Mr Frothy Drinks Frother

Free UK Delivery Whip up a storm in the morning with your very own personal cappuccino frother! Mr. Frothy, the mini kitchen friend, has a cleverly installed mini whisk on top of his head that is the perfect tool for creating a frothy head on your daily caffeine fix, milk, or hot chocolate!

Why restrict yourself to a boring homemade cappuccino? When you buy a cappuccino at a cafe they put an exciting head on top - now with Mr. Frothy, you too can whip up your own professional cafe style drinks!
Simply press the button on Mr. Frothy's chest and his whisk becomes a lean, mean frothing machine!

Please Note: Mr Frothy comes in 4 possible colours, Green, Blue, Red, or Black. Colours are sent at random, we can not guarantee you will receive a certain colour.
Batteries not included.

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