glassware represents the finest on the market. Each glass is mouth-blown, giving them their own unique qualities and assuring their place at the top of your glassware collection. [more...]

Acrylic Champagne Tulip Flute 5.3oz / 150ml - From £3.5

A worry for the host at any alcohol fuelled party is the risk of tipsy guests dropping and knocking your precious crystal glassware. Now there's no need to worry about broken glass at your garden barbeque or party celebration; this flute can withstand plenty of bumps and accidental drops without breaking! [more...]

Tetley's Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml - From £11.99

It's time to celebrate the taste of Tetley's and release it from the cans you buy from the supermarket and drink it from your very own Tetley's Pint Glass! With a classic tulip shape, this Tetley's pint glass helps you to recreate the feeling of a pub in your own home! [more...]

Guinness Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml - From £14.99

Be sure to always get an exact pint of Ireland's finest with these CE marked Guinness Pint Glasses! With the classic tulip shape, these officially branded Guinness glasses are exactly what you might use down your local pub to sample the Black Stuff! [more...]

Flair Starter Set - Black Edition with Showmanship DVD - £56.4

Containing all the equipment you need to impress, the Flair Starter Set is perfect for practising your flair tricks and techniques. The Showmanship DVD guides you through all the flair skills you need to put on a great show. [more...]

Chilly Peppers Drink Coolers - £5.99

Caliente! Or should that be frío? Nothing cools off your beverages faster than hot peppers! Ensuring your drink doesn't turn into a watered down mess, these spicy looking Chilly Peppers are designed to lower your temperature without taking away the taste. [more...]

Menu Water Carafe (35.2oz / 1ltr) - From £22.99

Designer Jakob Wagner has reinterpreted the typical bottle shape to create a simple Water Carafe with distinctive softly rounded, angular lines. The plain glass carafe is ideal for storing mineral and sparkling water, which can be easily transferred from the fridge to the dinner table. [more...]

Menu Vignon Carafe (35.2oz / 1ltr) - From £39.99

Designer Jakob Munk's elegant decanter is a part of Menu's wine accessories series, Vignon. The decanter is versatile, and can be used for both wine and water. The glass has been made using hand-blown techniques, resulting in a smooth finish. [more...]

Menu Vignon Decanting Pourer - £23.99

Menu's patented Vignon Decanting Pourer filters, splits, and oxygenates the wine as you pour. Say goodbye to decanters and too many bottles opened before dinner, and hello to a grand taste sensation, even when the wine is an everyday table variety. [more...]

Menu Vignon Vacuum Stopper - £21.99

Far too much great wine goes to waste because a whole bottle is often too much; the wine goes sour before it is finally drunk. With the new Vignon Vacuum Stopper, just a few pump-actions will remove all the air from the bottle and seal it for up to six days. [more...]

Menu Selection Wineset - £24.99

Menu combine their Selection Decanting Pourer and Vacuum Stopper in a unique gift set to bring you the ultimate wine enjoyment. This selection will allow you to enjoy aerated glasses of wine and keep open bottles of wine for longer. [more...]

Hepburn Booth Table Blackstone - £659.99

The Hepburn Booth Table in Blackstone finish offers a sleek design that's perfect for American diner themed rooms and establishments. Perfect when partnered with other retro diner furniture, this table is perfect for kitting out your cafe, bar or home. [more...]

Chrome Wing Corkscrew - £2.99

A great design which has become a classic style of corkscrew, the Chrome Wing Corkscrew is well known and commonly used by bars and restaurants alike for the simplicity and ease of use. It is a very efficient little gadget which will have that cork out and the all important wine flowing in no time. [more...]

Wine Bottle Foil Cutter - £3.5

Whether you have just got in from a long day or are throwing a party the last thing you want is your wine being tricky to get into! Before you even remove the cork you have to first get through that tricky foil covering the top, which is not always as easy to remove as you might hope! [more...]

Budweiser Bottle Design Mini Fridge - £144.99

An ice cold Bud always tastes best, but why wait for it to cool in a bucket of ice or let it take up precious space in your kitchen fridge. From the king of beers, comes this Budweiser Mini Fridge ensures you always have a perfectly chilled beer to hand; an essential for any party, football game or quiet night in. [more...]

Carlsberg Mini Fridge - £144.99

If Carlsberg did mini fridges... they would probably be the best in the world. As it turns out, this officially branded Carlsberg Mini Fridge has been made by Husky, experts in fridge manufacturing. This low noise chiller is perfect for the living room, bedroom, home bar or anywhere else you feel you might need a refreshing drink to hand. [more...]

Reflections Wine Cooler - £159.99

With a black exterior, the Reflections Wine Cooler is finished off with a mirrored glass door that has a unique touch screen digital temperature control. Finally, the future has arrived and your wine can be adequately stored to your specification! [more...]

Personal Wine and Drinks Refrigerator - £189.99

Sometimes there's not enough room for all the important things in your fridge, such as bottles of pinot grigio and cans of lager. If you find yourself resenting your butter for taking up too much room, then the Personal Wine and Drinks Refrigerator is the ideal solution. With a 48 litre capacity this chiller will keep up to 40 beer cans or 12 wine bottles at an ambient temperature ready for you to enjoy. [more...]

Ice Bag Pink - From £5.99

Whether you're travelling to, from or around a party, the Ice Bag is an ideal solution for keeping your bottle chilled. Saving you and your guests from frequent trips to the bar, these water-tight bags will hold bottles of champagne, wine and soft drinks. Perfect for all occasions from family picnics to wedding receptions. [more...]

Glass Cocktail Fish Bowl 92oz / 2.6ltr - From £9.99

If you're a fan of oversized drinkware, this Glass Cocktail Fish Bowl from [email protected] is the perfect addition to your party glassware collection. Despite the name, we'd recommend you fill it with a tropical cocktail, rather than a tropical fish! [more...]

Penis Shooters - £7.99

There's something about a group of cackling girls out on the town and novelty willy shaped accessories that just go together perfectly! If you haven't guessed already, these coloured shot glasses are moulded into the shape of some hilarious, brightly coloured willies! [more...]

Drinking Games From Around The World - £16.99

It's a long way to tipple-ary, and while you may be no Phileas Fogg, you can always drink your way Around The World in 80 days (or less!) instead with this great collection of drinking games. With 31 of the most popular drinking games from across the globe, it will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. [more...]

Baby Royal Flutes 2.1oz / 60ml - £19.99

Perfect for a small hit of your drink of choice, these fluted pieces of stemware allow you to mix up your drink serving aesthetics for a unique party. Fancy sipping some whiskey from a champagne flute? The Baby Royal is for you! [more...]

Helsinki Liqueur Glasses 2.5oz / 70ml - £11.99

Giving you the opportunity for a unique example of drink presentation, the Helsinki features a mottled glass effect, immediately adding aesthetic quality. Ideal for any use you can put your mind to, whether you're serving shots, or handing out aperitifs to dinner guests. [more...]

Club Shot Glasses 2.1oz / 60ml - £11.99

The Club Shot Glasses from the Durobor range of glassware provide you with the opportunity of multiple uses in one seemingly innocent glass. It's not only simply a matter of choosing which spirit to fill your glass with, why not use the Club Glasses for a unique dessert presentation? [more...]

Grappa Cabernet Glasses 3.2oz / 90ml - From £17.99

To enjoy the unique taste of Italian Grappa at its best, you need a specially designed glass such as these Grappa Cabernet Glasses. Ideal for serving up as an after dinner drink, these slim, tulip shaped glasses hold the perfect amount of Grappa for you to savour. [more...]

Normandie Champagne Flutes 4.9oz / 140ml - From £33.99

Just because something is tough, doesn't mean it's not beautiful. These Normandie Champagne Flutes feature fully tempered glass, yet retain a traditional, elegant look and feel. The short, classic stem holds a tall, tulip shape bowl, perfect for serving up sparkling wine at parties and home. [more...]

Touraine Champagne Flutes 5.6oz / 160ml - From £15

Whether you're kicking your feet back at home or playing host to a party, these Touraine Champagne Flutes are an ideal accompaniment. These flutes feature a tall bowl and a short, decorative stem which reflects light beautifully. [more...]

Ballon Champagne Saucers 4.6oz / 130ml - From £17.99

When you've got something to celebrate, make sure you bring out these elegant Ballon Saucers from professional glassware makers Arcoroc. Ideal for bars, special events and quiet celebrations at home, they provide a unique alternative to the traditional champagne flute. [more...]

Divin Champagne Flutes 5.6oz / 160ml - From £19.99

The Divin Champagne Flute has been designed so you can get the ultimate enjoyment out of your bottle of bubbly. This tall, elegant champagne glass has been optimised for champagne tasting, making it a perfect vessel to enjoy the magical bubbles. [more...]

Elegance Champagne Flutes 3.5oz / 100ml - From £26.99

Versatile enough for any occasion, the Elegance Champagne Flute is an ideal choice whether hosting a dinner, wedding, party or evening for two. The high quality glassware from Arcoroc makes the Elegance range the perfect addition to your collection. [more...]

Elegance Champagne Flutes 6oz / 170ml - From £29.99

Versatile enough for any occasion, the Elegance Champagne Flute is an ideal choice whether hosting a dinner, wedding, party or evening for two. The high quality glassware from Arcoroc makes the Elegance range the perfect addition to your collection. [more...]

Lineal Champagne Flutes 6.3oz / 180ml - From £16.99

The Lineal Champagne Flutes feature modern lines, enhanced by a column-shaped stem and angular bowl. Whether you're holding a large wedding party or a small table of dinner guests, these flutes allow you and your guests to enjoy champagne at its best! [more...]

Islande Handled Shot Glasses 1.9oz / 55ml - From £16.99

For a more refined shot drinking experience, the Islande Handled Shot Glasses allow you to raise your pinky when sipping your chosen drink! Whether you prefer a straight shot of vodka, or a cocktail style aperitif before dinner, the Islande Handled Shot Glasses are the ideal drinking vessel! [more...]

Drinks Paddle Board 6 Shot - £14.99

The Drinks Paddle makes carrying shots a doddle! Now there's no need to grow extra hands, this shot tray can carry up to 6 shot glasses at a time, so your party can continue with as few interruptions as possible! [more...]

Shetland Hiball Glasses 5.3oz / 150ml - From £14.99

Shetland Hiball Glass is an ideal all-rounder that is suitable for any kind of drink you have in mind. Great for everyday home use for soft drinks, the Shetland Hiballs are also great for creating attractive displays for small cocktails and aperitifs. [more...]

Shetland Old Fashioned Tumblers 8.8oz / 250ml - From £17.99

Suited to serving up some whisky on the rocks, the Shetland Tumblers feature a wide mouth perfect for filling with ice cubes, and the heavyweight base gives each glass a bold presence, making them ideal for hosting dinner parties and other gatherings. [more...]

Collins Straws Red - From £5.99

Straws are an indispensable part of any self-respecting home bar. It is essential that you have a decent supply of straws under the counter for any guests you have over. [more...]

Coca Cola Green Glasses 16oz / 460ml - From £9.99

These officially branded Coke glasses are an essential vessel for any fan of the world's favourite soft drink! With the classic Coca Cola logo, and sized at more than half a pint, you can fill this glass up with plenty of ice for a perfectly chilled half pint of coke! [more...]

Cabernet Carafes (70oz / 2ltr) - £49.99

The wide base of the Cabernet Carafe allows wine to spread which allows full oxygenation, while the thin neck allows the aromas to flow free for your pleasure! When entertaining guests, the Cabernet Carafe is ideal for releasing the full flavours for maximum enjoyment. [more...]

Paris Ballon Sherry Glasses 3.3oz / 95ml - From £13.99

Enjoy the taste of a fine Sherry in the professional quality Paris Ballon Glasses. Perfectly crafted for durability and longevity, these glasses present a sturdy vessel from the ever trusty Arcoroc glassware specialists. [more...]

BeerOmeter Glass 21oz / 600ml - £8.99

According to government boffins, men should be drinking no more than 3-4 units and women no more than 2-3 units a day, yet most of us are unsure how to measure these units. This BeerOmeter Glass provides an ingenious and entertaining solution to this problem, allowing you to track exactly how much you're consuming. [more...]

Elegance Sherry Glasses 4.2oz / 120ml - From £21.99

The finest sherry should only be drunk with the finest glassware, making the Elegance Sherry Glasses an ideal choice. This short stemmed glass will hold a small tipple of sherry, perfect for after dinner drinks and quiet evenings. [more...]

Elegance Sherry Glasses 2.3oz / 65ml - From £21.99

The finest sherry should only be drunk with the finest glassware, making the Elegance Sherry Glasses an ideal choice. This short stemmed glass will hold a small tipple of sherry, perfect for after dinner drinks and quiet evenings. [more...]

Dolphin Bar Stool Black & White - £79.99

Sleek and stylish, the Dolphin Bar Stool is upholstered in stitched faux-leather for comfort and features a single leg and footrest in chrome. The Dolphin Bar Stool is great for anyone wanting a modern looking bar stool; with its simple and bold black and white colouring, this stool will stand out in the bar or at home. [more...]

Bar Craft Deluxe Citrus Juicer - £34.99

Fresh always tastes better, but can be hard work at times. If you find your muscles start aching after squeezing a dozen oranges and you only have a pitiful amount of juice, the Deluxe Citrus Juicer from Bar Craft is the perfect relief. The geared pressure lever allows you to quickly and easily extract citrus juices with minimum effort or fuss. [more...]

Guinness Tankard with Pewter Logo 17.6oz / 500ml - From £13.99

This official Guinness Tankard features a traditional pewter logo, helping you to enjoy a drink of the Black Stuff in style. A must for any fan, it will prove the perfect vessel for your Guinness experience. [more...]

Guinness Label Pint Tankard 20oz / 568ml - From £7.99

If you enjoy a pint of the Black Stuff, it's about time you raised a toast to Arthur Guinness and one of the most popular Irish Stouts with this Guinness Label Pint Tankard. Emblazoned with the round Guinness Extra Stout label on the front, proudly showing the world what beverage you're enjoying. [more...]

Guinness Pint Apron - £13.99

This Guinness Pint Apron ensures you keep your clothes stain free without losing your sense of style. A must have whether you're grilling on the BBQ with a pint in hand, cooking up Steak & Guinness Pie in the kitchen or pulling pints behind a bar! [more...]

Guinness Pint Cufflinks - £16.99

The perfect accompaniment to your work or formal attire, these sharp looking Guinness Pint Cufflinks make a perfect gift for the Guinness fan in your life, or even for yourself! Time to refresh your wardrobe and show the world you have a taste for the finer things in life. [more...]

Fournier Jumbo Poker Playing Cards Blue - £12.99

Used by leading European casinos, these Fournier Jumbo Poker Playing Cards are now available to home players. The professionals choice, these smooth, durable playing cards are 100% plastic, offering more flexibility and longer life. [more...]

Quick Snap Ice Tray Blue - £8.99

Releasing ice cubes individually from trays is notoriously difficult - but now there's Quicksnap. Similar in style to a conventional tray, except it has a unique switch mechanism on the reverse, which holds the ice cubes securely in place until required. [more...]

Catcher Citrus Reamer - £9.99

A common problem when using a conventional hand reamer is having to remove unwanted pips and bits of fruit from the extracted juice. The Catcher™ eliminates this problem by having a soft rubber cup under the reamer head to catch all the unwanted bits. [more...]

Bottle Skip 218ltr Black - £74.99

If you've got a busy bar to run, the last thing you want is overflowing bins and black sacks behind the bar. A bottle skip is an ideal solution to this problem, allowing bottles to be easily disposed of or recycled, without causing a hazard. [more...]

Neon Coasters - From £4.99

In a darkened room it can be all too easy to misplace your glass, especially after a few bevvies. Fear no more as, like a shining ray of mulitcoloured light, the Neon Coaster will help you keep tabs on your precious drink. [more...]

Flashing Cocktail Shaker - £11.99

If you're looking for a way to instantly brighten up your cocktail party, this Flashing Cocktail Shaker might just be it! The multicoloured LEDs in the base create a strobing light show, which looks amazing in low light. [more...]

Frosty Ice Tumbler 11.4oz / 325ml - From £3.99

While there's nothing quite like sipping on an icy cold drink after a long day, it's not quite so fun when you find your ice cubes have turned your cola into a flat, watery mess. This Frosty Ice Tumbler provides the ideal solution, keeping your drink perfectly chilled without any dilution. [more...]

Conique Head-On-It Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml - From £8.99

The perfect pint glass for bringing the pub home, the Conique Pint Glass is a must have addition for any home bar owner, and is ideal for parties where glassware is in demand! The nucleated base ensures longer head retention, and the CE mark allows these pints to be used in licenced bars. [more...]

Pienza Commercial Bar Stool Grey - From £604.99

The Pienza Commercial Bar Stool makes a unique addition to your bar or home. Manufactured in commercial quality vinyl, this seat features a chrome base and distinctive beech leg for a sophisticated look. [more...]

Pienza Commercial Bar Stool White - £604.99

Suitable for commercial or domestic use, the Pienza Commercial Bar Stool provides a sophisticated addition to your bar, cafe or home. The Pienza features a padded seat top with backrest and a unique beech effect steel swivel leg. [more...]

Pienza Commercial Bar Stool Red - From £604.99

The Pienza Commercial Bar Stool has been designed for use in commercial establishments such as bars, restaurants and cafes. The padded seat top is upholstered in a distinctive red vinyl and is finished with a beech effect steel swivel base and chrome base. [more...]

Selva Commercial Bar Stool Grey - From £299.99

Sleek and stylish, the Selva Commercial Bar Stool is perfect for any commercial or domestic environment. Upholstered in a grey vinyl and finished with a stainless steel leg, the Selva is designed to withstand commercial use. [more...]

Selva Commercial Bar Stool White - £299.99

A simple yet stylish design makes the Selva Commercial Bar Stool ideal for contemporary establishments. Suitable for use in bars, cafes and hotels, the Selva is also ideal for the home. The padded seat top is upholstered in white vinyl and finished with a stainless steel leg with footrest. [more...]

Selva Commercial Bar Stool Red - £299.99

With a bold red vinyl seat top, the Selva Commercial Bar Stool stands out from the crowd. Ideal for placement in your home or in commercial environments, this stool is designed to withstand use in busy establishments. [more...]

Pod Bar Stool White - From £44.99

The crisp, cool colouring of the White Pod Bar Stool helps to give your home a fresh look that will compliment any surroundings. Suitable for any required placement, these stools feature a gas-lift leg allowing you to adjust the height of the seat and footrest for maximum comfort. [more...]

Pod Bar Stool Blue - £44.99

It's all very well having a new bar to store your favourite drinks, but what about when you need to entertain? You'll never be a top host if you leave your guests standing! With a gas-lift mechanism allowing height adjustment, the Pod Bar Stools allow you to customise your own comfort. [more...]

Pod Bar Stool Red - £44.99

If you believe you've got a fiery personality, then your home should compliment you. Dull, boring colours just don't match the exciting person you are! These vibrant Red Pod Bar Stools stand out in any crowd and just shout to be noticed! [more...]

Pod Bar Stool Yellow - £44.99

Bringing a ray of sunshine into your home, the Yellow Pod Bar Stools are a surefire way of helping you wake up while enjoying your morning coffee sat at your kitchen breakfast bar! The bright yellow ABS plastic seat of this stool provides the ideal place for your posterior. [more...]

Leather Crescent and Vetro Table Set Black - £449.7

Combining the Faux Leather Crescent Bar Stools with the Vetro Table creates a perfect set, they look great together and will really stand out in and bar, club or even cafe scene. These four stools fit comfortably around the high centre table, making this set great if you're trying to style your home bar. [more...]

Leather Crescent and Vetro Table Set White - £449.7

Combining the Faux Leather Crescent Bar Stools with the Vetro Table creates a perfect set, they look great together and will really stand out in and bar, club or even cafe scene. These four stools fit comfortably around the high centre table, making this set great if you're trying to style your home bar. [more...]

Leather Crescent and Vetro Table Set Red - £449.7

Combining the Faux Leather Crescent Bar Stools with the Vetro Table creates a perfect set, they look great together and will really stand out in and bar, club or even cafe scene. These four stools fit comfortably around the high centre table, making this set great if you're trying to style your home bar. [more...]

Zenith Bar Stool and Vetro Table Set Black - £549.7

A great match up, presenting four Zenith bar stools paired up with the Vetro table. The perfect group to fill your home bar and offer some relaxed bar style furniture as a set. Four stools sit round the table comfortably leaving you free to enjoy a drink and gossip with your mates. [more...]

Zenith Bar Stool and Vetro Table Set Cream - £549.7

A great match up, presenting four Zenith bar stools paired up with the Vetro table. The perfect group to fill your home bar and offer some relaxed bar style furniture as a set. Four stools sit round the table comfortably leaving you free to enjoy a drink and gossip with your mates. [more...]

Zenith Bar Stool and Vetro Table Set Brown - £549.7

A great match up, presenting four Zenith bar stools paired up with the Vetro table. The perfect group to fill your home bar and offer some relaxed bar style furniture as a set. Four stools sit round the table comfortably leaving you free to enjoy a drink and gossip with your mates. [more...]

Zenith Bar Stool and Vetro Table Set Red - £549.7

A great match up, presenting four Zenith bar stools paired up with the Vetro table. The perfect group to fill your home bar and offer some relaxed bar style furniture as a set. Four stools sit round the table comfortably leaving you free to enjoy a drink and gossip with your mates. [more...]

Pod Bar Stool and Podium Table Set Black - £269.47

This great combination offering four of the Pod Bar Stools to surround one of the Podium Tables, both of which are fully adjustable to suit your own needs. Great for kitting out a home bar or even creating a breakfast bar in your kitchen. [more...]

Pod Bar Stool and Podium Table Set White - £269.47

This great combination offering four of the Pod Bar Stools to surround one of the Podium Tables, both of which are fully adjustable to suit your own needs. Great for kitting out a home bar or even creating a breakfast bar in your kitchen. [more...]

Pod Bar Stool and Podium Table Set Blue - £269.47

This great combination offering four of the Pod Bar Stools to surround one of the Podium Tables, both of which are fully adjustable to suit your own needs. Great for kitting out a home bar or even creating a breakfast bar in your kitchen. [more...]

Pod Bar Stool and Podium Table Set Red - £269.47

This great combination offering four of the Pod Bar Stools to surround one of the Podium Tables, both of which are fully adjustable to suit your own needs. Great for kitting out a home bar or even creating a breakfast bar in your kitchen. [more...]

Pod Bar Stool and Podium Table Set Yellow - £269.47

This great combination offering four of the Pod Bar Stools to surround one of the Podium Tables, both of which are fully adjustable to suit your own needs. Great for kitting out a home bar or even creating a breakfast bar in your kitchen. [more...]

Crescent Bar Stool and Podium Table Set Black - £329.8

A match made in heaven, the Crescent Bar Stools work so well when paired up with the Podium Table so we've packaged up this great set of four stools and a table. Great for creating a modern bar set up in your own home, or even a breakfast bar in your kitchen. [more...]

Crescent Bar Stool and Podium Table Set Silver - £329.8

A match made in heaven, the Crescent Bar Stools work so well when paired up with the Podium Table so we've packaged up this great set of four stools and a table. Great for creating a modern bar set up in your own home, or even a breakfast bar in your kitchen. [more...]

Crescent Bar Stool and Podium Table Set White - £329.8

A match made in heaven, the Crescent Bar Stools work so well when paired up with the Podium Table so we've packaged up this great set of four stools and a table. Great for creating a modern bar set up in your own home, or even a breakfast bar in your kitchen. [more...]

Crescent Bar Stool and Podium Table Set Red - £329.8

A match made in heaven, the Crescent Bar Stools work so well when paired up with the Podium Table so we've packaged up this great set of four stools and a table. Great for creating a modern bar set up in your own home, or even a breakfast bar in your kitchen. [more...]

Bar Blades Vinyl Coated Red - From £3.99

Whether you're a professional or an amateur flair bartender the Vinyl Coated Bar Blade is a strong and durable tool that will make your tricks look good and run smoothly! [more...]

Bar Blades Vinyl Coated Blue - From £3.99

An essential tool for any bartender, this Vinyl Coated Bar Blade in blue allows you to quickly and efficiently pop the caps off beer bottles. Made from stainless steel, this Bar Blade features a vinyl coat around the handle for added grip, while the spinner ring makes this perfect for flair bartending. [more...]

Multi-Purpose Glass Carrier - From £21.99

This Multi-Purpose Carrier offers a much more efficient and stable way of collecting and carrying glasses than a conventional tray. Ideal for collecting and stacking most glasses, it can prove invaluable when you have large amounts of glassware being used in pubs, beer gardens, night clubs and special events. [more...]

England Subbuteo Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml - From £12.99

Branded with an England Subbuteo character, this conical pint glass features some wise words that every man can understand - "More than just a game!" This pint glass is a great way for you and your mates to enjoy a cool beer in front of the TV while cheering on the England football team! [more...]

Tulip Head Keeper Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml - From £14.99

Be the toast of the town with your perfectly poured pints! Your place will be the only place to start a Friday night with the nucleated Tulip Head Keeper Pint Glass! The nucleated base keeps the bubbles bubbling away for longer which will help keep the head on your beer for longer. [more...]

Beer Bag - From £5.99

The only bag that a man won't moan about carrying, the Beer Bag is an easy-to-use piece of equipment ideal for barbecues and parties! Simply fill this water-tight plastic bag with icy water and keep your 6 pack of beers icy cold! [more...]

Pineapple Glass 20.8oz / 590ml - From £7.99

If you're getting a bit fed up of your usual cocktail glassware, then it's time you tried this plastic Pineapple Cocktail Glass. Unique, novelty and shaped like a fruit, you'll be the yellow envy of all your friends as you sip on a Pina Colada at your next party! [more...]

Summer Coloured Hurricane Cocktail Glasses 16.5oz / 470ml - £19.99

These Summer Coloured Hurricane Cocktail Glasses are guaranteed to get you and your guests in a summery mood. Featuring four bright plastic glasses, they are perfect for sipping delicious fruity cocktails in the sunshine. Made from polycarbonate plastic, they are durable enough to withstand knocks and regular reuse. [more...]

Super Martini Acrylic Glass 48oz / 1.4ltr - £30

Bound to be the centrepiece of your party or your star drink behind the bar, the Super Martini Acrylic Glass is the ideal vessel for sharing a drink with friends. Experiment with various vermouths and flavours to create your perfect drink, or try another classic cocktail such as a Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri or Manhattan. [more...]

Super Margarita Acrylic Glass 36oz / 1.1ltr - From £21.99

If a regular 10oz margarita glass doesn't hold quite enough to quench your thirst, then try this Super Margarita Acrylic Glass. Standing at over 8" tall, it's perfect for sharing the ultimate tequila cocktail with friends. [more...]

Summer Cocktail Party Pack - £27.99

If you're looking to inject a bit of colour into your next cocktail party, you can't get much brighter than this Summer Cocktail Party Pack! Featuring everything you need to get your guests in a perfect summery mood, even if it's raining outside! [more...]

ICE Bucket White with Scoop - £18.99

Fire and ice are worlds apart and yet this ICE Bucket takes its inspiration from its rival to create a great looking party accessory. Instead of the classic red FIRE bucket, this bucket is bright white and features cool silver ICE lettering. [more...]

Inflatable Beer Mug Cooler - £15.99

At over 2 feet tall, this tankard shaped cooler will hold enough cans and bottles to see you through the afternoon and well into the night. Fill with ice cubes and icy cold water and you'll soon be sipping on arctic cold beers with friends. Great for parties, events, camping, BBQs and footie matches. [more...]

Coors Light Frosted Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml - £19.99

If you like a nice frosty pint of one of America's premium beers, Coors Light, then what better way to enjoy it than with a branded Coors Frosted Pint Glass? With a frosted glass finish, this pint glass is printed with a coloured Coors logo, and the Colorado mountains. [more...]

Bottle Display Stand - £9.99

If your going all out on an up and coming party and presentation is key then rather than just getting the beers out of the fridge have them on display using this very cool bottle display stand. Using the plastic guides you are able to stack up your beer bottles into a pyramid of drink wonder. [more...]

Hollowick Ambre Lustre Dining Lamp - £22.49

This patterned glass holder is designed for use with official Hollowick burners. The burner uses lamp fuel, with a reliable burn time of 36 hours. Small and compact, this Hollowick Ambre Lustre Dining Lamp adds a subtle touch of ambiance where needed. [more...]

Biopac Biodegradable Spirit Tumblers 7oz / 200ml - From £6.99

The Biopac Biodegradable Spirit Tumblers provide the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic disposable cups. Made from PLA which is derived from corn starch, these tumblers are fully compostable so they won't fill up landfill sites. [more...]

Disco Ball - £22.99

Take your bar, dance hall or living room back to the old skool with this classic Disco Ball. Complete with a motor, this slowly rotating mirror ball will dazzle the room with light, creating a dramatic effect. It will instantly transform any dull looking room into a fabulous discotheque to get your guests into a party mood. [more...]

Banquet Roll White 100mtr - From £24.99

For a professional finish, this embossed Banquet Roll is ideal for covering tables at buffets, parties or dinner. This disposable roll can be cut to size, while its simple design lends itself to a variety of situations. [more...]

Rigid Re-usable Half Pint Tumblers CE 10oz / 285ml - From £2.99

When it gets late in the weekend and your friends are getting a bit lairy at your home bar, you might begin to worry that a few glasses will get knocked over or dropped. All you need is a few of these acrylic re-usable tumblers! [more...]

Princesa Champagne Flutes 5.3oz / 150ml - From £29.99

The Princesa Champagne Flutes are the perfect choice for serving up a bottle of bubbly. These slim flutes not only look great, but also have the strength to withstand regular use. Great for parties, special events or just to complete your bar glassware collection, they have been designed for professional use. [more...]

Sensation Champagne Flutes 5.6oz / 160ml - From £36.99

Fluid and trendy lines define the Sensation Champagne Flutes. They have been designed with an extra fine rim for optimum drinking pleasure. Great for dishing out the champagne in very classy looking glasses, the fine finish to the glasses gives them an airy and elegant feel. [more...]

Spider Wine Glass Holder - £15.99

The Spider Wine Glass Holder effortlessly combines practicality with style to help you become the perfect host. Ideal for dinner parties, barbeques or an evening's entertaining, it conveniently holds four wine glasses until you're ready to serve. [more...]

Lismore Essence Balloon Wine Glasses 18.3oz / 520ml - £124.99

For a certain touch of elegance to your dinner placement, the Lismore Essence Wine Glasses help add to a luxuriously sophisticated look to any setting. With a large balloon bowl, this crystal wine glass features cut glass patterns to create a sparkle and help to visually complement your wine. [more...]

John Rocha Black Cut Champagne Flutes 5.3oz / 150ml - £124.99

Each Black Cut Champagne Flute features a striking black glass finish ensuring they immediately stand out from all other tableware. To top off the slick, dark aesthetic, these designer champagne flutes are contrasted with a diamond design cut glass band running around the bowl. [more...]

Coolmovers Polycarbonate Tumblers 13oz / 370ml - £29.99

If you're hosting a garden party, it's not enough to dish out some plain plastic cups that will blow over in the slightest breeze. Impress your guests with these durable and colourful Coolmovers Polycarbonate Tumblers. [more...]

Striped Drink Tokens - £4.99

When catering for an event, it is common that you will need to keep check of how many drinks are allocated to each person. With free bars being popular for weddings, and other special occasions, using drink tokens as payment will ensure no one is allowed more than their limit. [more...]

John Rocha Black Cut Shot Glasses 1.75oz / 50ml - £129.99

The Black Cut range provides any drinker with a more refined aesthetic ensuring to promote the use of these designer examples of glassware. These shots feature a black glass body, with a clear band of diamond effect cut glass to create a bold and contrasting look. [more...]

Disposable Pint Tumblers LCE at 20oz / 568ml - From £4.99

When you're hosting a party in your own home, one of the main worries is breakages. The simple answer are these light-weight, flexi-glass disposables! [more...]

Dealer Visor Red - From £3.99

Invite your friends over for a night of serious merriment as you play the role of dealer in this classic style dealer visor! Affordable yet still stylish, this is one accessory your game will not be complete without! [more...]

Novelty Boob Shaped Jelly Mould - £5.99

Guaranteed to add some cheeky fun and erotica to your party, this Novelty Boob Shaped Jelly Mould will be the subject of much conversation and laughter. Now stags and birthday boys can have their very own 'life size' wobbly pair and hens can celebrate their womanhood! [more...]

Econ Polystyrene Shot Glasses CE 0.9oz / 25ml - From £1.99

CE marked at 25ml to the brim, these shot glasses are legally usable in bars and clubs, and are ideal for catering events, while the sensible polystyrene plastic material makes them ideal for home use. The fact that these plastic shot glasses are dishwasher safe means they are the obvious choice for all shot lovers! [more...]

Econ Polystyrene Shot Glasses CE 1.25oz / 35ml - From £1.99

Made from a solid Crystal Polystyrene, these strong plastic shot glasses provide a safe alternative to shattered glass, and at an affordable price. With a CE mark for 35ml to the brim, these plastic shots are ideal for use in pubs and clubs as well as being ideal for the home. [more...]

Econ Polystyrene Shot Glasses CE 1.75oz / 50ml - From £1.99

These plastic shot glasses feature a fully rigid construction, which allows for a few bumps and knocks without the fear of smashed glass littering your carpets! While these reusable plastic tumblers are great for use at home, they are CE marked to the brim, which makes them legally usable in pubs and clubs! [more...]

Econ Neon Polystyrene Shot Glasses CE 0.9oz / 25ml - From £2.99

Made from a rigid Polystyrene plastic, these vibrant shot glasses are the ideal alternative to glassware which holds the risk of breakages and broken glass. Suitable to be used again and again, these reusable shot tumblers will glow under UV light to create a brightly coloured light show for anyone at the bar! [more...]

Econ Neon Polystyrene Shot Glasses CE 1.75oz / 50ml - From £2.99

Perfect for parties and events, these Polystyrene Shot Glasses are solid enough to take plenty of bumps and knocks without the worry of smashed glass all over your bar top. To add to their appeal, these vivid shots come in a variety of neon colours that are highly visible under UV light! [more...]

Econ Neon Polystyrene Shot Glasses CE 1.25oz / 35ml - From £2.99

This pack of 6 colourful translucent shot tumblers ensures a bold and exciting display, no matter what drink you're serving! What's more, these plastic shots glow under UV light, meaning they will mesmerise anyone, whether they've already had a shot or not! [more...]

Soccer Party Banner - £2.99

Whether you have a new season, World Cup or European Championship to celebrate, this Soccer Party Banner will get everyone in the mood for the big game. Also ideal for any footie lover's birthday, you can celebrate in style while singing along to your favourite football song. [more...]

Giant Acrylic Champagne Flute 670oz / 19ltr - £169.99

For a night of celebration, the Giant Champagne Flute makes a great centrepiece for your happy guests to marvel over, and is a great place to keep iced bottles of bubbly! Perfect for filling with cocktail, bottles or decorations. [more...]

Giant Acrylic Margarita Glass 1230oz / 35ltr - £159.99

If you've got a creative streak, then try mixing up a cocktail in the Giant Margarita Glass! With plenty of room for a giant cocktail creation, this acrylic glass is perfect for party guests to share some punch! Use your imagination and who knows what you will come up with! [more...]

Melamine Ashtray Red - From £1.49

Ideal for use at home, or in a pub garden, the Melamine Ashtray is an essential piece of party paraphernalia that will save your surfaces from discarded ash. The 8 notches around the bowl make this ashtray an ideal accessory for a garden party or barbeque! [more...]

Melamine Windproof Ashtray Black - From £5.99

The real downside to the smoking ban has been the weather. As the year progresses, the weather gets worse. There are several ways to combat this. Shelters, heaters, and now, the Windproof Ashtray! [more...]

Melamine Ashtray Black - From £0.99

Perfect for use at a garden bench, the Melamine Ashtray is an essential piece of party paraphernalia that will save your surfaces from discarded ash. The 3 notches around the bowl allow you to enjoy the outside with your friends, making this ashtray an ideal accessory for a garden party or barbeque! [more...]

Red American Party Cups 16oz / 455ml - From £11.99

Red Party Cups have become a party essential and cultural icon across the pond. Featured in films such as American Pie, the Red American Party Cups from [email protected] are perfect for your own American style party! Perfect for indoor parties, outdoor catering and large events, they can even be used for a classic game of Beer Pong! [more...]

Sensation Wine Glasses 16oz / 450ml - From £22.99

Fluid and trendy lines define this range of stemmed glasses designed with an extra fine rim, for optimum drinking pleasure. Perfect for accompanying a swanky dinner party, the Sensation certainly lives up to it's name! [more...]

Sensation Wine Glasses 9.5oz LCE at 175ml - From £37.99

Fluid and trendy lines define this range of stemmed glasses designed with an extra fine rim, for optimum drinking pleasure. Perfect for accompanying a swanky dinner party, the Sensation certainly lives up to it's name! [more...]

Sensation Wine Glasses 10.9oz LCE at 250ml - From £40.99

Fluid and trendy lines define this range of stemmed glasses designed with an extra fine rim, for optimum drinking pleasure. Perfect for accompanying a swanky dinner party, the Sensation certainly lives up to it's name! [more...]

Signature Wine Glasses 8.5oz / 250ml - From £16.99

The Signature Wine Glass offers a tall, elegant design, perfect for serving wine at your latest dinner party. Boxed in attractive gift packaging, these glasses are ideal for giving as a present for someone entering a new home. [more...]

Signature Wine Glasses 12.5oz / 350ml - From £19.99

The largest of the Signature Wine Glasses, this elegant stemmed glass makes the perfect statement at the dinner table. With a non-specific shaped bowl, these glasses aren't limited to one wine variety, making them perfect for entertaining of all types. [more...]

Campus Half Pint Glasses CE 10oz / 285ml - From £8.99

These Campus Glasses from professional glass manufacturer Arcoroc feature a unique shape which enables them to be stacked. Versatile enough for any situation, they are CE marked to half a pint, making these ideal for use in the home or behind the bar. [more...]

Signature Wine Glasses 8.5oz LCE at 175ml - From £21.99

Lined at 175ml, the CE marked Signature Wine Glasses are perfect for serving a medium glass of wine in licenced establishments. The non-specific shape of the bowl of the Signature Wine Glass makes it suitable for serving reds, whites, or rosé. [more...]

Signature Wine Glasses 12.5oz LCE at 250ml - From £19.99

For by-the-glass wine service, the Signature Wine Glasses are lined and CE marked at 250ml for offering a large glass of wine. With a classic and all-purpose shape, the Signature Wine Glasses are ideal for general use for all wine varietals. [more...]

Michelangelo Red Wine Glasses 8oz / 230ml - From £27.99

With their crystal clear build, the Michelangelo Red Wine Glasses allow your favourite tipple to sparkle for a perfect dinner table setting. The fine rim on these sophisticated pieces of stemware provides the ultimate tasting experience, making them suitable for both domestic and commercial use. [more...]

Michelangelo Champagne Flutes 5.5oz / 150ml - From £26.99

The Michelangelo Champagne Flutes are made from elegant crystal glass, providing a fine rim for a better tasting experience, and the clarity of the glass helps to bring out the colours of your chosen tipple. Essential for any celebration, these champagne glasses represent a premium level of glassware. [more...]

Islande Hiball Glasses 5.5oz / 160ml - From £6.99

The Islande range gives you the simplicity of a standard hiball, but in a taller, slimmer style with a heavy base design. Smaller than your average hiball, these are perfect for serving up spirits with ice, a refreshing juice or a glass of water for the dinner table. [more...]

Islande Hiball Half Pint Glasses 10oz / 290ml - From £7.99

The Islande range gives you the simplicity of a standard hiball, but in a taller, slimmer style with a heavy base design. Great for juices and soft drinks, no home should be without them! [more...]

Islande Hiball Glasses 12.7oz / 360ml - From £7.99

The Islande range gives you the simplicity of a standard hiball, but in a taller, slimmer style with a heavy base design. These tall glasses are perfect for serving up a long cocktails, such as a mojito, long island ice tea or even a simple gin and tonic. [more...]

Islande Hiball Glasses 11.5oz / 330ml - From £14.99

The Islande range gives you the simplicity of a standard hiball, but in a taller, slimmer style with a heavy base design. Great for juices and soft drinks, no home should be without them! [more...]

Windproof Ashtray Stainless Steel - From £3.99

Never worry about your garden getting littered with ash and cigarette butts, the Windproof Ashtray keeps everything stored away for easy disposal. Ideal for pub gardens, or even for use at home, this compact ashtray proves indispensable for those keen on a sneaky cigarette! [more...]

Islande Hiball Half Pint Glasses CE 10oz / 290ml - £53.99

The Islande range gives you the simplicity of a standard hiball, but in a taller, slimmer style with a heavy base design. Great for juices and soft drinks, no home should be without them! [more...]

Granity Hiball Glasses 7oz / 200ml - From £14.99

These retro glasses are not only perfect for serving up a classic milkshake, but are also great for a refreshing helping of juice, an icy cold glass of water or a spirit with mixer. Great for filling with ice, the Granity Hiball Glasses feature extra grip, ensuring you keep a good hold on your drink however icy cold it gets. [more...]

Granity Hiball Glasses 16oz / 460ml - From £24.99

Large enough for a tall milkshake, smoothie or juice, these Granity Hiball Glasses are suitable for all the family. If you're throwing a party, you can fill these with an ice cold beer, fizzing cola, spirit with mixer or a cocktail punch. [more...]

Granity Hiball Half Pint Glasses CE 10oz / 280ml - £59.99

The Granity Hiball Half Pint Glasses are versatile enough for a variety of uses. Whether you're serving up chilled soft drinks and juices, light beers and shandies or just a refreshing glass of water, these CE marked glasses are perfect for getting the amount just right. [more...]

Starch Plastic Disposable Knives - From £6.99

Help do your part, and let your conscience relax with the Starch Disposable Knives! Made from 100% compostable cornstarch, these pieces of biodegradable cutlery are perfect for you to enjoy your party with peace of mind that you can dispose of your cutlery without it harming the environment. [more...]

Starch Plastic Disposable Forks - From £6.99

Introducing the interesting concept of eating food with food, these disposable party forks are made from cornstarch which is highly eco-friendly because they are 100% biodegradable. Perfect for outdoor events such as buffets and barbeques where disposables are an essential. [more...]

Starch Plastic Disposable Spoons - From £3.99

There's no need to have the weight of non-eco-friendly disposables on your mind anymore - now these Starch Plastic Disposable Spoons offer a 'green' way to cater for a party! Made from 100% biodegradable cornstarch, you can comfortably dispose of these party spoons with a clear conscience that they won't harm the environment. [more...]

Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Bowls - From £11.99

Unfortunately, there's often a lot of clearing up when catering for buffets or outdoor events. Chances are you'll have an overflowing rubbish bin the next morning, resulting in a lot of wasted materials. If you're looking for a greener alternative, the Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Bowls can be disposed of with compostable rubbish, making them the perfect substitute to plastic coated paper disposables. [more...]

Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Small Plates - From £8.99

Aside from asking your guests to share plates or handing out your best china, you need a suitable alternative to the common paper plate. The Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Plates are made from sugarcane fibre, which is 100% biodegradable, and a fully renewable source material. These sturdy plates are an obvious choice for the environmentally conscious [more...]

Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Large Plates - From £21.99

Everyone wants to feel like they're doing their bit for the environment. We recycle our rubbish, use the car less and reuse our plastic bags at the supermarket. Now you can swap your plastic coated paper plates at your next BBQ, buffet or outdoor event for the Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Plates. [more...]

Jack Daniel's Shot Glasses 2.3oz / 65ml - £14.99

Jack Daniel's is undoubtedly a sharp little drink, which makes it a great tipple to start your evening with. Get just the right amount of JD with the Jack Daniels Shot Glasses! With the classic Old No. 7 logo printed on the front, and the Jack Daniel signature on the reverse, these shot glasses are ideal for any JD fan. [more...]

Jack Daniel's Hip Flask Gift Set - £19.99

This deluxe 4oz chrome hip flask comes complete with a shot cup and a funnel for you to easily refill your flask whenever you want some JD on the go. The whole set is presented in a sleek wooden gift box, making this the perfect gift for any JD fan. [more...]

Haworth Pint Tankards 20oz / 568ml - From £8.99

Built to a professional quality the Haworth Pint Tankards are the perfect glass for having a chilled beverage at home with your friends. Being pint sized these beer mugs are perfect for a wide range of different drinks. [more...]

Martigues Pilsner Glasses 11.6oz / 330ml - From £9.99

The Martigues is bringing back a touch of class to the enjoyment of a nice cool beer! With its sleek conical trumpet shape, the Pilsner glass adds a touch of refinement to any gathering, and is perfect for keeping you and your mates refreshed during a lengthy poker game, or for your latest garden party! [more...]

Paper Coasters - From £14.99

Because presentation is everything, these Paper Coasters not only add a touch of elegance to your bar service, but also protect the bar or table top from ring marks. These professional quality coasters have a waxed back and soft texture with a subtle ring pattern. [more...]

Zojirushi Gravity Beverage Dispenser DVA - From £96.99

Great for lengthy office meetings or lunch rooms in any situation, the DVA drinks dispenser has a large 10 litre capacity ensuring it will supply tea or coffee as long as you need it. Keeps beverages hot for 2 to 4 hours. [more...]

Disposable Poly Cups 10oz / 300ml - £44.99

For all those situations where real cups aren't appropriate, these Disposable Poly Cups provide the ideal alternative. Suitable for hot beverages, from tea to soup, these cups are made from polystyrene for a smoothwall finish and insulation from the cold. [more...]

Disposable Poly Cups 7oz / 200ml - £29.99

Obviously it's not always convenient to carry around a fine china cup, so for all those situations where you need a portable alternative, these Disposable Poly Cups come in very handy. Their polystyrene construction results in a smoothwall finish and will keep hot beverages insulated from the cold. [more...]

Key-Bak Carabiner Reel - £19.99

If you want to prove yourself as a bartender you've got to be able to keep up with the top dogs. In the world of flair, getting bottle tops off at speed is so essential there's competitions for it. Ensure you always have your trusty bar blade to hand with the Key-Bak Carabiner Reel. [more...]

Shake n' Crack Strainer Tin - From £21.99

When speed is of the essence, you need the right tools for the job. Whether you're impressing your mates at home or serving at a busy bar, this Shake n' Crack Strainer Tin will help speed up the process. Combining two essential bartender tools, the tin and the strainer, it provides an efficient, easy to use cocktail shaker. [more...]

Salto Clear Hiball Glasses 17.5oz / 500ml - From £12.99

While ideal for a variety of applications, the Salto Hiball Glasses lend themselves perfectly to nice summer fruit juices, and the large volume ensures you can fit in plenty of your favourite drink! With a sleek curved bowl design, the these hiballs offer a higher quality of presentation for your dinner service. [more...]

Droog Optic Glasses 9.9oz / 280ml - £35.99

These odd looking Droog Optic Glasses instantly come to life and change your view when filled with a clear liquid. The concave and convex lenses create a whole new view of your surroundings, with objects and people instantly becoming magnified, twisted and stretched. [more...]

Tall Champagne Goblets 6.3oz / 180ml - £129.99

This pair of Tall Champagne Goblets really are something to behold. Stunningly silver plated on the outside and gloriously gold plated on the inside, you'll feel like royalty as you sip sparkling wine from these goblets. [more...]

Charles II Wine Goblets 3.9oz / 110ml - £89.99

You don't need a round table to enjoy these Charles II Wine Goblets. The silver plated finish ensures their status as pride of place in your cabinet. Fine wine served from these luxury wine goblets makes for a pleasurable drinking experience. [more...]

Hammered Style Pewter Hip Flask 6oz / 170ml - £48.99

The classic hip flask often stirs up fond memories of fathers or grandfathers having a quick tipple. This Hammered Style Pewter Hip Flask allows you to create more family memories, making an ideal gift for any whisky drinker. [more...]

Half Hammered Pint Pewter Tankard 20oz / 568ml - £39.99

The distinctive design of the Half Hammered Pint Pewter Tankard instantly sets it apart from the rest. The classic tankard design features a hammered effect and a stylishly simple handle. [more...]

10° Barserie Old Fashioned Whisky Tumblers 11.4oz / 325ml - £97.99

After a few whiskies, you might be feeling like this old fashioned tumbler! From the 10° Barserie range, this unique whisky tumbler dynamically leans to one side, reaching out for the next drink! Made from Tritan crystal glass, these tumblers present a unique clarity favoured by restaurants across Europe. [more...]

Haworth Pint Tankards CE 20oz / 568ml - From £12.99

These classic beer mugs are the perfect glass to enjoy your favourite brew! Whether you prefer beer, lager, or a drop of ale, the Haworth Pint Tankard has all the qualities of your new favourite glass for every occasion! [more...]

Deluxe Cognac & Brandy Warmer Set - £29.99

The Deluxe Cognac & Brandy Warmer Set by [email protected] has been created specially for those that enjoy a nice warm hit of liqueur on a cool evening. Luxuriously packaged in a latched wooden gift box, this set allows you to heat your brandy or cognac with the gentle warmth of candlelight. [more...]

Cabernet Ballon Wine Glasses 16oz / 470ml - From £20.99

If you want a glass that will truly complement your wine, the Cabernet Ballon Wine Glasses are the ideal choice. A large bowl sits on an elegant slim stem to allow you to stimulate the flavours and bouquet of your wine. The Cabernet Ballon is made from innovative Kwarx Advanced Materials. [more...]

Cabernet Ballon Wine Glasses 26oz / 700ml - From £21.99

The Cabernet Ballon Wine Glasses allow you to savour every sip of your wine with their specially designed glass. The large capacity bowl allows you to fully swirl your wine before inhaling the aromas and enjoying the flavours. The Cabernet Ballon features Arcoroc's inventive Kwarx Advanced Material, ensuring this is a must have in your glassware cabinet. [more...]

Cabernet Ballon Wine Glasses 12.3oz LCE at 250ml - From £19.99

Arcoroc has been developing their Kwarx Advanced Material for two years to ensure you have the finest quality glassware sitting on your table. LCE marked at 250ml, the Cabernet Ballon is suitable for use in bars, restaurants and the home. [more...]

Elisa Wine Glasses 6.3oz / 180ml - From £27.99

The Elisa Wine Glass will accommodate virtually any wine you're in the mood for. The tall bowl lets you appreciate the aromas before tasting. Perfect for a dinner party or a relaxing evening with friends, these professional quality glasses can be used in both domestic and commercial environments. [more...]

Elisa Wine Glasses 8oz / 230ml - From £32.99

Whether you're serving up a vintage red at a dinner party or relaxing with an elegant white at a bar, the Elisa Wine Glass offers the perfect vessel. Suitable for both commercial and domestic use, this glass will prove an essential part of any glassware collection. [more...]

Elisa Wine Glasses 8oz LCE at 175ml - From £36.99

With more people aware of how much they're drinking, it helps to know exactly how much you're consuming. The Elisa Wine Glasses are LCE marked at 175ml, helping you pour a precise amount to ensure you don't go overboard. [more...]

Elisa Wine Glasses 10.6oz / 300ml - From £39.99

If you're the sort of person that loves to throw an impromptu dinner party and regularly has friends over for drinks, you need a versatile glass that will cater for any bottle you have in your wine rack. The Elisa Wine Glass is perfect for serving up reds, whites and rosés. [more...]

Elisa Wine Glasses 10.6oz LCE at 250ml - From £42.99

The Elisa Wine Glass is a durable glass goblet that's suitable for everyday occasions, allowing you to serve up a variety of wines without the need to swap glasses. LCE marked at 250ml, this glass ensures you pour the perfect amount each time. Whether you're serving up to guests at a dinner party or customers at a bar, these professional quality glasses offer much more for your money than standard glassware. [more...]

Whirlpool Ice Maker K20 - From £49.99

The Ice Maker K20 by Whirlpool is an excellent low output ice maker. Producing 24kg of ice in 24hrs, this is ideal for professional catering and drinks establishments, such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars and event organisers. [more...]

Whirlpool Ice Maker K40 - From £49.99

The Ice Maker K40 by Whirlpool is a stylish, reliable and medium output ice machine. Producing 40kg of ice in 24 hours, this is ideal for professional catering and drinks establishments, such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars and event organisers. [more...]

Egg Clacker - £11.99

There's nothing quite like starting your day with a soft boiled egg and toast soldiers, however giving your egg a good old tap can get a bit messy sometimes. Say goodbye to the days of egg shell and yolk on the breakfast table with the Egg Clacker. This neat little device whips the top clean off your egg in just a few seconds! [more...]

Blizzard Glass Front Refrigerator GDR40 - £629.99

The GDR40 features a clear glass door with a white and black exterior and food safe plastic interior. Ideal for use either as a front or back of house product display, it allows consumers quick and easy display. For use in pubs, cafes and shops. [more...]

Tower Slicer and Wedger - £29.99

The Tower Slicer and Wedger is an ingenious time and effort saving device, allowing you to chop through fruit and veg in seconds. Whether you want evenly sliced cucumbers and carrots or chunky wedges of potatoes and lemons, the Tower has two interchangeable chopping blades with a patented V-shape design. [more...]

Blizzard BAR-3 Bottle Cooler Stainless Steel - £1030

This efficient and stylish Blizzard BAR-3 Bottle Cooler is the perfect way to chill drinks behind your bar. With a stainless steel finish, this cooler offers both a contemporary and practical design and is ideal for undercounter placement at the back of your bar. [more...]

Blizzard BAR-3 Bottle Cooler Black - £789.99

This Blizzard BAR-3 Bottle Cooler in black offers a generous capacity, ideal for bars, restaurants and cafes wanting to offer a wide selection of drinks. Offering minimal running costs for daily use, this efficient and stylish cooler also features glass fronted doors for a clear display. [more...]

Roma Glass Bottle 250ml - From £3.99

If you've spent precious time perfecting your homebrew, you can't just stick it in a plastic bottle or flask and expect it to retain its freshness. The Roma Glass Bottles are ideal for preserving freshly made beer, ale or cider. [more...]

Hamilton Beach Single Spindle Mixer HMD200 - £599.99

The Hamilton Beach Single Spindle Mixer is perfect for mixing up a variety of cold drinks, from milkshakes to smoothies, and can even be used to mix batter for cooking. Ideal for use in commercial bars, the HMD200 provides a quick way to mix, including 3 speeds and a pulse setting for the perfect blend. [more...]

Hamilton Beach Triple Spindle Mixer HMD400 - £1449.99

The Hamilton Beach Triple Spindle Mixer is perfect for use in commercial bars, cafes and restaurants, allowing the user to mix 3 different drinks at once. The spindle design makes this mixer ideal for blending milkshakes, smoothies, cocktails and batter mix. [more...]

Stainless Steel Cake Stand - From £18.99

If you've spent hours measuring, sieving, whisking and baking a tasty looking cake you obviously want to show it off. The Stainless Steel Cake Stand will proudly display your creation for guests to marvel at. Stylish and modern, the sleek stainless steel design makes this ideal for any occasion, from quiet afternoon tea to large dinner parties. [more...]

Tropical Palm Tree Inflatable Cooler - £29.99

Let your imagination drift away to white sandy beaches, calm blue oceans and tropical palm trees while you sip on a refreshingly chilled beer, freshly plucked from this Tropical Palm Tree Inflatable Cooler. While it won't take you there, this cooler will instantly bring a tropical theme to your party instead. [more...]

Mondial Elite Display Fridge BEV PR60 - £1044.99

The Mondial Elite BEV PR60 is an excellent way of displaying your range of food and drink. This stylish fridge can be used either front of house for customers or back of house for staff. Featuring a white lacquered exterior and a glass door, consumers can quickly make their choice before they even open the door. [more...]

Mondial Elite Display Fridge BEV PR40 - £817.99

This Mondial Elite Display Fridge is perfect for front of house refrigeration, giving consumers easy access and choice. Perfect for displaying food and drinks, the glass front allows browsing without the need to open the door. [more...]

Screened Whiskey Flow Pourer - From £1.99

Without reducing the flow of liqueur, this drinks pourer is ideal for ensuring that your drinks are filtered, just in case any stray dust particles get in the way of someone's drinking enjoyment. Ideal for use in the home, as well as pubs and bars, these pourers will soon prove to be an essential part of your bar equipment. [more...]

Heavy Chrome Pourer - From £3.99

If you find there's often more liquid on the bar top than in the glass, it's time to invest in a spirit pourer. This Heavy Chrome Pourer is perfect for showing off your flair skills or just simply pouring a mess free shot. [more...]

Stainless Steel Bar Tray with Black PVC 12inch - £17.99

There's nothing worse than seeing your prized glassware all over the floor, especially when it could have been easily avoided. This Stainless Steel Bar Tray has an integrated black PVC layer over the tray surface, allowing you to serve drinks with confidence. [more...]

Stainless Steel Bar Tray with Black PVC 14inch - £21.99

When carrying various plates, cups and glasses, it can be difficult to keep your balance. This Stainless Steel Bar Tray features a simple solution in the form of a Black PVC layer on the tray, which helps objects grip to the surface. [more...]

Bar Blade Powder Coated Black - £3.99

Optimized for speed and ease of use, the classic design of the Bar Blade makes it popular among professional and flair bartenders. The long neck gives you more leverage when opening crown bottle tops, allowing you to open at speed. [more...]

Cin Cin Tall Beer Glasses 14.4oz / 410ml - £29.99

This tall, elegant Cin Cin Beer Glass is ideal for serving up a beer, ale or lager to guests. The narrow body sits on a short stem and steady base, an ornateness suited to any occasion. [more...]

Cin Cin Beer Glasses 12oz / 345ml - From £19.99

For a more refined beer drinking session, the Cin Cin Beer Glass is the perfect vessel from which to sip a fine ale or beer. The short stem holds a tulip shaped bowl which holds a generous half pint, with room for a large head. [more...]

Cin Cin Red Wine Glasses 7.4oz / 210ml - From £14.99

The Cin Cin Red Wine Glass is perfect if you fancy a casual glass of vino without using your finest crystal glassware. This tumbler style wine glass features a short stem and wide bowl, exuding an understated elegance. [more...]

Cin Cin White Wine Glasses 5.3oz / 150ml - From £12.99

If you fancy a casual glass of wine in front of the TV, or with your dinner, you might not feel like dusting off your best stem glasses for the occasion. These Cin Cin White Wine Glasses provide the perfect alternative, allowing you to enjoy your bottle of white without compromising on the benefits of a stemmed wine bowl. [more...]

Duralex Gigogne Tumblers 7.7oz / 220ml - From £6.99

If you find you and your family going through glassware as frequently as you wash your socks, then it's about time you invested in some tempered glassware. The Duralex Gigogne Tumblers have been designed so they are chip and shock resistant, will rarely break and if they do, will shatter in blunt fragments. [more...]

Duralex Gigogne Tumblers 5.6oz / 160ml - From £8.99

These traditional Duralex Gigogne Tumblers are ideal for modern living, instantly adaptable to any situation. With their fully tempered design, these glasses will stand up against plenty of knocks and bashes. [more...]

Duralex Provence Tumblers 8.8oz / 250ml - From £9.99

It's a difficult decision to trust a room full of party guests with your precious glassware. Here to help you relax is the Duralex Provence Tumbler, a fully tempered glass which is durable and dishwasher safe. These glasses are so tough, they have been used in French schools for decades. [more...]

Duralex Provence Tumblers 7.7oz / 220ml - From £9.99

Duralex Provence Tumblers have stood the test of time and have been a popular choice since the 1920s. The original tempered glass manufactuers have applied their process to the Provence, resulting in an elegant and durable glass. [more...]

Martigues Pilsner Half Pint Glasses CE 10oz / 280ml - From £8.99

An ideal alternative to a standard tulip beer glass, or a dimple mug, this half-pint Pilsner glass is a great way of serving up a variety of beers and lagers. The tall, slender shape of the Martigues Pilsner Glass ensures these classy beer tumblers stand in any situation. [more...]

Duralex Provence Tumblers 5.6oz / 160ml - From £8.99

If you find yourself lacking space in your glassware cabinet, these Duralex Provence Tumblers might just be the perfect solution. Small and stackable, these tumblers are ideal for a variety of situations. [more...]

Duralex Provence Tumblers 4.6oz / 130ml - From £8.99

The traditional elegance of the Duralex Provence Tumbler has graced French homes, schools and cafes for many years. Often chosen due to its practical tempered design, the Provence is highly resistant to shock. [more...]

Duralex Provence Pony Tumblers 3.2oz / 90ml - From £7.99

The name Pony in glassware often associated with having a quick drink between horse races and these Duralex Provence Pony Tumblers are perfect for a brief tipple. The 90ml capacity holds a generous double shot, making them ideal for a nightcap or sipping on an after dinner liqueur. [more...]

Duralex Picardie Hiball Tumblers 12.7oz / 360ml - From £16.99

This Picardie Hiball Tumbler features the classic Duralex design in a taller hiball glass. Perfect for filling with ice and serving up a soft drink, juice, glass of water or a chilled beer. A glassware essential for every household. [more...]

Duralex Picardie Tumblers 10.9oz / 310ml - From £14.99

The Duralex Picardie Tumbler proves to be a timeless glass, offering both beauty and practicality. These tumblers have been used in French schools, cafes and homes since their conception in 1927. Still produced in France, the Picardie is used all over the world, from serving up water in American canteens to sipping tea in far flung Middle Eastern villages. [more...]

Duralex Picardie Tumblers 8.8oz / 250ml - From £9.99

The classic Duralex Picardie Tumbler design has been around since 1927. As French as the beret and the baguette, Duralex Glasses have been an almost permanent feature in French schools, homes and bistros. The reason for their popularity stems from the simple and durable tempered glass design. [more...]

Michelangelo Sherry Glasses 2.5oz / 70ml - From £23.99

The Michelangelo Sherry Glasses are the ideal way to enjoy a drop of your favourite liqueur. Whether you prefer a sherry or port, these elegant pieces of stemware provide a perfect drinking vessel. Made from lead-free crystal glass, these sophisticated glasses feature a fine rim for the ultimate tasting experience. [more...]

Michelangelo Tall Sherry Glasses 4oz / 115ml - From £19.99

While these tall sherry glasses have been designed with Prosecco in mind, their elegant finish allows them to be applied to a wide variety of drink. Perfect for sampling fortified wines, the shape of this lead-free crystal glass is reminiscent of a small champagne flute giving you the opportunity for an alternative dinner service. [more...]

Michelangelo Champagne Saucers 7.5oz / 210ml - From £29.99

When champagne is brought out at a celebration, you know that things really are special. To make your party or event memorable, you need to accompany your bubbly with a suitable piece of elegant stemware. The Michelangelo range of lead-free crystal glassware presents a clarity rarely found in other ranges. [more...]

Michelangelo White Wine Glasses 6.5oz / 180ml - From £27.99

The Michelangelo White Wine Glasses are a prime example of a wine glass that lends itself to a variety of wines. While affordable, these lead-free crystal glasses are one of the finest pieces of stemware available, with an unrivalled clarity. [more...]

Michelangelo White Wine Glasses 6.5oz LCE at 125ml - From £31.99

When serving wine, it's ideal to have an truly exquisite piece of stemware that complements the aromas and tastes in your favourite tipple. The Michelangelo White Wine Glasses are made from a lead-free crystal that gives them a superior clarity that complements the colours of any white wine. [more...]

Michelangelo Red Wine Glasses 8oz LCE at 175ml - From £32.99

Lined at 175ml, these red wine glasses from the Michelangelo range ensure an exact measure every time, meaning they are perfect for use in licenced establishments, and great for large events. In this lead-free crystal glass the drinker is provided with an elegant vessel that features a fine rim, perfect for tasting. [more...]

Michelangelo Grandi Vini Glasses 12oz / 340ml - From £35.99

The crystal glass construction of these elite pieces of stemware ensures a quality of build from base to rim. Ideal for a variety of wines, the large capacity of the Michelangelo Grandi Vini Glasses is equally suited for reds and whites, making them perfect for serving wine at your latest dinner party! [more...]

Michelangelo Grandi Vini Glasses 12oz LCE at 175ml - £129.99

With a true elegance, the Grandi Vini Glasses from Luigi Bormioli are always the first choice for presenting wine with a clarity only found with crystal glass. The fine rim of these high quality pieces of stemware makes them ideal for wine connoisseurs and tasters. [more...]

Michelangelo Grandi Vini Glasses 12oz LCE at 250ml - £129.99

When it comes to wine, there is none better for a refined presentation than the Michelangelo Grandi Vini Glasses. Lined at 250ml, these goblets are perfect for use in licenced establishments, and the elegant crystal finish gives a clarity that complements any wine. [more...]

Michelangelo Mega Grandi Vini Glasses 17oz / 480ml - From £27.99

The lead-free crystal glass construction gives each stemmed wine glass a perfect clarity to complement any table service. With a large capacity, you can enjoy more of your favourite wine without the need for trips back and forth to get more! [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece Grappa Glasses 3.5oz / 100ml - £89.99

If you like a nice digestiv after dinner, then what better tipple than a drop of Italian Grappa? The Michelangelo Masterpiece Grappa Glasses are an elegant example of the bulbous stemmed glass designed specifically for enjoying grappa. [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece Martini Glasses 7.5oz / 210ml - From £39.99

The tall Masterpiece Martini Glass from the Michelangelo range presents itself as a sophisticated cocktail vessel, worthy of James Bond himself! Made from Sparkx lead-free crystal glass, these martini glasses are the ideal piece of stemware to serve up a variety of cocktails, whether it's at your latest party or for use in a pub or bar. [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece Liqueur Glasses 2.5oz / 70ml - £149.99

When hosting your own dinner party, there is nothing better that tops off a nice meal than a drop of your favourite liqueur. Share your poison of choice by presenting it in this elegant Liqueur Glass from the Michelangelo Masterpiece range. [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece White Wine Glasses 6.7oz / 190ml - From £17.99

No matter what your intended use, the Masterpiece White Wine Glass from the Michelangelo range is a sophisticated example of stemware that boosts the profile of any wine poured into it. With a crystal clear finish, and a fine rim for premium tasting, this white wine glass is ideal for any wine connoisseur. [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece White Wine Glasses 6.7oz LCE at 125ml - From £19.99

The Michelangelo Masterpiece Wine Glass is made from crystal glass to help present your wine in a clear vessel. The long, elegant stem on this white wine glass makes it ideal for adding to a sophisticated dinner setting, and the CE marked line at 125ml ensures you can always serve up the perfect amount. [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece Red Wine Glasses 8oz / 230ml - From £19.99

Ideal for creating a sophisticated dinner setting, the Michelangelo Masterpiece Red Wine Glasses feature a crystal clear finish, allowing your favourite tipple to look its best. With a fine rim, these glasses are perfect for tasting, making them suitable for both domestic and commercial use. [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece Red Wine Glasses 8oz LCE at 175ml - £114.99

Each Michelangelo Masterpiece Red Wine Glass is lined and CE marked at a perfect 175ml, so you can always be certain that you are serving up the right amount of wine. Whether you intend to use these crystal glasses at home or to place behind a licenced bar, you can be sure they will prove to be the first choice every time. [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece Grandi Vini Glasses 12oz / 340ml - From £35.99

When it comes to a wine glass, you often need something that complements the elegance of your favourite tipple. The Michelangelo Masterpiece range of wine glassware is the ideal example of crystal stemware to present at a dinner party, and is even ideal for everyday use. [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece Grandi Vini Glasses 12oz LCE at 250ml - £134.99

With a healthy 12oz volume, these Grandi Vini wine glasses from the Michelangelo Masterpiece range are helpfully lined at 250ml, making them ideal for use in licenced establishments for serving a perfect helping of wine! [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece Burgunder Glasses 14oz / 400ml - From £34.99

Don't let the name fool you; just because this Michelangelo Masterpiece glass is called a Burgunder doesn't mean you have to use it for burgundy. The rounded ballon style bowl has been designed for the tasting and appreciating of red wine, however they can be used for general dinner table placement for an overall elegant and sophisticated look. [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece Burgunder Glasses 17.5oz / 500ml - £136.99

The All Purpose Burgunder from the Michelangelo Masterpiece range has been elegantly crafted for the enjoyment of red wines. The large ballon style bowl is perfect for swirling your favourite tipple and releasing the flavours, while the fine rim is designed to provide the ultimate tasting experience. [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece Flutes 6.6oz / 190ml - From £29.99

Make your celebration that bit more special with the Michelangelo Masterpiece Flutes. The crystal clear glass and tall elegant stem make these champagne flutes the ideal choice no matter what you're toasting. Perfect for a sophisticated dinner table setting, Luigi Bormioli's Michelangelo Flutes represent a high end quality rarely seen in other stemware. [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece Old Fashioned Glasses 9.3oz / 260ml - From £29.99

Whether you prefer a refreshing fruit juice, or a sharp whisky on the rocks, the Michelangelo Masterpiece range of glassware provides the ideal vessel for your favourite drink. Made from crystal glass, each piece from Luigi Bormioli represents the finest in contemporary glassware. [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece Double Old Fashioned Glasses 12oz / 340ml - From £34.99

If you like a helping of whisky, then you will understand that a spirit is more than just a normal drink and deserves only the best! The Michelangelo Masterpiece Double Old Fashioned Tumblers are sure to be the premium choice for your drinking habits. [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece Double Old Fashioned Glasses 16.5oz / 470ml - From £39.99

For an elegant dinner setting, the Michelangelo Masterpiece Double Old Fashioned Glasses are the perfect choice. Made from lead-free crystal glass, these tumblers are suitable for a variety of drinks, but the large capacity is ideal for adding a few rocks to a drop of whiskey! [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece Flutino Glasses 11oz / 310ml - From £29.99

Living up to it's name, the Michelangelo Masterpiece Flutino Glass features a crystal clear quality that is rarely found in other hiballs. With an elegant curve in the body of this Luigi Bormioli glass, these lead-free crystal glasses are perfect for a variety of drinks. [more...]

Michelangelo Masterpiece Hiball Glasses 15.3oz / 430ml - From £36.99

Hiball tumblers are quite common glasses, so it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff and find a glass that truly represents the higher end of the glassware world. The Michelangelo Masterpiece Hiball Glasses are made from crystal glass which provides a clarity that adds to any table setting. [more...]

Rectangular Non-Slip Mahogany Tray - From £11.99

The versatile Rectangular Non-Slip Mahogany Tray offers itself to a variety of uses, from service in cafés and coffee shops to self service canteens and kitchens. The mahogany wood features a varnished finish, making it hard wearing, easy to clean and suitable for hot beverages. [more...]

Just A Nod Waiters Corkscrew - £7.99

Not everyone has the strength of Ben Hur, so why not let the Just A Nod Waiters Corkscrew take the strain? This corkscrew features an innovative pivot joint that allows the lever to extend further to easily extract the cork. This award winning design helps reduce the strain and extract corks easier than a traditional corkscrew. [more...]

Floating Spa Bar - £14.99

To ensure you don't have to leave your guests to enjoy your spa on their own, the Floating Spa Bar allows you to stock up on food and drink for the rest of the party! With 8 cavities of varying sizes, this inflatable food and drink holder lets you keep cans and bottles of drink, and plenty of snacks close at hand! [more...]

Derby Duck Floating Spa Thermometer - £9.99

To make the act of measuring your swimming pool water temperature more exciting, Derby Duck cruises in with his groovy pair of shades, adding an edge of coolness to the proceedings. This little rubber duckie sits on top of your pool or hot tub water so you can always enjoy an ideal temperature! [more...]

Pool Hand Skimmer - £11.99

The simple addition of a Hand Skimmer to your spa kit allows you to get rid of any unwanted leaves and insects that always seem to collect no matter how hard you try and stop them! Now you can relax and enjoy a perfectly clear water surface. [more...]

Small Shot Rail - £14.49

If you've got a busy bar, it can be easy to misplace your thimble measures. To save yourself hunting them down every time you need to serve up a spirit, this Small Shot Rail will keep them organised, quick to hand and most importantly, in one place! [more...]

Gold Plated Boston Shaker - From £5.99

Forget whizzing up a cocktail up in a blender; serve your drinks like a professional bartender and shake up your ingredients with this Gold Plated Boston Shaker. [more...]

Gold Plated Hawthorn Strainer - £17.99

When serving up a fancy cocktail you need the right equipment. Somehow straining a cocktail through your kitchen sieve doesn't quite have the same elegance as using a proper cocktail strainer. This Gold Plated Hawthorn Strainer is perfect for use with a Boston Shaker Glass, banishing lumps, a mortal sin in the world of cocktails. [more...]

Graduated Taster Glasses 4.9oz / 140ml - £49.99

If you've ever served yourself 3 fingers of whisky only to find your eyes watering, perhaps it's time to get experimenting. The Graduated Taster Glasses are the industry standard for nosing and tasting spirits, helping you find the perfect balance for your ideal glass. [more...]

Glass Stirring Rods - £9.99

There's nothing worse than taking a sip of your drink and finding the overwhelming taste of alcohol that's been sitting in the bottom of the glass. Ensure your cocktail tastes and looks fabulous with these Glass Stirring Rods. [more...]

Americano Polycarbonate Rocks Tumblers 9oz / 255ml - From £11.99

Perfect for hosting a party, the Americano Rocks Tumblers are made from polycarbonate, ensuring they can withstand a few unavoidable knocks. Ideal for a variety of drinks, these reusable tumblers are great for serving up a drop of whiskey with extra ice cubes. [more...]

Americano Polycarbonate Hiball Tumblers CE 10oz / 285ml - From £12.99

The new 10oz Americano Tumbler from Arcoroc is made from polycarbonate plastic, giving it a high resistance to knocks and drops. No more shattered glass all over your floor, now the worst you'll have to deal with is a spilt drink! [more...]

Coca Cola Green Glasses 23oz / 650ml - From £14.99

Coca Cola have had plenty of slogans over the years, but the most striking one is the simple, 'Enjoy Coke.' Sounding more like an instruction than an advert, who are we to argue? This 23oz Coca Cola Glass is the only way to serve a glass of the world's favourite fizzy drink! [more...]

Double Header Beer Bong - £18.99

There's nothing like sharing a drink with friends and we quite literally mean share! This Double Header Beer Bong has two tubes attached to a large funnel, allowing two friends to drink at the same time. For the ultimate party game, fill the tube with up to 2.5 pints of beer, open the valves and have a chug-a-lug competition to see who can drink the most! [more...]

Elia Wine Cooler - £32.99

Whether you're celebrating with a bottle of bubbly, or you're hosting your latest soiree and need to chill some wine, the Elia Wine Cooler features a contemporary design that is perfect for making the moment memorable. [more...]

Stainless Steel Straws - £8.99

Add a touch of class to your drink with the Stainless Steel Straws. These tall straws are slightly angled, allowing you to easily sip from a tall glass. Because these reusable straws are made from high quality stainless steel, they are suitable for use with both hot or cold beverages. [more...]

Elegance Tumblers 6oz / 170ml - £24.99

The Elegance Tumbler is the perfect glass to put your feet up and relax with, whilst enjoying a helping of your favourite tipple. Whether you favour a classic whisky on the rocks or a fresh, chilled orange juice, this glass holds the perfect balance of ice and liquid. [more...]

Elegance Hiball Glasses 8oz / 230ml - £29.99

If you need a glass that's as versatile as your drinks cabinet, the Elegance Hiball Glass will cater for your every need. Ideal for serving up short cocktails, spirits & mixers, and juices, it will fast become the glass you reach for every time. [more...]

Elegance Hiball Glasses 12oz / 340ml - £32.99

Whether you're mixing up a snazzy cocktail, serving up a refreshing cola or enjoying a bottle of chilled beer, the Elegance Hiball Glasses cater for your every need. An essential for any glassware cabinet, the Elegance range prove versatile, timeless and great value. [more...]

Geo Hiball Glasses 16.5oz / 470ml - From £9.99

Who said straight had to be boring? With its perfectly parallel sides, the Geo Hiball Glass is adaptable enough to be anything but dull. These professional quality glasses are not only dishwasher safe, but are tenacious enough to be used for beer in front of the telly to cocktails at the bar. [more...]

Elisa Champagne Flutes 5.6oz / 160ml - From £29.99

The Elisa Champagne Flute is an attractive and robust glass that will truly allow you to appreciate the full flavour and sparkle of your champagne. Treated with Arcoroc's fully tempered glass technique, the Elisa is perfect for any occasion. These glasses will prove to be much more durable than untreated glass, with a 10-50 times longer lifespan. [more...]

Cushion Bar Stool Black - £69.99

There's no need to compromise comfort for style with the Cushion Bar Stool. It has a luxurious padded seat top that's so comfy you might find yourself staying at the bar for a few extra drinks. The contemporary design makes it the perfect addition to your home bar, games room or breakfast bar. [more...]

Classic Sweet Vending Machine - From £32.99

The Classic Sweet Vending Machine has been a staple of many childhoods, regularly seen in shopping centres, cafes, leisure centres and on the street. Now you can relive and pass on that joy with this Vending Machine, which can be filled with small loose sweets such as gumballs, jelly beans, chocolate raisins or skittles. [more...]

Ice Ice Baby - £9.99

Alright stop, collaborate and listen, before you sip on your drink, ensure you've topped it up with these cool ice letters, spelling out 'ice ice baby'. It might be 20 years since the famous Vanilla Ice single was released, but you can't deny you still know all the words! [more...]

Cabernet Martini Glasses 7.4oz / 210ml - From £26.99

If you're hosting a cocktail party, there's simply no excuse not to have the right glassware. If someone requests a martini you can hardly serve it up in a hiball glass. Ensure you have the best glasses for the occasion with these Cabernet Martini Glasses. The classic martini bowl is optimised for sipping on cocktails such as Cosmopolitans, Manhattan and Dirty Martinis. [more...]

Cabernet Martini Glasses 10.6oz / 300ml - From £29.99

Whether you like yours shaken or stirred, you can't dispute that the classic Martini Glass is a cocktail party essential. The distinctive v-shape of the glass allows the drinker to sip elegantly from the bowl. Perfect for finishing off with an olive or fruit decoration, these Cabernet Martini Glasses are ideal for parties at home or commercial bars and events [more...]

Glass Ashtray - From £3.49

Ideal for use on outdoor tables at cafes, restaurants and pubs, the classic Glass Ashtray is also suitable for use at home. With 4 notches, these large ashtrays are perfect for multiple people, and of course are great for keeping mess at a minimum. [more...]

Plastic Half Yard of Ale Blue - From £1.99

If you feel your party is lacking a little something, then it's time to bring out the Plastic Half Yard of Ale, the perfect party glass. This half yard has a sleek dark blue finish and is made from reusable plastic, allowing you to enjoy using it as long as you can carry on drinking! [more...]

Plastic Half Yard of Ale Red - From £1.99

There are many challenges in life we have to face and racing your friends to finish your pint seems to be one of them! See if your friends are up to the test by pitting yourselves against each other with this Plastic Half Yard of Ale. [more...]

Plastic Half Yard of Ale Orange - From £1.99

Bring some luminosity to your next shindig with this funky orange Plastic Half Yard of Ale Glass. Perfect for that tropical party feel, these plastic glasses are almost unbreakable even in the most clumsy of hands. [more...]

Plastic Half Yard of Ale Green - From £1.99

If you're looking for a new way to impress your friends, then look no further than the Plastic Half Yard of Ale; specially designed for you to enjoy your beverage in a fun and unique way. With a vibrant green finish, you'll be the envy of all your friends. [more...]

Flashing LED Pink Martini Glass 6oz / 170ml - From £4.99

Bring some colour to your next cocktail party with this Flashing Pink Martini Glass. Perfect for Sex and the City style cosmopolitans and girly martinis, this cocktail glass features a light up pink base and tinted bowl. [more...]

Flashing LED Green Martini Glass 6oz / 170ml - From £4.99

If you want your party to be the talk of the town, you need to have something unique for the bash of the century. These Flashing Green Martini Glass provide a great talking point while celebrating birthdays, engagements and get-togethers with friends. [more...]

Flashing LED Blue Martini Glass 6oz / 170ml - From £4.99

A modern twist on a classic glass, the Flashing Blue Martini Glass will ensure any party is far from dull. Its coloured base contains an LED light with three different light phases; static, fast or slow flashing for a miniature light show while you sip your drink. [more...]

Flashing Pink Champagne Flute 6oz / 170ml - From £5.99

Celebrations shouldn't be dull, that's why you've uncorked the bubbly in the first place! Make sure everyone's in the party mood with this Flashing Pink Champagne Flute, which features three different phasing modes for every mood. [more...]

Complete Cocktail Kit Bag - £219.99

This Urban Bar Cocktail Kit Bag is the last word in cocktail equipment. Containing the ultimate tool selection necessary to create a peerless cocktail. Whether you're travelling to a cocktail show, bar event or even your friends house, this is an essential piece of kit. [more...]

Carling Half Pint Glasses CE 10oz / 285ml - From £8.99

If you fancy a glass of Carling, there's no need to head down the pub for that freshly poured feel. The Carling Half Pint Glass features a nucleated base, printed in the shape of the Carling logo, for optimum head retention ensuring every sip tastes as good as the last. [more...]

Metric Spirit Bottle Gauge for 70cl Bottles - £5.99

Keep track of your spirits with the Metric Spirit Bottle Gauge. Just stand this measure up against your bottle and the markers will tell you how many 50ml and 25ml shots are left. Ideal for working out when you next need to stock up on a range of spirits. [more...]

Metric Spirit Bottle Gauge for 1ltr and 1.5ltr Bottles - £5.99

The Metric Spirit Bottle Gauge is an easy to use tool that will tell you how many 50ml and 25ml shots you have left in your bottle. This gauge is suitable for bottles from 1ltr to 1½ltr, and caters for 10 different famous brands. [more...]

AquaQuik Spa Vacuum - £39.99

To help get rid of those niggling little bits of debris that have fallen to the bottom of your spa or pool, the AquaQuik Spa Vacuum provides an easy to use solution for comfortable spa use. Using a simple pump action operation, this domestic spa vacuum features 4 nozzles to help you clear your spa of annoying flotsam and jetsam. [more...]

Solo Blue American Party Cups 16oz / 455ml - From £9.99

Favoured by American college students, party-goers and even Starbucks, Solo Party Cups are making their way across the pond. Often seen in American movies and TV series such as Sex and the City, they are perfect for parties, BBQs, outdoor events and drinking games. [more...]

Double Walled Double Old Fashioned Tumblers 11.6oz / 330ml - £44.99

Perfect if you're the sort of person that likes cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, these Double Old Fashioned Tumblers feature a double wall for insulation without condensation. Keeping the heat and cold in is just part of it, as these glasses ensure your warm hands don't heat up your cool drink, and your fingers won't get burnt on a hot glass. [more...]

American Shot Glasses 1oz / 30ml - £11.99

This feisty little shot glass is perfect for swinging back and slamming down those eye watering shooters. Holding 30ml of your desired shot, the American Shot Glass is ideal for anything from a tequila slammer to a dram of whisky. [more...]