Light Sparkles

Free UK Delivery Make your party explosive with these indoor Light Sparkles. They create an electric atmosphere, wow your guests and make any night an event to remember. They emit a shower of sparkling pinpoints of light for 45 seconds.

Great for parties - for kids and adults alike, they will delight and amaze. Add to birthday cakes, ice cream desserts or party drinks for the ultimate party atmosphere. They also attract attention and excitement at dinner parties, restaurants and night clubs, when presenting bottles of fine wine or bubbly. Your customers will be so impressed that they will keep coming back for more.

To use, simply insert the PVC-free plastic holder end into a cake, dessert or bucket of ice, dim the lights and light using a long lighter or match. Watch the atmosphere change and enjoy the light show.

These Light Sparkles are high quality and safe. The specially formulated pyrotechnic material contains neither barium nor heavy metals and there is no danger from ingestion of the combustion products. Once finished, unlike a normal wire-based sparkler, there are no hot wire burns as the tube can be handled.

Whatever the occasion, bring out the party mood with these stunning Light Sparkles.

Please Note: Follow all safety instructions on packet. Do not hold lighted Light Sparkles in the hand. Tube remains hot after burning. Keep children at a safe distance away.

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