Java Bar Stool Black

Free UK Delivery In this modern world of celebrity and coolness, it's often best to look back to a time and place when cool was an essential part of life - 1950s America! Rock and roll was the best music around, and the local diner was the place to be seen.

This sleek bar stool features a luxury padded faux-leather seat top allowing for maximum comfort as you sit at the bar of your imaginary 1950s diner enjoying a milkshake and a burger!
Simply pull the handle to use the gas-lift mechanism to allow for height adjustment, and if you're a fidgety sort of person, the seat and foot-rest rotates independently of the base so you can wiggle away the hours listening to your favourite rock n' roll tunes on your jukebox!

Please Note: The Java Bar Stool is designed for use in domestic environments only, and as such is not suitable for use in commercial environments.

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