Ice Bag Purple

Free UK Delivery When you're at a party or event and you invest in a whole bottle of champagne or wine, it's common that you will find a decent place to sit with your friends to make sure that no one can steal your bottle. Unfortunately, as a host you will notice that this doesn't promote sociability among everyone because everyone will huddle in groups.

If you've got an outdoor event or party planned, then the Ice Bag give people an opportunity to become mobile with their drinks instead of having to find a place to sit and guard their bottle of bubbly! This helps to give a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere by allowing people to move more easily with their tipple and easily mingle with others!

These Purple Ice Bags provide a simple alternative to carrying an ice bucket with you wherever you go! Simply fill this water tight robust plastic container with chilled water and ice, and you can pop in your bottle of champagne or wine for instant chilling!

Please Note: Champagne and glasses not included!

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