VacuVin Party People Glass Markers

Free UK Delivery It can be so difficult to keep track of your drink at a party - if you put it down for a second, someone will likely walk away with it, not realising they've picked up the wrong glass. The simple solution comes in the form of 12 colourful little friends, the Party People!

These cute glass pals have useful suction cups on their backs, so they are perfect for attaching to glasses at a party to help show whose glass is whose! Just stick one to each glass you hand out, then everyone will know which glass belongs to which party guest!

Each little Glass Marker character even has its own personality, meaning that each of your party guests can have a matching friend! The whole bunch consists of; Curious (Yellow), Jolly (Orange), Devilish (Red), Mysterious (Light Green), Veggie (Green), Cuddly (Light Blue), Deep (Turquoise), Honest (White), Macho (Dark Blue), Sneaky (Black), Naughty (Pink), Cool (Purple).

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