John Rocha Black Cut Shot Glasses 1.75oz / 50ml

Free UK Delivery Because of the quick drinking action associated with shot glasses, they can often be seen as forgetful, and sometimes disposable items of drinkware. To buck the trend, classic glassware manufacturer, Waterford, have joined forces with world renowned fashion designer John Rocha to create a range of glassware that exudes a design premium unseen in other glass ranges.

The Black Cut range provides any drinker with a more refined aesthetic ensuring to promote the use of these designer examples of glassware. These shots feature a black glass body, with a clear band of diamond effect cut glass to create a bold and contrasting look.

Luxuriously gift boxed, this set of 4 shot glasses makes a perfect gift for any collector, and any fan of a pre-dinner aperitif looking for a suitable vessel for entertaining guests.

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