Whirlpool Ice Maker K40

Free UK Delivery The Ice Maker K40 by Whirlpool is a stylish, reliable and medium output ice machine. Producing 40kg of ice in 24 hours, this is ideal for professional catering and drinks establishments, such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars and event organisers.

The larger version of the K20 Ice Maker, this is ideal for making large amounts of ice with minimum hassle, whether you're running a busy bar or catering for a large event.

The optional extra Miniphos Water Filter can be attached bewteen the inlet valve and hose for a cleaner water supply.

Please Note: This item allows curbside delivery only. Once the item is delivered, it is the responsibility of the customer to transport it further. For more information regarding this, please contact us on 0875 428 0958.

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