Quaffer Shot Glasses Plastic 2.5oz / 75ml

Free UK Delivery Quaffing is the coolest new craze to sweep the UK and Ireland! Remember, you gotta quaff to get off!

The Quaffer is a patented plastic shot glass with a built in chaser! It measures 50ml on the bottom and 25ml on the top. Simply pour any chaser in the bottom and any spirit or liquer on the top, and liquids will stay separated until consumed. To drink, tilt your head back, let the liquids flow and enjoy! This shot glass is guaranteed to contain the best shot you have ever had!

Ideal for Jager Bombs and other layered shots, the plastic Quaffer Shot is a sure fire hit for your next party! Gather together your drinks and create some crazy chasers!

To create a Jager Bomb, simply put Red Bull in the bottom half of the Quaffer, and Jagermeister in the top half. It's as easy as that - a quick and tasty treat to begin your night!

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