Steak Knife Sets

Tramontina Steak Knives 3 Stud Red Polywood Handle - £39.99

Finished with an attractive red polywood handle, the Tramontina Steak Knives are ideal for both commercial and domestic dinner settings. Designed to easily slice through pizzas, steak and other meats, each knife features a high carbon steel blade for longer lasting sharpness while the polywood handle is shock and heat resistant. [more...]

Tramontina Steak Knives 3 Stud Black Polywood Handle - £44.99

The Tramontina Steak Knives are specially designed to help you carve through your steak with ease. The blade is manufactured from high carbon steel which helps the knife retain its cutting edge, while the treated polywood handle is shock and heat resistant. [more...]

12 Piece Monaco Steak Set - £16.99

The Monaco Steak Set provides you with 6 steak knives and 6 steak forks which are extra tough for cutting through a juicy rump steak. Finished with wooden handles, this steak cutlery set gives your table an elegant restaurant quality finish, making them ideal for bringing out at your next dinner party. [more...]

Steak Knife Set - From £14.99

Whether you prefer yours rare, medium or well done, a Steak Knife is essential when tucking into a juicy bit of steak. Perfect whether you've got guests round or a restaurant to run, these professional quality knives are a cut above the rest. [more...]

Steak Knife Black Poly Handle - £14.99

Rare, medium or well done, these stake knives will complement any steak. With a serrated stainless steel blade, these tang bladed steak knives are made to a professional standard. This makes them ideal for use in both the commercial and domestic sector. [more...]