Photo Fuse Canvas Print Set

Free UK Delivery The trouble with digital photography is that all your photos are trapped on your computer. No matter how hard you try, you can't hang your monitor on the wall each day to display your treasured pictures!

To help release your pics and give them a bit of life, you need something that will do them justice. Photographic canvas prints are the latest and best way to get your best pictures up on your wall for all to see. It helps to give them a touch of professionalism, and makes it so much easier to just hang up on your wall.

Unfortunately, to get canvas prints you have to contact a photographic lab and get a few quotes, so it can end up being a long and expensive process.
The Photo Fuse Canvas Print Set provides a simple and inexpensive opportunity to get creative and produce your own photo canvas prints!

With this kit and your standard ink-jet printer you can produce a large 8" x 10" print of your most treasured picture. If you've got a holiday snap that you always want to remember, or there's a wonderful family photo stored away on your computer, give it a breath of life with the Photo Fuse Canvas Print Set.

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