Movie Popcorn Machine

Free UK Delivery One of the draws of going to the movies is the full cinematic experience - not simply watching the latest blockbuster, but gathering together your friends, and most importantly sharing a big bowl of popcorn! If you're hosting a movie night at home, then you will find it very difficult to recreate the full range of smells, tastes, and general atmosphere found at your local cinema.

No longer will you have to suffer the ills and embarrassments of serving up poorly prepared microwave popcorn; with the Movie Popcorn Machine you can enjoy the freshly popped taste of a real home made movie snack!

The Movie Popcorn Machine consists of the main popcorn making unit with an easy-clean popcorn kettle, and a cart on wheels that allows you to transport the popcorn maker with ease! If you would rather have a counter top popcorn machine then the 2 parts are easily separable for table top placement!

No matter what your intentions for the Movie Popcorn Machine, the professional build and attractive aesthetic make this piece of retro movie memorabilia the ideal companion to a group of hungry movie fans!

Please Note: To make your own popcorn with the Movie Popcorn Machine, you will require popcorn kernels, oil or butter, and sugar.

Please Note: The Movie Popcorn Machine is designed for use in domestic environments only, and as such is not suitable for use in commercial environments.

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