Professional Bingo Calling Box

Free UK Delivery Eyes down! This simple to use and highly effective Professional Bingo Calling Box, clearly displays the selected number to the your tense audience, ensuring that no numbers are misinterpreted, and it displays large enough for even the shortest of eyesight's.

With Just a Click (6) you can re-select a number from the Pick and Mix (26), which displays on a small screen at the back for your advantage, and the large screen at the front displays this number for the audience. It also displays all called numbers on its grid, indicated with a small red dot. When you're Halfway There (45) you can Clickety-Click (66) on the Total Calls button, and it will tell you how many calls up to that point. If a number is missed which is Unlucky for Some (13) you can recall the previous number with the Recall button. To re-set the Box to start a new game, simply press Total Calls and Select button together.

Between Thee and Me (23) this is the Key of the Door (21) for any professional or budding professional bingo caller or enthusiast. Anyway Up (69) you look at it, with its efficiency, clear display and simple to use buttons this bingo caller really is Top of the Shop (90) and will become a professional callers new best friend!

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