Wall Fixed 6 Bottle Rotary Bracket And Measures

Free UK Delivery If you like your drinks and you have a good collection of drink shelves already, you will probably find that there aren't many places left to store your favourite tipple. The floor just won't do, but there is that little patch of wall left. You could put up a nice picture of the wife and kids, but lets face it, you could fit in a few more bottles!

This Wall Mounted Rotary Bracket simply does as it suggests in the name and fixes to the wall! It comes with six measure brackets that can hold bottles with a capacity up to 1 litre, and the set even comes with six 25ml spirit measures to match up to your bottles!

So whenever you need a drink just wander over to that place on your wall where this beauty now resides and spin it round until you find the drink of your choice! You could even spin it around a bit, see where it lands and have a game of pot luck!

Please Note: Alcohol not supplied!

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