Poker Card Guards

Free UK Delivery Whether it's Texas Hold'em, Omaha or even Strip, all poker players know that protecting their hole cards is of paramount importance. Of course, we're not saying that deliberate cheating is commonplace… not at all. But we have seen plenty of pocket cards being 'accidentally' nudged into view or – just as bad – accidentally considered 'folded' by the dealer! Even worse, it always seems to happen when you're holding a killer hand!

The best way to protect this kind of thing happening to you is to use a Poker Card Guard. This is an extremely stylish brass coin measuring 39mm in diameter. Each guard has a pleasant heavy feel to it and is individually hand painted.

Simply place the Card Guard down on your pocket cards and you can relax, safe in the knowledge that no matter how draughty the room, your neighbour will never get to see your cards. Nor will the dealer assume them to be folded.

Poker Card Guards make ideal presents (for yourself or others) and for this reason are encased in a plastic cover.

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