RakaStaka Wine

Free UK Delivery This compact and ridiculously affordable set of RakaStakas provides a simple way to store your bottles with a subtle, near invisible wine rack. No need for bulky expensive racks, the RakaStaka employs the magical world of physics to make your wine bottles stack with the greatest of ease.

Simply place your first RakaStaka on a flat surface and place your bottles into it, then put the next RakaStaka on top and pile up your bottles even further. Experiment with a few different combinations to best suit your needs - there is not set way to stack your bottles with your RakaStaka.

To help you expand your brain a bit, the RakaStaka Wine even teaches you a little bit about the wines of the world. Of the 2 RakaStakas, one has definitions of 8 famous white wines, while the other features definitions of 9 of the world's favourite red wines.

Now you can impress your pals with your new wine knowledge! Or perhaps you're the kind of person who's really organised - now you can use the guides to help you order your bottles by flavour or aroma!

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