RakaStaka Can

Free UK Delivery When stocking up your fridge with cans of your favourite alcoholic beverage, the main problem that arises is their annoying shape. There is no decent way to stack round cans - they just roll all over the place. Even if you put your cans in the door of your fridge they will probably fall over and perhaps even fall out as you open the door!

The simple answer is the RakaStaka. It's such an obvious design that you'll kick yourself for not designing it first! Simply place one of the RakaStakas in your fridge, (or on your side counter, or table) and your cans will easily slot into the can-shaped grooves. Each can is securely held in place for you to begin stacking your cans on top without fear of them tumbling down. Place more RakaStakas on top as you build and you will soon have a nice neat pile of your favourite brew!

This set has 2 RakaStakas designed for all average sized cans (whether they're cans of lager or cans of fizzy pop), and with the quick stacking guide on the packaging you will soon have your stack built, helping you maximise your fridge space.

Inspired by the Original Rakastaka Bottle design as featured on the BBC's Dragons' Den.

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