Tower Slicer and Wedger

Free UK Delivery If you're making food and drinks for guests, you may find fruit and vegetables quickly piling up on your kitchen counter. The Tower Slicer and Wedger is an ingenious time and effort saving device, allowing you to chop through fruit and veg in seconds.

Whether you want evenly sliced cucumbers and carrots or chunky wedges of potatoes and lemons, the Tower has two interchangeable chopping blades with a patented V-shape design. To use, simply place your item over the blade, before pushing the lid down in one swift movement, where it will collect in the bottom container.

After a hard day's work, the Tower Slicer and Wedger will help you effortlessly prepare family meals, such as green salads, potato wedges and fruit salads. If you're hosting a cocktail party or have a busy bar to run, you can quickly prepare citrus slices for fruity cocktails and jugs of Pimm's, alongside snack trays with dips, allowing you more time to spend chatting to your guests.

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