Wedding Accessories

LSA Midi Cocktail Glass 60oz / 1.7ltr - £23.99

Cocktails were made for drinking with friends, so why not share with the LSA Midi Cocktail Glass? At 1.7 litres, this handmade piece of giant stemware is perfect for filling with a cocktail punch or using as a decorative centrepiece for parties, dinners and wedding receptions. [more...]

Light Sparkles - From £5.99

Make your party explosive with these indoor Light Sparkles. They create an electric atmosphere, wow your guests and make any night an event to remember. They emit a shower of sparkling pinpoints of light for 45 seconds. [more...]

LSA Fish Bowl - From £34.99

For a unique party centrepiece, this Cocktail Fish Bowl from LSA is ideal. Fill the bowl with a cocktail, punch or brew of your choice before decorating and filling with straws. [more...]

Sephra Classic Home Chocolate Fountain - £164.99

Like a moth to a flame, people just can't resist a chocolate fondue fountain at a party. Guaranteed to make a statement, the Sephra Classic Home Chocolate Fountain is the perfect choice for your next soiree. With 3 tiers, elegant styling and a beautiful stainless steel base, it stands out from the rest. [more...]

Royal Doulton With This Ring Champagne Flutes 5.6oz / 160ml - £37.49

Raise a toast to the most important day of your life with the beautiful Royal Doulton With This Ring Champagne Flutes. Made from crystal glass, each 16cl flute is engraved with a stunning double ring motif, perfect for celebrating marriage and everlasting love. [more...]

Ice Bag Basic Pro - From £4.99

Put an end to big queues at the bar and warm bottles of bubbly with the Ice Bag Basic Pro. This versatile water-tight bag lets you carry your bottle of wine or champagne in ice cold water to keep it chilled, ideal for picnics, BBQs and weddings or use at larger events and functions. [more...]

Something in the Air 4 Tier Cake Stand - £12.99

The elegant Something in the Air 4 Tier Cake Stand is perfect for presenting a display of cupcakes or other sweet treats. Finished with a pretty butterfly decoration this stand is perfect for wedding, anniversary and christening parties. [more...]

Something in the Air Butterfly Place Cards Gold - From £5.99

Wow your guests with your elegant table setting with the help of the Something in the Air Butterfly Place Cards. Finished in gold, these butterfly shape cards add the perfect finishing touch to wedding receptions and dinner parties, simply write the name of your guest on the card and rest it on the rim of a glass. [more...]

Tall Champagne Goblets 6.3oz / 180ml - £129.99

This pair of Tall Champagne Goblets really are something to behold. Stunningly silver plated on the outside and gloriously gold plated on the inside, you'll feel like royalty as you sip sparkling wine from these goblets. [more...]

Jolly Good Show Gold Table Treasures - £8.99

Add a decorative touch to your dining table with the Jolly Good Show Gold Table Treasures. These rhinestone shape acrylic gems, sized from 10mm to 13mm, will make any table sparkle and are ideal for dinners and celebrations such as engagements, weddings and anniversaries. [more...]

Party Indoor Sparklers - From £2.5

If your cocktails or birthday cakes don't quite have that magic sparkle, just stick a few of these Indoor Sparklers in the top and watch everyone's face as they become filled with envy! [more...]

Bling Diamond Napkin Rings - £19.99

Add some sparkle to your table with the Bling Diamond Napkin Rings, perfect for neatly presenting napkins. Ideal for weddings, functions and dinner parties, each napkin ring is shaped just like a large diamond ring to bring a novelty touch to your dinner. [more...]

Party Poppers - From £1.49

What is a party without party poppers? Well, it wouldn't even be a party! These things have been around so long, you just can't go without them! [more...]

LSA Maxa Giant Brandy Glass 880oz / 25ltr - £64.99

Stand out from the crowd with this unique party centrepiece from LSA, the handmade Maxa Giant Brandy Glass. Ideal for serving a classic cocktail punch, this oversized stemware piece also makes the perfect decorative piece. [more...]

Decorative Wine Glass Martini Charms - £9.99

Keep track of your glass with these simple, yet elegant Decorative Wine Glass Martini Charms. Ideal for placing on the stem of wine or cocktail glasses, they can also be kept on the holding ring for beautiful display on a bottle. [more...]

Giant Acrylic Margarita Glass 1230oz / 35ltr - £159.99

If you've got a creative streak, then try mixing up a cocktail in the Giant Margarita Glass! With plenty of room for a giant cocktail creation, this acrylic glass is perfect for party guests to share some punch! Use your imagination and who knows what you will come up with! [more...]

LSA Midi Champagne Saucer 105.5oz / 3ltr - £23.99

At 3 litres, the LSA Midi Champagne Saucer gives you the perfect excuse to bring out the bubbly. This giant piece of stemware creates a unique party centrepiece that's ideal filled with a cocktail punch or used as a decorative display piece. [more...]

Indoor Heart Sparklers 6inch - £4.99

Spark some romance with the Indoor Heart Sparklers, perfect for parties. Ideal for valentines, birthdays, anniversaries, new years and other occasions, these heart shaped sparklers can be hand-held or used to finish off a cocktail or cake. [more...]

Indoor Sparklers 7inch - £3.99

Light up your party with the 7 inch Indoor Sparklers, perfect for popping in a cocktail, cake or simply holding in your hand. Decorative and fun, these sparklers are great for celebrations and events such as parties, weddings, bonfire night and other annual holidays. [more...]

Kilner Push Lid Cookie Jar 2ltr - From £6.99

Ensure there's not a stale cookie in your house with the Kilner Push Lid Cookie Jar. With a generous 2 litre capacity, this jar is perfect for filling with your favourite cookies, biscuits or sweets. The push top lid features a silicone seal to keep its contents airtight. [more...]

Wondercandle Bottle Hanger Sparklers - £7.99

Light up the party with the Bottle Hanger Sparklers from Wondercandle. This set includes both heart shaped sparklers for romantic gestures and star shaped sparklers for birthdays, parties and festive occasions. [more...]

Ice Bag Wine Cooler Set - £29.99

Whether you're hosting an event or heading to a party, the Ice Bag Wine Cooler Set will ensure your bottle of wine or champagne will stay perfectly chilled. This set features a selection of Ice Bags in various colours, perfect for identifying your bottle or matching with your party outfit! [more...]

Glass Cocktail Fish Bowl 92oz / 2.6ltr - From £9.99

If you're a fan of oversized drinkware, this Glass Cocktail Fish Bowl from [email protected] is the perfect addition to your party glassware collection. Despite the name, we'd recommend you fill it with a tropical cocktail, rather than a tropical fish! [more...]

Jolly Good Show Red Table Treasures - £8.99

The Jolly Good Show Red Table Treasures are perfect for adding instant colour and sparkle to any table. Made from acrylic, these rhinestone shapes, ranging from 10mm to 13mm, are ideal for scattering across your dinner or buffet table, great for celebrations, weddings and themed parties. [more...]

Elegantly Entertaining Divine Table Gems - £6.99

Glam up your dinner table with the Elegantly Entertaining Divine Table Gems. Simple scatter these rhinestone shape acrylic gems, ranging from 6mm to 13mm, across your table to add some instant sparkle, perfect for celebration dinners and weddings. [more...]

Foil Platter 14inch - From £4.99

These foil platters are a cheap way of instantly providing a smooth, clean surface for presenting your food.
Great for posh dinner parties, buffets and celebrations, they can be washed and re-used. [more...]

Foil Platter 17inch - From £9.99

Whether you're hosting a party for friends or a family gathering, it's almost inevitable that every piece of cutlery and crockery in the house will get used. Save yourself some stress and present buffet food and snacks on this Foil Platter. Completely disposable, it also means one less thing to wash up! [more...]

Foil Platter 22inch - From £4.99

This large Foil Platter is ideal for presenting party and buffet food. Whether you're catering for a birthday party or Sunday lunch, this disposable platter is an ideal alternative to splashing out on some fancy silver trays. [more...]

Giant Acrylic Champagne Flute 670oz / 19ltr - £169.99

For a night of celebration, the Giant Champagne Flute makes a great centrepiece for your happy guests to marvel over, and is a great place to keep iced bottles of bubbly! Perfect for filling with cocktail, bottles or decorations. [more...]

Giant Acrylic Martini Glass 500oz / 14ltr - £179.99

Be the host with the most... literally! This Giant Acrylic Martini Glass makes a great party accessory for any occasion! With each glass averaging around 3ft high you can fill it with your favourite beverage, fill them with sweets, fill them with whatever you're mind can think of! [more...]

Giant Acrylic White Wine Glass 352oz / 10ltr - £149.99

Holding the equivalent of 13 wine bottles, the 10 litre Giant Acrylic White Wine Glass might be better suited to serving up a cocktail punch or filling with ice and using as a bottle cooler. Made from durable acrylic, this oversized piece of stemware is the perfect centrepiece for your next party. [more...]

Giant Acrylic Brandy Glass 193.5oz / 5.5ltr - From £19.99

Holding a massive 5.5 litres, the Giant Acrylic Brandy Glass will give you all the room to swirl your brandy that you need! This giant glass is also perfect for filling with a cocktail punch for sharing, or for use as a decorative centrepiece at your next party. [more...]

Decorative Wine Glass Charms - £5.99

Everyone enjoys a good party but we all know the frustration of putting down your drink for a brief time and then either forgetting which glass is yours or even worse someone else ends up drinking it! This can be solved simply by using a set of glass charms to distinguish between your drink and someone else’s. [more...]

City Nights Wine Glass Charms - £8.99

These pretty City Nights Wine Glass Charms are a great way to add a touch of decoration to your stemware at parties and they also have a practical function too. Each ring features a different bar themed charm to help your guests identify their drink, making them perfect for dinner parties and girly nights in. [more...]

Lolita Congratulations Wine Glass 15.5oz / 440ml - £16.99

Raise a toast and celebrate your special occasion with the Lolita Congratulations Wine Glass. This unique 44cl glass is hand painted with the word 'congratulations' and is decorated with confetti. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and promotions, this glass makes a distinctive gift. [more...]

Lolita Congratulations Champagne Flute 7.7oz / 220ml - £16.99

Whether it's a job promotion, anniversary, graduation or birthday make sure you celebrate with the Congratulations Champagne Flute. Designed by Lolita, this hand painted 22cl glass is the perfect way to enjoy a glass of bubbly in style and includes a special champagne recipe on the base. [more...]

Vera Wang Love Knot Champagne Flutes 4.2oz / 120ml - £49.99

When you're in love there's plenty to celebrate. These Vera Wang Love Knot Champagne Flutes are perfect for raising a toast at those special occasions. Whether you're celebrating a wedding, anniversary, new birth or just being together, these flutes will make it all the more special. [more...]

Glitz Champagne Flutes 7.4oz / 210ml - £34.99

When toasting a celebration, only the finest will do. You've got the bubbly, but what about some suitable champagne flutes to go with it? This is where the Glitz Flutes come in to play. Designed by renowned glassware manufacturer Dartington, this pair of exquisite champagne flutes perfectly complements any situation. [more...]

Royal Doulton Celebration Champagne Flutes 5.6oz / 160ml - £37.49

What better way to toast your special occasion than with the Royal Doulton Celebration Champagne Flutes? Decorated with a confetti style motif, these 16cl crystal glasses offer a tall, elegant design for enjoying the finest champagne. [more...]

Occasions Romance Love Champagne Flutes - £99.99

The Romance Love Champagne Flutes are part of the Waterford Crystal Occasions collection. Designed for an engagement, wedding, anniversary or christening celebration, this is the perfect pair to raise toast to future love and happiness. [more...]

Occasions Happy Celebration Champagne Flutes - £99.99

These glasses sparkle with their flowing lines and bubble design before you've even filled it with champagne. These versatile flutes should not only be reserved for the most unique occasions, such as weddings, christenings and graduations, but are also ideal for birthdays, promotions and seasonal parties. [more...]

Occasions Achievement Champagne Flutes - £99.99

The Achievement Champagne Flutes are part of the Waterford Crystal Occasions collection. A fitting choice of glassware for graduation, retirement, promotion and birthday celebrations, they will make any evening an occasion to remember. [more...]

Mediterraneo Fruit Box White 26.5 x 18 x 9cm - £39.99

Bring a rustic touch to your kitchen or dining room with the Mediterraneo Fruit Box. Inspired by traditional Italian fruit crates, this box can be used to store and display a variety of items, from fresh fruit and vegetables to plants and flowers. [more...]

Traditional School Milk Bottle 7oz / 200ml - From £3.99

Children need calcium to grow up big and strong, so why not present them with their daily helping of milk with this Traditional School Milk Bottle? This mini glass bottle is based on the classic school milk bottle design and features embossed letting which reads 'School Milk 1/3 Pint'. [more...]

Glass Milk Bottle 8oz / 230ml - From £4.99

This Glass Milk Bottle is the perfect way to serve a helping of milk with your breakfast cereal, whether at home or for your hotel guests. This bottle also provides a novelty way to serve up cold beverages such as milkshakes and smoothies, simply pop in a straw and enjoy. [more...]

Glass Milk Bottle 16oz / 455ml - From £5.99

Add a unique touch to your breakfast service by presenting the 16oz Glass Milk Bottle with a bowl of cereal. Ideal for hotel breakfast service or use at home, this bottle could also be used as a novel way to serve cold drinks such as milkshakes or smoothies. [more...]

6 School Milk Bottles in Crate - £11.99

Bringing back memories of school days, this cute set of 6 School Milk Bottles presented in a vintage style Crate has been brought into a new era. The six miniature milk bottles rest inside the white metal crate, perfect for serving up milk, milkshakes and other drinks for kids and adults. [more...]

Stainless Steel Serving Bucket 7cm - From £1.99

The small 7cm Stainless Steel Serving Bucket is ideal for a unique table presentation. Suitable for serving small side dishes, such as fries or tapas when lined with greaseproof paper, this mini bucket is also suitable for use as a condiment packet holder or ash tray. [more...]

Stainless Steel Serving Bucket 10cm - From £3.99

The 10cm Stainless Steel Serving Bucket offers a stylish and practical addition to your table presentation. Simply line with greaseproof paper and this mini bucket is ideal for serving up food such as chips or tapas. It is equally suited for use as a condiment packet and cutlery holder or as an ash tray. [more...]

Juice Dispenser - £149.99

A Juice dispenser that, holds 8 litres of the drink of choice, is made from stainless steel so looks the business and can be used wherever you like. Now that's smart! [more...]

Metal Gumball Machine Small - From £34.99

The die-cast metal Gumball Machine will help you satisfy any craving for sweet snack. Dispensing a handful of sweets at a time, this machine is perfect for kids or adults with a sweet tooth! This dispenser is perfect for filling with your sweet of choice, whether it be gumballs, jelly beans or even peanuts, simply insert a coin, twist the handle and prepare for a sweet fix! [more...]

Classic Sweet Vending Machine - From £32.99

The Classic Sweet Vending Machine has been a staple of many childhoods, regularly seen in shopping centres, cafes, leisure centres and on the street. Now you can relive and pass on that joy with this Vending Machine, which can be filled with small loose sweets such as gumballs, jelly beans, chocolate raisins or skittles. [more...]

Plastic Spoons Silver - From £1.99

The perfect alternative to metal cutlery, the Plastic Spoons have a silver colour finish and traditional style to emulate the look of stainless steel cutlery. Made from disposable polypropylene plastic, these spoons are ideal for event catering, parties and outdoor dining. [more...]

Plastic Knives Silver - From £1.99

Whether you're dining al fresco or have a large event to cater for, the Silver Plastic Knives are an ideal choice. Made from polypropylene plastic with a silver colour finish these disposable knives offer excellent quality and can be recycled after use. [more...]

Plastic Forks Silver - From £1.99

The Silver Plastic Forks feature a traditional style design to offer the look of stainless steel cutlery. Completely disposable, these forks are ideal for outdoor dining or catering for large events such as weddings. [more...]

Chiang Small Woven Baskets - From £7.99

Offering a traditional basket design, the miniature size of the Chiang Small Woven Baskets makes them more suited to bread sticks than baguettes. Perfect for adding a unique touch to your table presentation, these woven bamboo baskets can be used for small snacks, condiment packets or wedding favours and can be reused or disposed of after use. [more...]

Utopia Biscotti Jar Small 0.9ltr - From £6.99

The Utopia Biscotti Jar is perfect for storing and display biscuits and treats including biscotti, cookies and sweets. Finished with a push-top lid, this jar will help keep its contents fresh while also providing easy access. [more...]

Utopia Biscotti Jar Medium 1.9ltr - From £9.99

Perfect for displaying treats on your countertop or for use in your kitchen, the Utopia Biscotti Jar is ideal for cafes and restaurants or use at home. The clear design makes it ideal for display, while the push-top lid will keep the contents fresh. [more...]

Utopia Biscotti Jar Large 3.8ltr - From £16.99

The Utopia Biscotti Jar is perfect for the fresh and hygienic display of treats such as biscotti, biscuits, cookies, cake slices and sweets. Ideal for countertops in cafes and restaurants, this jar can also be used for storage at home. [more...]

Utopia Biscotti Jar Extra Large 6.2ltr - From £19.99

Perfect for a traditional look in your home, cafe or restaurant, the Utopia Biscotti Jar is the ideal way to store and display food. The push-top lid provides easy access and keeps the contents fresh making this extra large jar perfect for biscotti, biscuits, cookies, cake slices and sweets. [more...]

Jackson Folding Chair Grey - £30.99

The lightweight Jackson Chair provides instant seating for any occasion. When not in use, these chairs fold flat for easy storage, and when they are needed they simply fold out to give comfortable seating. Each seat is supported by a stainless steel frame, with a molded plastic seat and backrest. [more...]

Jackson Folding Chair Burgundy - £30.99

No matter what the occasion, the Jackson Folding Chair is a perfect unit that provides temporary seating. Lightweight and easily portable, these seats are made from a high-impact moulded plastic seat which is supported on a powder-coated stainless steel frame for stability. [more...]

Jackson Folding Chair Blue - £30.99

Perfect for events of any size, the Jackson Folding Chair provides instant seating at an affordable price. Whether you're playing host at a private party, or have a large commercial event to cater for, the Jackson's molded plastic seat gives simple and stylish comfort. [more...]

Streamer Cannon Silver 45cm - £9.99

Make your party go with a bang with the Streamer Cannon, which produces silver streams of confetti. Perfect for celebrating birthdays, weddings and annual holidays, this streamer cannon is great for creating a party atmosphere. [more...]

Streamer Cannon Gold 45cm - £9.99

Shower your guests in golden confetti with the Streamer Cannon from Pyrogiochi. Celebrate in style and get your guests in a party mood with this party cannon, perfect for events such as parties, weddings and annual holidays. [more...]

Cocktail Fountain 53oz / 15ltr - £1669.99

With a large 15 litre capacity, this Cocktail Fountain is made for parties! With an elegant design, users can fill their glasses straight from the fountain, making it ideal for weddings, events and functions. This commercial fountain features a lit central column and clear dome at the top, perfect for displaying in ambient conditions. [more...]

Cacao Chocolate Fondue Fountain - £24.99

Make your party complete with the Cacao Chocolate Fondue Fountain. Ideal for use at home this small fondue fountain is perfect for dipping marshmallows, fruit and other tasty treats in chocolate, butterscotch, cheese or even BBQ sauce! [more...]

Sephra Select Home Chocolate Fountain - £79.99

The downfall of many chocoholics, chocolate fountains are quite simply irresistible! Now you can treat you and your guests at your next party with the Sephra Select Home Chocolate Fountain, the perfect party centrepiece. [more...]

Ice Bag VIP Leather - From £8.99

The Ice Bag has proven to be one of the most stylish party accessories of recent times - not only can you bring your own bottle to the party, you can bring it chilled at the perfect temperature! Now, if you want to stand out from the crowd, the VIP Leather Ice Bag adds even more style to your bottle cooler! [more...]

Ice Bag Purple - From £5.99

These Purple Ice Bags provide a simple alternative to carrying an ice bucket with you wherever you go! Simply fill this water tight robust plastic container with chilled water and ice, and you can pop in your bottle of champagne or wine for instant chilling! [more...]

Ice Bag Pink - From £5.99

Whether you're travelling to, from or around a party, the Ice Bag is an ideal solution for keeping your bottle chilled. Saving you and your guests from frequent trips to the bar, these water-tight bags will hold bottles of champagne, wine and soft drinks. Perfect for all occasions from family picnics to wedding receptions. [more...]

Ice Bag Message Pro - From £5.49

Ideal for celebrations, the Ice Bag is the perfect affordable alternative to a chunky ice bucket. Simply fill it with ice, water and a bottle of your favourite tipple and you have the best tasting hand bag around! [more...]

Ice Bag King Size - From £7.99

If you like to carry a drink with you at parties, then you'll understand how annoying it is to have to keep on going back to the bar for a refill. The Ice Bag King Size allows you to transport a bottle of wine or champagne with you, while keeping it chilled. [more...]

Ice Bag Gel - From £5.99

Perfect for parties and picnics, the Ice Bag Gel has gel filled pockets for freezing. Just add some iced water and your bottle of wine and you can carry chilled wine around at a garden party, our even take it further afield for a picnic. [more...]

Ice Bag Cherry - From £5.99

With this delectable Red Ice Bag, you can easily carry around a bottle of champagne, wine, or even soft drinks, and keep them chilled as you move! Simply put in your chosen bottle and pad out the Ice Bag with fresh water and ice cubes and voila! You now have a portable ice bucket! [more...]

Ice Bag Blue - From £5.99

Tired of having to keep your champagne and wine bottles stuck in a stationary ice bucket? Well, now you can carry your favourite tipple with you wherever you go! Ideal for parties, just distribute a few Ice Bags to your guests and let them refill their own drinks when their thirst gets the better of them! [more...]

Ice Bag Black - From £5.99

Simply fill this watertight plastic cooler with iced water and put in your favourite bottle of wine or champagne. Now you can go on picnics, or mingle at parties without having to constantly go back and get a refill! [more...]

Wine Glass Plate Clips - From £2.99

Perfect for parties, this pack of 4 Wine Glass Plate Clips, also known as Buffet Maid Clips, makes mingling easier by providing you with a free hand to meet and greet! Simply clip one of these on to the side of a plate and your piece of stemware can comfortably sit alongside your plate so you don't have to hold it! [more...]

Stainless Steel Tablecloth Clips - From £1.49

The Stainless Steel Tablecloth Clips by Genware are manufactured to a professional standard ensuring high quality. Used for fastening tablecloths to a whole range of different tables, these clips are ideal for use in the commercial catering sector. [more...]

Enchanted Evening Plastic Champagne Flute 6.4oz / 180ml - From £1.99

Celebrate with the Enchanted Evening Plastic Champagne Flute, perfect for evening parties, weddings or BBQs. This reusable acrylic glass features an elegant silver stem and base, with glitter and stars around the bowl. [more...]

Popcorn Cups Set - £5.99

Gather your family and friends on the sofa and enjoy a classic movie night in with the Popcorn Cups Set. Featuring two cinema style large family size buckets and four individual buckets, you'll be able to serve up enough popcorn to keep everyone happy. [more...]

Hollywood Popcorn Boxes - From £3.99

Bring the cinema experience home with the Hollywood Popcorn Boxes. These disposable cardboard boxes are perfect for filling up with freshly made popcorn, handing out to all your friends and settling down to watch your favourite movie. [more...]

Pink n Mix Treat Holder Popcorn Boxes - £5.99

Perfect for a movie night or slumber party with the girls, the cute Pink n Mix Treat Holder Popcorn Boxes are ideal for serving up some sweet treats such as popcorn, marshmallows or sweets. These card boxes feature two different designs with stripes and polka dots and are ideal for parties and events. [more...]

Pink n Mix Pink Striped Paper Straws - £3.99

A must-have for any girly party the Pink n Mix Striped Paper Straws feature a retro pink and white stripe design. Perfect for adding to your strawberry milkshake or woo woo cocktail, these straws will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. [more...]

Pink Striped Milkshake Paper Cups Set 16oz / 450ml - From £9.99

Complete with straw-slot lids and drinking straws, the Pink Striped Milkshake Paper Cups Set lets you serve some tasty drinks in style. Decorated with vibrant pink and white stripes, these paper cups are ideal for use in fast food restaurants, at fun fairs, or even for parties at home. [more...]

Pink Striped Milkshake Paper Cups 16oz / 450ml - From £6.99

Whether you're offering a cool and refreshing milkshake, or you want a fun way to serve popcorn, the Pink Striped Milkshake Cups are a bright and bold way to help enhance any situation! To help you keep your mind on the environment, these paper cups are fully recyclable, making them an indispensable part of your food and drink service. [more...]

Blue Striped Paper Straws - £3.99

The classic Blue Striped Paper Straws are perfect for adding a retro feel to any party. Finished with white and blue stripes, these straws are perfect for adding to cold beverages such as milkshakes, soft drinks and cocktails. [more...]

Blue Striped Milkshake Paper Cups Set 16oz / 450ml - From £9.99

Make sure your drinks service is second to none with the vibrantly coloured Blue Striped Milkshake Paper Cups. Complete with straw-slot lids and drinking straws, this paper cup set is ideal for serving milkshakes and smoothies in fast food restaurants, milkshake bars, or even for use at home for a kids party. [more...]

Blue Striped Milkshake Paper Cups 16oz / 450ml - From £6.99

The Blue Striped Milkshake Cups help to give your shakes, smoothies and slushies a classic retro, carnival look for a flawless drink service. Coated with a thin layer of polyethylene to help enhance the structure of the paper, these cups have been certified as fully recyclable, making them the perfect choice fast food restaurants and milkshake bars. [more...]

Individually Paper Wrapped Red Stripe Straws - From £3.49

The Individually Paper Wrapped Red Stripe Straws are hygienically individually paper wrapped making them ideal for takeaways, cafes and events. These disposable plastic straws feature a bendy hinge and a classic red stripe design. [more...]

Individually Paper Wrapped Red Stripe Paper Straws - From £19.99

These Individually Paper Wrapped Red Stripe Paper Straws are a great choice for any environmentally friendly business or home. Finished with a classic retro red and white stripe pattern, these paper straws are covered in bee's wax, ensuring they are biodegradable. [more...]

Village Fete Treat Holder Popcorn Boxes - £5.99

Serve up some tempting treats with the disposable Village Fete Treat Holder Popcorn Boxes, ideal for parties, events and fetes. Perfect for filling with popcorn, marshmallows, sweets or other snacks, these cardboard boxes will delight both kids and adults alike. [more...]

Village Fete Chip Cones - £4.99

The Village Fete Chip Cones are perfect for recreating the look of traditional newspaper wrapped chips. Each paper cone features a greaseproof internal lining making them ideal for handing out chips and other fried treats at your party, wedding or village fete. [more...]

Village Fete Blue & Red Striped Paper Straws - From £3.99

Brighten up your drinks with the Village Fete Striped Paper Straws which feature a retro design and come in a red or blue finish with white stripes. The perfect way to enjoy your favourite milkshake, soft drink or cocktail, these disposable straws are great for parties, events and fetes. [more...]

Round Embossed Foil Platters 30cm - From £9.99

The Round Embossed Foil Platters are perfect for catering at events. Made from aluminium they offer a reusable design that is also disposable and recyclable at the end of their life. Finished with an elegant embossed design, these platters are ideal for buffets, BBQs and parties. [more...]

Acrylic Ice Cubes - From £24.99

If you have products to display, such as ice buckets, wine coolers or ice crushers, real ice is not a practical solution. The Acrylic Ice Cubes can be put to a variety of uses for displaying products or food. They have the look of real ice and each cubes is uniquely sized and shaped into medium shaped cubes. [more...]

Acrylic Ice Chunks - From £24.99

Designed for display purposes for bars, hotels, photo shoots, movie sets and more, the Acrylic Ice Chunks are available in 2lb bags of approximately 220 pieces. Each bag comprises of various uniquely shaped chunks to give the real look of shards of ice. [more...]

Utopia Chrome 3 Tier Cake Plate Stand 16.5inch / 42cm with 23cm Plates - £31.99

Perfect for afternoon tea for two, the Utopia Chrome 3 Tier Cake Plate Stand with Plates makes for an elegant way to display a selection of cake slices, tarts and finger sandwiches. The stand features a smart chrome finish and offers three tiers for a clear display of cakes. [more...]

Utopia Chrome 3 Tier Cake Plate Stand 15.5inch / 39cm with 17cm Plates - £24.99

The Utopia Chrome 3 Tier Cake Plate Stand with Plates is the perfect way to present a selection of tasty cakes slices, tarts, finger sandwiches and more. The elegant style of this stand makes it ideal for afternoon tea with friends or in your hotel or cafe. [more...]

LSA Vienna Cake Dome and Stand - £49.99

Luxuriously crafted using traditional handmade techniques, the Vienna Cake Dome from the LSA range of glassware is the ideal display platform for your baking skills! Raising your cakes and condiments above the rest of your dinner service, the Vienna gives them pride of place. [more...]

LSA Vienna Cake Dome and Plate 33cm - £61.99

Present your baking creations in style with the LSA Vienna Cake Dome and Plate. With a timeless, elegant design, this handmade piece makes the perfect centrepiece for afternoon tea or after dinner dessert. Designed for LSA by Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, this dome and plate are ideal for displaying cakes, cupcakes, petit fours and cheese. [more...]

LSA Vienna Cake Dome and Plate 25cm - £42.99

Why relegate your cakes to a life hidden away in a tin, when you can give them pride of place on display in the hand made Vienna Cake Dome from the LSA range? Perfect for proudly showing off your baking wares, the Vienna is an ideal display for keeping food free from outside influence and those with a sweet tooth! [more...]

23 Cupcake Stand - £8.99

If you've spent hours baking and decorating cute cupcakes you're probably going to want to show them off, especially before hoards of hungry mouths demolish them! This Cupcake Stand is the perfect way to display your baking creations, holding 23 cupcakes on its wire branches. [more...]

Sweetly Does It Spiral Cupcake Tree - £21.99

Create an eye-catching display of sweet treats with the Sweetly Does It Spiral Cupcake Tree. This elegant and unusual wire cupcake stand is perfect for displaying your cupcakes, fairy cakes and muffins at parties, weddings and functions. [more...]

Sweetly Does It Decorative Wire Cupcake Carrier - £22.99

The elegantly designed Sweetly Does It Decorative Wire Cupcake Carrier is the perfect way to carry and present pretty cupcakes and muffins. The wire construction features swirl patterns, making this carrier ideal for transporting cupcakes to parties and gatherings. [more...]

Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder - £44.99

No one can resist a naughty tempting treat, and what better way to show off your homemade baking creations in style with the beautiful Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder? Perfect for an attractive cupcake display, this miniature rotating Ferris Wheel holds 8 cupcakes. [more...]

Stainless Steel Cake Stand - From £18.99

If you've spent hours measuring, sieving, whisking and baking a tasty looking cake you obviously want to show it off. The Stainless Steel Cake Stand will proudly display your creation for guests to marvel at. Stylish and modern, the sleek stainless steel design makes this ideal for any occasion, from quiet afternoon tea to large dinner parties. [more...]

Acrylic Square Card & Number Holder - From £2.49

Ideal for restaurants, cafes and buffets, the Acrylic Square Card & Number Holder can be used as a table number stand or to display food cards. Also ideal for displaying small notices and signs, this holder features a stainless steel clip with a square acrylic base. [more...]

Table Number Stand 460mm - £11.99

Having trouble finding your tables? With these fantastic table number stands your worries will evaporate and let you get on with serving quality food. Manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel, the Genware Table Number Stands are perfect for use in restaurants. Being of a professional quality they offer a polished finish which allows them to fit seamlessly with most existing tableware. [more...]

Table Number Stand 305mm - £12.99

Ever been to the loo in a restaurant and not been able to find your table afterwards? Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees, but with these beautifully crafted Genware Table Number Stands, that is a problem of the past. Manufactured form 18/10 stainless steel these table stands are mirror finished allowing them to fit well with most existing tableware. Perfect for use in the commercial environment. [more...]

Table Number Stand 205mm - £7.99

Need to find your seat in an ocean of tables? Ever wished that it was easier to find the customers who ordered that dish? These fantastic Table Number Stands by Genware are the perfect solution. Their beautiful mirror finish coupled with their sleek design means that they will fit elegantly with a wide array of tableware. [more...]

Table Number Stand 100mm - £6.99

Manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel, the Table Number Stands are designed to a professional standard. Their versatility is apparent as they will fit with almost any existing tableware. Please be aware numbers are sold separately. [more...]

Rectangular Magnetic Menu Card & Sign Holder 4 x 6inch - From £9.99

The Rectangular Magnetic Menu Card & Sign Holder offers a clear and professional presentation for cards and signs including menus and place names. This two part acrylic holder uses magnets to securely hold cards which can be quickly and easily interchanged. [more...]

Stainless Steel Table Card Holder - £3.99

The classic and simple design of the Stainless Steel Table Card Holder makes it ideal for displaying small notices, place name settings and table numbers. This small holder is ideal for use at functions, weddings and in cafes and restaurants. [more...]

Stainless Steel Circle Clip Card Holder - £3.99

Ideal for use in your cafe, restaurant or takeaway, the Stainless Steel Circle Clip Card Holder features a unique design. Suitable for a variety of applications, this clip holder can be used to display table numbers, food cards and small notices. [more...]

Something in the Air Butterfly Place Cards White - From £5.99

Add an elegant touch to your place settings with the Something in the Air Butterfly Place Cards, ideal for dinner parties and weddings. Beautifully shaped like a butterfly, these card are ideal for writing the name of your guest and resting on the rim of a glass so everyone can find their seat. [more...]

Spaas Soft Glow Wax Filled Glass Candles - £19.99

Create an ambient mood with the Spaas Soft Glow Wax Filled Glass Candles. Perfect for placement on tabletops in restaurants, cafés, bars and hotels, these candles could also be used around the home. The frosted glass holder gives a gentle glow, making these candles ideal for creating a romantic or relaxing atmosphere. [more...]

Hollowick Ambre Lustre Dining Lamp - £22.49

This patterned glass holder is designed for use with official Hollowick burners. The burner uses lamp fuel, with a reliable burn time of 36 hours. Small and compact, this Hollowick Ambre Lustre Dining Lamp adds a subtle touch of ambiance where needed. [more...]

Norwegian Twinkle Votive Tealight Holder - From £2.99

Add some ambiance to your dining table with the stylish Norwegian Twinkle Votive Tealight Holder. Suitable for tealight candles, this holder features a elegant fluted shape and is ideal for placement on tables or around your bar, restaurant or home. [more...]

Swansilk Slip Covers White 90cm - From £29.99

The Swansilk Slip Covers offer extra protection and a smart finish for your table top. Ideal for catered events, outdoor dining and buffets, these slip covers feature a polythene coating so any spilt food or drink can quickly and easily be wiped away. [more...]

Swansilk Slip Covers Mountain Pine 90cm - From £34.99

With a refreshing mountain pine finish, the Swansilk Slip Covers are ideal for catered dining and events. A great alternative to linen, these table covers feature a protective coat which can easily be wiped clean for reuse. [more...]

Swansilk Slip Covers Burgundy 90cm - From £34.99

The Swansilk Slip Covers feature a smart burgundy finish making them ideal for catered events, functions and outdoor dining. Finished with a protective coating, these table covers offer a practical, reusable design that resists food and drink spills and can easily be wiped down. [more...]

Party Porcelain Wine Glass Lampshades - From £9.99

Create instant ambiance with the elegant and sophisticated Party Porcelain Wine Glass Lampshades. These lampshades come in two different gold designs and make a great centrepiece for any dining table. Simply light a tealight in a wine glass and cover with a paper lampshade. [more...]

Swansilk Banqueting Roll White 120cm x 40m - £86.99

Perfect when catering for large events and parties, the Swansilk Banqueting Roll offers a reusable and wipeable table cover. Finished with a protective polythene coating, this roll resists food and drink spills and feels soft and silky to the touch. [more...]

Banquet Roll White 100mtr - From £24.99

For a professional finish, this embossed Banquet Roll is ideal for covering tables at buffets, parties or dinner. This disposable roll can be cut to size, while its simple design lends itself to a variety of situations. [more...]

Just Slate Heart Shaped Napkin Name Tags - £18.99

Whether you're hosting a small dinner party for friends or have a wedding party to cater for, the Just Slate Heart Shaped Napkin Name Tags are the perfect way to let everyone know where to sit. Finished in an elegant heart shape, these hand crafted tags can be written on with chalk and tied around a napkin, or used as a gift tag. [more...]

Utterly Scrumptious Saucer Crackers - From £6.49

Adding an elegant and unique touch to after dinner drinks, the Utterly Scrumptious Saucer Crackers will help get the conversation flowing. Each miniature cracker features a pretty flower theme and contains an entertainment scroll, perfect for dinner parties, weddings and other soirées. [more...]

Something in the Air Saucer Crackers - From £6.49

Entertain guests and get the conversation started with the Something in the Air Saucer Crackers. Each miniature cracker contains an entertainment scroll with a joke, piece of trivia and conversation starter. These crackers are small enough to be served with an after dinner tea or coffee and are a great choice for weddings and dinner parties. [more...]

Chinelli Swarovski Regina Champagne Flutes 9.2oz / 260ml - £44.99

Bring some sparkle to your celebrations with this Regina Champagne Flute from Chinelli. Made from crystal glass, they are finished with a line of Swarovski crystals for a truly stunning piece of stemware. Perfect as a wedding, anniversary or birthday gift, these glasses let you celebrate in style. [more...]

Chinelli Swarovski Fusion Regina Champagne Flutes 4.6oz / 130ml - £49.99

Chinelli presents this crystal on crystal glass, with angled cuts for an elegant and opulent finish. These Fusion Regina Champagne Flutes are embossed with beautiful Swarovski crystals, perfect for an evening celebration for two. [more...]

Chinelli Magnifico Tulip Wine Glasses 10.6oz / 300ml - £49.99

The tulip shape of the Chinelli Magnifico Tulip Wine Glass is complemented by the tulip flower embossed in pewter on the glass. These delicate flutes are made from crystal glass, making them perfect for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or celebration gift. [more...]

Custom Printed Durham Mugs - From £4.25

Need a special gift? Maybe you've got an important event on the horizon? Why not design your own set of unique mugs, personalised just for you? The classic Durham Mug is perhaps the most versatile of hot beverage drinkware, with a classic white base colour, you can have your own customised design printed directly on to your own set of mugs! [more...]

Movie Popcorn Machine - £399.99

No longer will you have to suffer the ills of poorly prepared microwave popcorn. With the Movie Popcorn Machine you can enjoy the freshly popped taste of real home made popcorn! This machine is great for use in a home cinema where snacks are a must! [more...]

LSA Glass Globes White 10cm - £39.99

The LSA Glass Globes are ideal for creating an unusual decorative finish. These handmade orbs are finished in a solid white colour and are perfect for creating a decorative display with the LSA Maxa range and other large glasses and vases. [more...]

LSA Glass Globes Crackle 10cm - £39.99

Create a unique and eye catching display with the LSA Glass Globes with a clear, cracked glass finish. Ideal for use with the LSA Maxa range and other large glass pieces, these globes provide an interesting decorative display. [more...]

LSA Glass Globes Black 10cm - £34.99

The LSA Glass Globes feature a solid black colour finish making them ideal for combining with other globes for a unique and bold display. Each sphere shaped glass has been handmade, making them ideal for use with the LSA Maxa range and other large glassware or vases. [more...]

LSA Moya Comport 28cm - £49.99

A stunning and stylish centrepiece from LSA's flagship Moya range, the LSA Moya Comport is beautifully presented and hand crafted from clear blown glass by LSA's skilled artisans. Making a chic centrepiece for fruit, candles or other artistic displays, this stemmed bowl comes presented in a gift box. [more...]

Grande Martini Glass 52.8oz / 1.5ltr - From £24.99

Enjoy a supersize cocktail with the Grande Martini Glass! This large capacity 1.5ltr glass has been designed for sharing, perfect for filling with your favourite cocktail, topping with straws and decorations and enjoying with friends. This handmade glass also makes an great display piece for your table or bar. [more...]

Grande Margarita Glass 70oz / 2ltr - From £26.99

With a 2 litre capacity you'll need plenty of tequila, triple sec and lime juice to fill the Grande Margarita Glass! Perfect for filling with a tropical cocktail punch for sharing, this over-sized piece of stemware has been made from hand blown glass for an elegant finish. [more...]

Grande Brandy Glass 267.5oz / 7.6ltr - From £29.99

Traditionally brandy glasses have a large bowl for swirling, but the Grande Brandy Glass takes it to a new level with a giant 7.6 litre bowl! We wouldn't recommend you filled it all with brandy, but this giant piece of stemware is perfect for a cocktail punch. [more...]

Giant Footed Compote Glass 60oz / 1.7ltr - From £22.99

It's always good to share and at 1.7 litres, the Giant Footed Compote Glass is perfect for doing just that. This super-size piece of stemware offers plenty of room for filling with a cocktail punch with straws and decorations, or a tasty chilled dessert for sharing. [more...]

Super Schooner Glass 56oz / 1.6ltr - From £22.99

A giant version of the traditional German beer glass, the Super Schooner Glass lets you drink as much beer as you can handle! Holding a generous 2.8 pints this piece of giant stemware also makes an excellent cocktail punch bowl or decorative centrepiece. [more...]

Super Martini Acrylic Glass 48oz / 1.4ltr - £30

Bound to be the centrepiece of your party or your star drink behind the bar, the Super Martini Acrylic Glass is the ideal vessel for sharing a drink with friends. Experiment with various vermouths and flavours to create your perfect drink, or try another classic cocktail such as a Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri or Manhattan. [more...]

Super Margarita Acrylic Glass 36oz / 1.1ltr - From £21.99

If a regular 10oz margarita glass doesn't hold quite enough to quench your thirst, then try this Super Margarita Acrylic Glass. Standing at over 8" tall, it's perfect for sharing the ultimate tequila cocktail with friends. [more...]

Super Globe Glass 53oz / 1.5ltr - From £19.99

With a large 1.5 litre capacity, the Super Globe Glass makes the perfect party centrepiece, whether you decide to fill it with a cocktail punch for sharing with friends or a decorative vase. This extra large piece of stemware is covered by Libbey's rim and foot guarantee against chipping. [more...]

Magnum Acrylic Red Wine Glass 274.5oz / 7.8ltr - From £74.99

For those that enjoy a large glass of red wine in the evening, the 7.8 litre Magnum Red Wine Glass is perfect! This oversized piece of acrylic stemware is the perfect centrepiece for your party, whether you choose to fill it with an alcoholic beverage or some decorative flowers. [more...]

Magnum Acrylic Martini Glass 70.4oz / 2ltr - From £59.99

Whether you prefer your martini shaken or stirred, it's going to look impressive in the giant Magnum Martini Glass! Holding a whopping 2 litres, this giant acrylic glass is perfect for sharing a cocktail punch or creating a unique decorative centrepiece at your next party. [more...]

LSA Midi Wine Glass 134oz / 3.8ltr - £23.99

Create a unique party centrepiece with the handmade LSA Midi Wine Glass. This giant piece of stemware holds 3.8 litres, making it perfect for filling with a cocktail punch at your next cocktail party or turning it into a distinctive decorative centrepiece for dinner parties. [more...]

LSA Maxa Giant Wine Glass 651oz / 18.5ltrs - £74.99

The Maxa Giant Glass Collection is as simple and elegant as the smaller ranges, however because of its size, it offers a stronger striking design element and makes for a truly extravagant gift. [more...]

LSA Maxa Giant Cocktail Glass 264oz / 7.5ltr - £64.99

The Maxa Giant Glass Collection is as simple and elegant as the smaller ranges, however because of its size, it offers a stronger striking design element and makes for a truly extravagant gift. [more...]

LSA Maxa Giant Champagne Saucer 264oz / 7.5ltr - £64.99

If you fancy wowing your guests at your next do, this LSA Maxa Giant Champagne Saucer is the perfect party centrepiece. Despite its large capacity, this saucer has been handmade, ensuring a beautifully elegant finish. [more...]

LSA Maxa Giant Champagne Glass 281.5oz / 8ltr - £64.99

A glass of bubbly is an essential at any celebration and at 8 litres, the LSA Maxa Giant Champagne Glass is perfect for those big occasions. With its elegant shape and design, this handmade piece of giant stemware is perfect for presenting a cocktail punch, putting a bottle of bubbly on ice or creating a unique decorative display. [more...]

Giant Acrylic Hiball Glass 1478oz / 42ltr - £189.99

If you're feeling thirsty then the Giant Acrylic Hiball Glass might just be the glass for you! Holding a whopping 42 litres, this jumbo glass is perfect for filling with a cocktail punch, using as a decorative centrepiece or for filling with ice and chilling cans and bottles at your next party. Made from durable acrylic, this giant glass will certainly become the focal point for your party. [more...]