Lay Z Spa Chemicals & Accessories

Free UK Delivery If you want your Lay Z Spa nights with friends to run without any troubles, then you will need to think about more than just the quantities of bubbly you've got in the fridge. Essential water maintenance is a must to ensure that your Lay Z Spa is kept at a constant level of comfort and cleanliness.

Imagine inviting your mates round for an evening relaxing in your Lay Z Spa only to find that when you take off the cover it has grown a layer of algae! It hardly makes for an inviting sight.

Choose from our range of ClearWater chemicals, specially designed to maintain spas and pools for maximum user comfort.


ClearWater 5kg Chlorine Granules
ClearWater 1kg Chlorine Granules
Ideal for daily dosing of your Lay Z Spa or swimming pool, produces free active chlorine, which kills bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms.

ClearWater 1kg pH Plus
ClearWater 1.5kg pH Minus
Ideal Lay Z Spa pH levels are between 7.2 and 7.6, promoting bather comfort, and ideal effective chemical use.
If the pH is below 7.2 then use the 'pH Plus' to increase it. If it is above 7.6 then use the 'pH Minus' to decrease it.

ClearWater 2kg Multifunction Tablets
Designed to slowly erode over a period of 3 to 5 days, to help add the required chlorine levels to your Lay Z Spa.

ClearWater 1ltr Algaecide
Used regularly, this product will prevent algae growth in your Lay Z Spa or swimming pool.

ClearWater 1ltr Foam Remover
Clearwater Foam Remover has been formulated for use in spas to control and prevent foaming.

ClearWater 1ltr Clarifier
Use the Clarifier when your Lay Z Spa water is looking dull due to excess use, contamination or neglect.

ClearWater 25 Dip Tests Test Strips
Helps you test for total alkalinity, chlorine and pH.

Filters Size II Compatible With:
• Lay Z Spa
• Lay Z Spa Series 2
• Lay Z Spa XL Deluxe
• Lay Z Spa Premium Series 3
• Lay Z Spa Premium XL

Filters Size VI Compatible With:
• Lay Z Spa Premium Series 4
• Lay Z Spa Platinum Rigid Wall Spa

ClearWater Half Sized Chemical Starter Pack
Contains everything you need to begin your Lay Z Spa care, including a leaflet with essential information on your spa care.

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