Manhattan Classic Jukebox

Free UK Delivery Manhattan Island in New York City has always been about mixing style with fun. In the city that never sleeps, cocktails flow and the place jumps to the rhythm of life! Similarly, the Manhattan jukebox combines chic lines and a powerful sound that is guaranteed to be the talking point of any party!

Featuring 'one piece' hand formed cabinets, beautiful bubble tubes, aluminium cast knuckles and crown components. These jukeboxes are truly unique!

An 80 CD '21st century mechanism' provides trouble free playing and the high quality 300w RMS stereo amplifier combined with 2 tweeters, 2 mid range and a 12 inch dual cone bass speaker provides the clarity and punch your party needs whilst maintaining an unmistakable jukebox sound.

The manhattan is also 'New York tough'. Like all our dome topped jukeboxes, its bubble tube casings are made from the same material as police riot shields! However, it still remains enchanting enough to ensure chic has never sounded so good!

As with all Classic Jukeboxes, these models feature full remote control including shuffle facility - Just sit back and enjoy the music!

The bubble tube protective casing is made from the same polycarbonate as riot shields used by police worldwide.

The solid aluminium castings are copper/nickel and chrome plated, not the cheap sprayed plastic versions used by other manufacturers. This not only makes them hard wearing but also ensures the door assembly remains structurally sound, just like the originals.

The jukebox back cabinet shells are formed from one wooden component. This makes them extremely strong and durable as there are no 'manufactured' weak areas. Cheap and easy but not good enough for a Classic Jukebox.

Remote Control and Selection Card Display Booklet
A remote control and selection card display booklet are standard on all products. The remote allows you to control your Classic Jukebox from the comfort of your arm chair. You can utilise all the features of your jukebox including track and disk selection, random play facility, full album play, reject and volume.

The Selection card booklet displays 80 CD title cards along with matching CD covers. Each position is numbered to follow the rotating card display on your jukebox.

This combination provides an attractive visual aid to making track selections and controlling your Classic Jukebox.

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