Ultimate Cocktail Kit

Free UK Delivery We've combined 2 of our most successful cocktail related bundle packs, the Cocktail Starter Pack and the Bar Caddy Starter Set, to create a set that contains everything you could possibly need to start up your own cocktail nights from home!
It's time to bring out the big boys with the Ultimate Cocktail Kit!

The best place to start is with the 2 provided cocktail books. The combination of the Ultimate Bar Book and the 150 Party Drinks Book makes for an unbeatable collection of cocktails for you to swat up on during your mixing practices!

Once you've chosen your favourite cocktail from the books, use the various cocktail tools to mix up a storm! If you need to crush some solid ingredients, just use the solid wooden muddler. For pouring out exact measures of spirits, the double jigger and freeflow pourer are the ideal solution. Once you've got everything prepared, simply mix it all together in the Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker, and pour it out through the Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer!

If you prefer to try your hand at some funky layered cocktails, then the combination of the twisted mixing spoon and the freeflow pourer makes it a doddle! Gently pour your liqueurs and spirits down the twisted stem of the spoon and you can carefully build up layers to make an attractive display of alcohol!

Of course, a cocktail wouldn't be a cocktail without some lavish decorations, which is where the Bar Caddy comes in handy. Fill it with all the provided Glitter Sticks, Stirrers, Straws, and Fuzzy Animals and you will have a suitable range to pick and choose your cocktail decorations!

Before you know it, you'll be a master cocktail creator with the ability to wow your friends and family with some exciting taste creations!

Please Note: The Ultimate Cocktail Kit has been compiled by our knowledgeable cocktail boffins from our wide range of cocktail accessories - as such they are not normally sold as one pack so will not come packaged as a set.

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