Twist n' Shot Cups 1.75oz / 50ml

Free UK Delivery A party isn't a party unless you have some jelly shots to hand! The trouble is, how are you supposed to take your shot without using the primitive method of scooping it out with your fingers, or scrunching the plastic cup into oblivion? The Twist n' Shot Glasses are the perfect solution to the uncouth problem of taking a jelly shot!

To make a shot with the Twist n' Shot Cups, simply mix up your batch of jelly and refrigerate the cups like normal. When you and your friends are ready to take your shots, simply twist the top of the cup 180° and take your shot. The "blade" like mechanism rotates inside to separate the jelly mould from the edge of the cup.

Simple, mess free and fun, you can be as creative as you like with your jelly recipes. The original and best, vodka jelly shots, are always a big hit, but you could try making one of our recipes below, or prehaps try a whisky sour, cherry cola or mint julep jelly shot!

These plastic glasses are reusable and dishwasher safe, and with 20 in each pack they are perfect for parties! These funky shot glasses come in 4 different colours; blue, pink, yellow and orange.

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