VacuVin Pineapple Slicer

Free UK Delivery Pineapple is one of those fruits that despite being available in any supermarket or grocery shop, still remains an exotic wonder fruit! Most people are intimidated by the spikey skin obstructing the juicy good within, but then when you finally get inside, how the heck are you supposed to divide it up? Well, now VacuVin have given us the Pineapple Slicer; the no-fuss tool to help you serve up the world's scariest looking fruit!

Simply cut off the top of your pineapple, select the appropriate Pineapple Slicer blade and press it into the middle of the pineapple, then twist the blade into the fruit just like a corkscrew into a wine bottle. When you've reached the bottom of the pineapple, just pull until the inside of the inside of the fruit is removed, then take off the handle of the slicer and remove your freshly sliced, juicy pineapple!

Now you are free to enjoy it as you please; you might want to gobble it all yourself as the ready-made fruity spiral, or slice it into smaller chunks to share with friends, or use it as a showy garnish on your latest cocktail concoction!
The shell of the pineapple also makes a great bowl for serving up other goodies! Perhaps you could make up a nice fruit salad, or get creative with some other desserts!

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